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How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion for Men and Women. Read also: Rose Puns – Fun Ways to Show Your Loved One How Much You Care.

Waist beads fashion  is popular in Africa, especially in Nigeria. It is said that the fashion originated from South Africa where they are worn as culture. According to a verified source, a young maiden wearing waist beads years back in the South Africa represents purity in sexuality.

This means she is yet to have sex with anyone. Waist beads has its native names in the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria. It is known as Ileke in Yoruba dialect, jigida in Igbo,  and giri-giri in Hausa language. Whatever name you give to waist beads, have played an important role in African custom since time immemorial.

Many African women’s waists have been ornamented with these beads strung on fine fishing lines or expertly knotted ropes. Whether concealed under garments, peeking out at intervals, or meticulously placed to display over clothes, the mesmerizing noises and brilliant colors of these beads as the wearer moves keep our eyes hooked. The attraction of the beaded woman is difficult to ignore when she is adorned with beautiful beads.

These beads come in a variety of sizes, colors, and lengths and are made from beads, small bits of glass, metal, and sometimes cowries that are pierced and strung together. Waist beads have great cultural importance in several African communities. See also the Latest Ankara Styles for Christmas 2022. These beads, worn by women and sometimes males, are seen as a sign of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being.

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women

Each bead, with its many colors and forms, has diverse significance in different civilizations and conveys different messages depending on who wears and sees it. Waist Beads – Popular African Fashion Accessories

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion - Men and Women

Waist Beads – Popular African Fashion Accessories

Female children in certain African communities are decked with waist beads by their mothers when they get their period to signify their rite of passage into womanhood. These beads represent the female child’s journey from infancy to maturity, as well as evidence of her fertility and sexuality.

These waist beads represent purity in certain cultures and are only to be removed by her spouse on their wedding night. Waist beads have always been considered private, to be viewed only by the wearer’s companion.

They have an intimate appeal that arouses desire for another. In certain cultures, these beads are laced with charms and perfumes that entice open intercourse. Wearing waist beads during intimacy, often known as traditional lingerie, is said to improve the wearer’s and her partners’ sexual experiences.

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion

Adding precious stones to these waist beads enhances their therapeutic properties, addressing diseases or other concerns such as love and equilibrium that require improvement.

The waist bead has a more physical meaning in that it is used to shape the body. They alert users to even the smallest change in their weight, weight increase, or weight decrease. They do not stretch and instead roll up or break when the user adds weight. Wearing these beads from a young age is also said to improve the exquisite curves that African women are famed for.

Most waist beads are traditionally worn under garments and are considered a private matter. They have recently been employed as fashion accessories, worn over garments and beneath crop tops to highlight the beauty of each strand.

Whatever number you choose to wear, one thing is certain: despite of modern options such as chains, waist beads have and will continue to be extremely important in African heritage. Waist beads are available online.

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women

Waist beads have the potential to alter your life! Do you ever wish someone particular would pay you more attention, or that the opposite sex would pay you more attention in general? Try waist beads instead! They were designed to draw attention to your waist and hips in a modest manner, and they may be worn by any girl or woman!

This fashion accessories are one of the newest fashion trends to catch our notice, and I’m sure they’ll be a lot of fun to wear this year and in the future! Waist beads are a type of traditional West African jewelry that consists of delicate glass beads tied onto string or wire and worn around the hips or waist. They were once placed on a bride’s body immediately before her wedding, similar to how newlyweds wear seductive undergarments on their honeymoon.

They come in a variety of forms and hues, and can incorporate Swarovski crystals, glass jewels, and ‘charms’ with symbolic significance. This new fashion trend is also referred to as belly beads, beaded waist chains, and waistline beads. How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women.

Waist beads have been used to ornament women’s bodies since ancient Egypt utilized them as status symbols, and perhaps much earlier! They are particularly linked with Nigeria’s Yoruba tribe in West Africa. How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion.

Traditional reasons for wearing waist beads include enhancing women’s body shapes, making them appear more feminine, assisting women in conceiving, and for other spiritual reasons such as protection from danger and bringing money.

Is it true that waist beads are exclusive for thin women?

Nay! Nay! Not true at all. Waist beads are suitable for all ladies, slim or plus size. It may be worn either concealed beneath your clothes to embellish your body and make you appear hotter to your spouse, or on top as a (sexual) fashion item. They are just meant to highlight your curves and feminine body, regardless of your size or shape.

And because waist beads are not worn firmly around the waist, you may wear them boldly and comfortably every day around your hips. It’s just a great new method to show off your fashion sense and be more appealing.

How do you put waist beads on?

It depends on the types of the waist beads or how it is beaded. Some are made on a long rope which needs to be rounded on the waist as many times as it can go round. Some waist beads are auto beaded with elastic rope and fits on. 2, 3 or more strings can be worn as if the person wants to wear a skirt.

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion

for the lengthy waist beads, wrap the entire length of the new waist beads below your waist or down your hips to check how the line fits. If you find the waist beads to be too long, just slip any additional beads off the cotton thread. Then, to ensure that no beads are lost, tie 3 – 4 tight knots at the end of the bead-line. Check that the knots are secure before cutting any excess string.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to beading! The optimum spot to wear your waist beads is just behind your belly, but because everyone is different, you can simply figure out the most comfortable position for yourself. You can wear your beads in the conventional manner, that is, beneath your clothes and against your skin, or you can wear them outside of your garments.

What outfits should you wear with waist beads?

