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Most Titled Clubs in the CAF Champions League

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Here in this article, we will be riding you through the Most Titled Clubs in the CAF Champions League. Follow our blog for more sports posts.

The CAF Champions League is undoubtedly one of the shining symbols of football on the continent. This tournament, which originated in the distant past, has become a true football epic and has left its mark on the history of African sport. With each passing year, the Champions League has become an increasingly exciting competition where clubs compete for the right to be the best on the continent.


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History of the CAF Champions League

Most Titled Clubs in the CAF Champions League

The CAF Champions League was born in 1964. This competition was the African football authorities’ response to the need to create a prestigious tournament that would bring together the strongest clubs on the continent. Here, the first pages of the history of rivalry and the fight for the title of the best team began.


Over time, the tournament has evolved and changed format and rules. Important moments in the history of the CAF Champions League were the expansion of the number of participants among the clubs, the introduction of the group stage, and changes in the selection system. These steps made the tournament even more exciting and competitive, which attracted the attention of football fans from all over the world.


Rule changes have also impacted the dynamics of the CAF Champions League. The introduction of VAR technology, calendar adaptation to international standards, and other innovations have become integral parts of the competition. This has made it more modern and professional. All this together makes up the rich history of the CAF Champions League, where each season adds new pages to this exciting football scenario.

Clubs with the Most Wins in the CAF Champions League

In the history of the CAF Champions League, many clubs have contributed to the tournament’s legacy and cemented their place among the legends. Among them, the title-winning clubs that have collected the most trophies stand out.


  • Al Ahly (Egypt): Over the years, the Cairo team has embodied the strength of Egyptian football. The club has left an incredible mark on the tournament’s history with numerous titles. Al Ahly have 11 triumphs in the tournament to their credit, the most recent of which came in 2023.
  • Zamalek (Egypt): Al Ahly’s main rival in the domestic championship. Zamalek is also incredibly strong on the African stage. Their duels with Al Ahly add drama and emotion to the tournament’s history. Zamalek has won this competition five times. The last triumph dates back to 2002.
  • TP Mazembe (DR Congo): The team that has put the flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo on a high pedestal. The tournament victories have made the home fans proud of their club. TP Mazembe has a record of five wins in the competition. 2015 was the last time the team conquered this competition.
  • Esperance (Tunisia): A representative of North African football. Despite changing eras and playing generations, Esperance has remained one of the greatest clubs in CAF Champions League history. The club has four wins in the tournament. The last one so far is in 2019.
  • Hafia (Guinea): The football club from Conakry deservedly holds a place of honor among the tournament winners. All three of Hafia’s triumphs came in the 1970s. The team has written its name in the tournament’s history and has become an essential part of the rich heritage of African football.
  • Raja CA (Morocco): The Casablanca-based football club is integral to championship history. With great performances and a passion for winning, Raja has demonstrated that it is a true football dynasty on the African continent. The team has three victories to its credit in Africa’s premier competition. The last triumph was in 1999.
  • Wydad AC (Morocco): A Moroccan team from Casablanca whose successes have attracted the attention of their home country and the entire African continent. Wydad continues to write its great football history and immortalize its name among the giants of African club football. The club from Casablanca has won three titles. The Moroccan team’s last triumph to date came in 2022.
  • Canon Yaoundé (Cameroon): An iconic club that has firmly inscribed its name in the history of the CAF Champions League. This club from Cameroon has become a symbol of struggle and outstanding dedication to football on the African continent. Canon Yaounde has won three trophies. The last victory was in 1980.
  • Asante Kotoko (Ghana): The pride of Ghana holds a place of honor in tournament history. The club has won the tournament twice, highlighting its influence in African football. With its rich sporting history and loyal army of fans, Asante Kotoko continues to contribute to the development of football on the continent. The team’s last triumph in the competition was in 1983.
  • Enyimba (Nigeria): Nigerian football giant. The team has won the CAF Champions League two times in a row – in 2003 and 2004. Enyimba performs magnificently on the international stage. The club not only glorifies Nigerian football but also inscribes its name in the history of the competition.

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Most Titled Clubs in the CAF Champions League

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The CAF Champions League continues to inspire millions of fans with its exciting matches and success stories. Famous clubs leave their mark on the tournament’s history and influence the football community’s development in their respective countries.


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