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Origin of Cut Soap for me or Who Cut Soap for You Slang

What is the Origin of “Cut Soap for me” slang and meaning?

“Cut soap for me” is a new slang in Nigeria that is trending. It literally means teach me how you succeed. What is the Origin of “Cut Soap for me” slang and meaning?

I will tell you the origin of who cut soap for me or who cut soap for you. The slang is used in two ways. It is either cut soap for me or who cut soap give Mr. A or Z?

What is the Origin of "Cut Soap for me" slang and meaning?

This slang started trending as soon as E choke slang begins to die down. In fact, E choke was still on people’s mouths when “cut soap for me or who cut soap for Iheanacho begins to trend.

First, it began as “Cut soap for me”. Later, people began to use it as hyperbole, in question form. What is the Origin of “Cut Soap for me” slang and meaning?

The origin of cut soap for me

The slang originated from a Yahoo boy who ran Mad in the street. According to people who were around when he was hit, he was screaming; Cut soap for! Cut Soap for Me”An inner source revealed that he was given soap to bath by his Witchdoctor who makes charms for their Yahooplus business.

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Instead of giving him the desired result which was making him rich, he ended up running mad. He ran mad after taking his bath with soap. And many rumored he didn’t abide by the rules given to him for the soap.

When this happened, the news media carried it. But the Nigerian Comedians made the slang popular. In one of the Comedy skits by MC Lively, he was seen sneaking into the bathroom of his neighborhood where he was taking his bath.

He stole his soap and was about to cut it. The owner of the soap caught him. When he was interrogated about the reason behind his action, he said he wants to cut soap. “Neighbor, you no wan cut soap for me make I rich? Yesterday, you bought Benz, today, you bought land. Abeg, cut soap wey Baba give you make I use bath.”

What is the meaning of Cut soap for me?

“Cut soap for me” has the same meaning, literally. It means, asking someone to share his or her soap for you to use. The only way to share soap with someone is by cutting it with a knife or a by breaking it. What is the Origin of “Cut Soap for me” slang and meaning?

This slang is now used to describe success or a source of success. Like, yesterday when Iheanacho packed goals for his team, his fans began to ask; who cut soap give Iheanacho?

It is also used to say who makes charms that are working for a particular person who is succeeding in a surprising way. Like recently too when Funke Akindele bought a Tear Rubber car, Mercy Johson and another popular celebrity congratulated her and her hubby.

While doing this, they chipped in; ” Funke, abeg, cut soap give us o”. But the right words to use instead of “abeg cut soap for me” is, “please, can you teach me the secret of your success”. What is the Origin of “Cut Soap for me” slang and meaning?

Why are people using the word, cut soap for me?

Cut Soap for me" slang and meaning
who cut soap for you meaning

People are using “Cut soap for me” because it is a new slang. Someone who ran mad after bathing with a money ritual soap was heard screaming; “Cut soap for me”.

Since people have known that it is a way of describing getting rich quickly or making it big, they now begin to use it. This is the reason why cut soap for me or who cut soap for him is trending.

Again, whenever you hear, who cut soap give him, know that they mean who made the charms that are working. It can mean, what is the source, or the secret of success, especially when the successes come in quick succession. “Cut soap for me” is a new slogan in Nigeria that seems to have replaced E choke. It originated from the street.

It was rumored to be used first by a Yahoo boy who ran mad suddenly on the road and began to shout; Baba, cut soap for me”. It is a word used to query a success to look dubious or suspicious.

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What is the Origin of “Cut Soap for me” slang and meaning? Thanks for reading. Please, share.

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