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Archbishop Chukwuma to the Church; “Continue in the Faith”

Archbishop Chukwuma to the Church; “Continue in the Faith”. The last words of Archbishop Chukwuma to the church in the Anglican Diocese of Enugu before his retirement during his last synod which took place at the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Enugu.

Anglican Diocese of Enugu holds her annual synod. The 2024 third session of the 18th synod which begins today, 29th to 2nd of July with the theme “continue in faith” taken from Col 1: 23 has become an epoch making event as people from far and near grace the occasion. Archbishop Chukwuma: The Last Synod – Continue in the Faith. You may read also: About Archbishop E O Chukwuma, Biography, Age, Family, Wife, News.

The 2023 Enugu Anglican Synod

Archbishop Chukwuma to the Church; "Continue in the Faith"

Archbishop Chukwuma to the Church; “Continue in the Faith”

Archbishop Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma has served as the Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Enugu for 26 years. He celebrated 3o years of episcopal anniversary in 2020.

This is an interview conducted three years ago with the Most Revd Prof Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma OON, the Archbishop of the Enugu Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Enugu Diocese. He reflects on his 30 years of consecration and expresses gratitude for the milestones achieved during his tenure.

The Most Revd Prof Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma OON expressed his gratitude to God for the 30 years since his consecration on April 29, 1990, at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kaduna. He reminisced about being one of nine individuals consecrated by the Most Rev. Abiodun Adeteloye, who was the Primate and Archbishop of Nigeria at the time. Following his consecration, he was assigned as the first Missionary Bishop of Bauchi, where he faced significant challenges related to the Islamic situation in the region.

Arriving in Bauchi, the Bishop found a newly established territory with no existing infrastructure. Despite this, he successfully planted churches and faced adversity, including riots and persecution from Muslims, which resulted in the burning of the Cathedral. Nevertheless, through God’s grace, he was able to rebuild the Cathedral and expand it to its present grandeur, alongside constructing the Bishop’s Court and establishing schools and more churches in Gombe.

The diocese’s growth and influence continued to expand, and it eventually gave birth to the Gombe Diocese, led by the current Primate of the Church of Nigeria. Upon assuming leadership of the Enugu Diocese, the Archbishop encountered a temporary Bishop’s Court that had been occupied by his predecessor for 27 years. He undertook the challenge of establishing a new Bishop’s Court, working diligently to bring order and progress to the diocese.

The Archbishop expressed his gratitude for the completion of the magnificent Bishop’s Court and the construction of the Cathedral in Enugu, which started with only the Lady Chapel. Alongside these accomplishments, the diocese established schools and a growing hospital. The construction of a diagnostic center was near completion, further enhancing their healthcare capabilities. Moreover, additional churches were established, and under the Archbishop’s leadership, the diocese expanded to create new dioceses, including Oji River, Udi, Enugu North, Awgu-Aninri, and Nike.

Archbishop Chukwuma to the Church; “Continue in the Faith”

Enugu Diocese, initially separated from the Niger Diocese, was approaching its 50th anniversary in August that year. The diocese had now become an Archdiocese covering both Enugu and Ebonyi states. The Archbishop expressed his satisfaction at serving a second term as the Archbishop of the Enugu Ecclesiastical Province.

The Archbishop acknowledged the challenges he and his wife faced throughout their journey, including various obstacles encountered within and outside the episcopacy. Nevertheless, with the support of friends, well-wishers, and God’s grace, they overcame these trials and achieved remarkable success over the past 30 years.

Throughout his tenure, the Archbishop’s life has been characterized by humanitarian services, philanthropy, and a compassionate concern for those affected by injustice and hatred. He emphasized his detribalized nature, being fluent in Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa, and having friends across Nigeria’s three major regions.

Regarding the Primate position, the Archbishop acknowledged that he possessed the necessary qualifications to assume the role but believed it was essential to consider the Igbo community’s interests. As he did not have the required ten years remaining by constitutional mandate, he stepped down, allowing an Igbo individual, Archbishop Henry Ndukuba, to take the position. He believed that an Igbo Primate serving a full ten-year term would be more beneficial for the Eastern region, given the Church’s historical establishment in the East.

The Archbishop emphasized the importance of unity, support and upholding the faith at this time.