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“No Be Juju be That” Slang; the Meaning and Originator

No be Juju be that Slang; Meaning

What is the meaning of “No be Juju be that slang”? Why are people saying ‘no be juju be that and who originated it?

“No be Juju be that is one of the numerous Nigerian slang that is trending in 2021. In this post, we are going to discuss the meaning, the originator, and why and how people use it.

Whenever you hear about juju, it means charms, black power, or evil power. The word juju is used to describe diabolical susbtance aka jazz. The origin of the word juju is somehow controversial. Some people said it in an Hausa language jdujdu but some others said it Benin.

As a lagos brought up, I grew up hearing people mentioneing juju. We taught it is part of Yoruba language. And we used it in combination with Yoruba language.

In Igbo dialect, juju is called”otumokpo”, ogwu or odeshhi. Anyone who is influenced or work with supernatural dark  power is said to be using juju.

Juju is normal obtained from a native or awitch doctor. Most times, it is something visible like ring or tied substance. In fact, anything can be used to make Juju.

Before the emergence of Bakassi Boys in the east, there was rumour that some evil men carry baby toitoise about on their chest. They wore it like a pendant.

Those men were regarded as evil. Once they embrace anyone with the toitoise on their chest, the person will not see the noon the next day. That is the person will die.

Such people can be said to  carry juju (charms, jazz or diabolical element).

No be Juju be that Meaning

No be juju be that is one of the Nigerian slang like “who dey breet, E choke, Lori iro, Ihe nkea o rice, cut soap for me”, etc. It is spoken in pidgin English and it has a direct meaning.

When someone says, “no be juju be that?” The person is asking a question which means is that not a charm? He or she saw something that is not ordinary, things that cannot be done by a physical strengnth.

Origin of No be Juju be that

No be juju be that is not a strange word. Before now, people used to point at starnge occurrence and ask if that is not diabolism. This slang just got popular because of the way it was used and the occurrence.

Since then, comedians use slang to embellish their comedy skit. Every now and then we hear “no be juju be that?’ on funny comedy. Even, it is now being used on funny memes.

As I said “No be juju be that” slang is not strange words to many Nigerians. It is just the way it was used by people that gave it special notice.

However, this current style of usage originated from a social media thread on boxing won by a single blow knockout. The winning was beyond what we see in the boxing ring.

The winner just gave his opponent one hard blow, he staggard and fell down. He never stood again to challenge his opponent.

No be Juju be that Meaning and Originator

So, when the highlights of the boxing was shared on social media, users began to react. People were amazed over such a sudden knockout and how a single blow could send a boxer to the floor, a whole boxer at that.

See the screenshot of the users’ comments that populated the usage of ‘no be juju be that’.

You can see how people reacted to the post. Two different users asked the same question which is; “no be juju be that?”

They are just insinuating that the boxer who won with just a blow used jazz on his opponent. And come to think of it, some people are known for fighting with black power.

So, it is normal given as a ring that anyone they hit while wearing the ring lost consciousness. If you feel that am telling lies, just ask any Alaye at the motor park. lol.

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No be juju be that is a popular Nigerian slang that is on everyone’s mouth. It is spoken in almost every comedy skit.

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Other Meanings of No be Juju be that slang

One point we have been able to establish on this post is that the slang no be juju be that is referring to fetish act or black power. However, there are other meanings associated with the slang.

It is also used to refer to an act of stupidity. Like when a dwarf is challenging a hefty person to a fight or when someone gives an explanation for something in an awkward manner, a reaction like ‘no be juju be that’ will follow.

No be juju be that slang can also be used to refer to a foolish act by someone. Like when someone leaves the best and opt for the worst and still brags with it, “No be juju be that slang” will follow either as a mockery or as criticism.

When it is said in this manner, it means that the person is not using his or her right senses. That is, the person has been hypnotized.