This choice of cloth to wear with waist beads is determined by the motive of wearing the waist beads. If you are wearing it for keeping fit reason, there is no need selecting a matching cloth. But if it is for fashion, it can go with any smart dress, especially, a crop top fashion.

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion men and women

Wearing brilliantly colored or sleek black and white waist beads may accentuate almost any sort of apparel. In warm weather, they look great with cropped shirts, bikinis, and low-waist jeans. You can also add a lot of elegance to a plain-colored, fitting tube dress by wearing it over a pencil-skirt with a tucked-in top (which is a hot trend this year).

Wear the waist beads over the top of high-waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts to make them a super-trendy component of your fashion look!

If you enjoy the Boho or romantic gypsy appearance, add a lot of traditional metal charms to your waist beads and pair them with long, flowing skirts and ankle boots. Wear carefully picked trendy hues, such as numerous sets of beads in orange and purple, with black clothing for a classy effect.

You may wear as many pairs of waist beads as you wish, and when you do, they appear like a lovely, colourful belt around your hips. Waist beads are versatile and may be used with a variety of outfits!

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women

What do the various colored waist beads represent?

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion men and women

If you’re going to wear waist beads outside of your fashion apparel, select hues that suit your outfits. However, each waist bead color has a distinct spiritual meaning, as follows:

  • Black represents personal strength and safety.
    Blue represents honesty, truth, and commitment.
    Gold – Wealth, excellent health, and strength
  • Brown – Stability and being connected to the earth
    Green represents wealth, fertility, and natural plenty.
    Orange represents vitality, self-assurance, and bravery.
    Pink represents love, compassion, caring, and beauty.
    Purple represents wisdom, spirituality, and monarchy.
    Red represents vitality and self-assurance.
    Turquoise represents self-awareness and effective communication.
    White represents purity, honesty, and brightness.
    Yellow represents happiness, vitality, and joy.

How long may waist beads be worn?

If you choose, you can wear your beads all the time, without taking them off to wash or bathe. After getting soaked with soap, beads may appear less bright, but polishing them with a dry cloth restores their luster. Waist beads may also be worn as a fashion piece that you can put on and take off like any other jewelry.

If you don’t want them to be permanent, simply tie them in a bow in the back rather than a tight knot. Waist beads are long-lasting, but if you wear them low, be careful not to pull them down and break the thread when using the toilet.

How Do Men Wear Waist Beads Fashion?

I know the first question some people will ask is Do Men wear waist Beads? Yes. Yes, I said yes. We are in the world of aesthetic (aesthetic generation). I see men in the streets walk around and move about flaunting waist beads.

That is what is trending for the guys who are fashionistas, from ear piercing to hair draiding. From hair draid to plaiting, now, it is nose piercing, leg chains and waist beads. It appears the men want to take over beauty fashion from the women.

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women. The photos below are the examples of how men  wear their waist beads:


How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion - Men and Women
Photo of a Man wearing waist beads

Waist Beads – Popular African Fashion Accessories

Don’t ask the reason why men now wear waist beads. Fashion, they say is an adventure. Men have decided to try out waist beads fashion and it looks goo on them or so they think and it is now becoming a trend. Men wear waist beads for fashion.

Why do ladies wear fashionable waist beads?

In a current, new fashion for industrialized nations, most ladies wear waist beads to bring attention to their feminine form. Wearing them for an extended period of time does not, contrary to popular belief, mold your form. However, wearing a tightly buckled belt or a chain-belt gives the appearance that you are curvier than you are. That’s a terrific cause in and of itself!

Traditional explanations range from stylish ornamentation to dancing to show off your waist and hips. Some people in Nigeria think that waist beads elicit strong sexual responses in males. And some men believe that charms attached to waist beads may impact their lives in the same way as magic spells do!

When presented by a lover to his sweetheart or a husband to his wife, they may be a significant love gesture. As a result, they’ll make a stylish and well-received Valentine’s Day present. Waist-beads are also said to promote fertility since they make you seem hotter, causing your spouse to crave more intimate interactions!

How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion – Men and Women

Do waist beads aid with weight loss?

Yes. Waist beads will call attention to the amount of flesh on your stomach and hips since they will tighten and loosen when you wear them every day. And many ladies find that this actually helps them stop overeating and lose weight. They do not, however, do any sort of “waist-training” – they only assist you in tracking your weight increase and reduction. Thousands of ladies, however, strongly endorse them as a terrific approach to keep to a slimming diet.

Before people wore flexible garments, you could always tell if you had gained a few pounds because your waistline became too tight and difficult to wear. So the only solution was to cut off the additional cakes or drinks and lose weight until you could fit into all of your outfits again.

However, with the development of leggings and flexible pants and skirts, you no longer get this warning signal that you’re gaining weight, which has led to many of us eating more than we should and being overweight.

How do you determine your waist size for waist beads?

Here’s how to accurately measure your abdomen and determine the length of waist beads to purchase online or from a local retailer. Please don’t be tempted to undersize your measurement; it’s better to buy a little extra than to be stuck with waist beads that don’t reach all the way around your belly.

Maintain a straight posture while breathing normally and without holding your breath.
Hold the measuring tape behind you and make sure it is not twisted.
Bring the tape measure all the way around your waist, starting at the top of your hip bone and overlapping with your navel.

Check that it isn’t too tight and digging into your skin. The tape should be parallel to the floor and comfortable to wear around your body. When your abdomen is relaxed, check the number on the tape measure just after you exhale. How to Wear Waist Beads Fashion.