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Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth

Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth

How much do you know about Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth? He is one of the popular rising comedians in Nigeria. He is from Igala in Kogi State. Read also about Emeka Okwuosa, Owner of Oilserv, His Biography, Family, Cars, Hospital and Net worth.

A lot of Nigerians are now venturing into online skit-making due to the non-availability of jobs in the country. Last year, a few rose to the limelight, and among them was Sarkin Dariya, initially known as MC 3310.

There are speculations that the comedian got this name from the old Nokia 3310 mobile product. You know comedians need every bit of them to put smiles on people’s faces.

Sarkin Dariya otherwise known as MC 3310 is a Nigerian stage performer and online skit maker who has just risen to the limelight, although he is still fast rising. When you go to the internet, you will see how much people want to know about the skit maker – this is to tell us that his fan base has been growing massively since he got people’s attention sometimes in 2021.

Before we dive into the full biography of Sarkin Dariya, let’s quickly show you, a preview of the skit maker’s biography. You may like to read About Mr Funny (Investor Sabinus) His Biography, Real name, Age, State and Net worth.

Mc 3310 Kenneth / Sarkin Dariya Profile at a glance

  • Stage Name:   Mc 3310 Kenneth / Sarkin Dariya (king of laughter)
    Real Name:     Kenneth Ogwuche
    Date Of Birth:  25th March 1990`s
    Age:                 Under 35 years old
    Profession:       Stage Performer, Comedian, Content Creator, MC
    Religion:           Christianity
    Ethnicity:           Igala
    Nationality:       Nigerian
    Net Worth:        200K dollars

Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth


Sarkin Dariya Date of Birth

We must admit that the online actor has not publicly spoken about himself, yet. Therefore many things remain unknown about him. However, it would be recollected that he was born on March 25. Fans believe it is sometimes in the 1990s.

At the time of this report, following people’s view, the comedian is not yet 35. He should be below 35. As soon as the update on his real age gets revealed, we shall update this post.

Sarkin Dariya Real Name

Mc 3310 or Sarkin Dariya as you may see fit, is originally known as Kenneth Ogwuche. He took up the first two mentioned names as his cognomen in the online skit-making industry. The comedian who had started his journey with MC 3310, at least as far as the general public knows, had to change his stage name to befit the character he chose to take in his plays.

Personal Life

Kenneth, professionally regarded as Sarkin Dariya is a Kogi-born Nigerian. He was born and raised in Kogi. He completed his primary and secondary school education in the same state. This is to say that he was born and bred in his state of origin, Kogi, as opposed to what many would think of him.

Sarkin Dariya Relationship Status

The online skit maker has kept this aspect and a few others private. Not so much has been discovered about Sarkin Dariya yet.

Sarkin Dariya Acting Career

The coming about of the social media platforms has done more good than harm. This belief is to a few that have used the internet wisely. Sarkin Dariya discovered for himself that the internet is big enough to make people know about his potential, and he started using it. There are numerous users online and as a matter of fact, the internet is the quickest and most effective way to reach larger audiences nowadays.

Tracing it back, it would be remembered that the skit maker officially started his career on Facebook, creating a page for his then brand name, MC 3310. Kenneth was consistently making skits, and as time goes on, he became popularly known for his phenomenal use of the Hausa dialect. He speaks like a Hausa man and got people amused with his works of art.

Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth

Who would ever think that Sarkin Dariya is an Igala and not a Hausa man?! He knows what he does, and ensures that he does it outstandingly. As soon as he noticed that people loved his role as a Hausa man, Kenneth changed his stage name from MC 3310 to Sarkin Dariya, which he is now popularly known for.
Sarkin Dariya is a Hausa phrase, meaning “King of Laughter,” in the English language. The catch-phrase “He don know,” reportedly originated from him.

Many thought the skit-maker will be from the Northern part of the country, but he wasn’t born there. Neither is there any traces that he has spent some time in the North. As a matter of fact, he is not a Muslim man. So far, Sarkin Dariya is one of the most unique Nigerian skit makers putting upon a character that is the opposite of his real life.

Aside from acting like a Hausa man, Sarkin Dariya is also known for singing songs using the Hausa dialect to mimic their original forms. He often changes the line of already known songs to suit himself.

Sarkin Dariya Net Worth 

Several websites on the internet have written about Sarkin Dariya’s net worth, and no two or three websites seem to have the same asset estimation for the comedian. Hence, having gathered from sources, we can estimate and put on the average that the skit maker’s net worth is somewhere around $200,000 (Two hundred thousand dollars). That is really good money for a fast-rising skit maker to have accumulated within such a short span of time.

You would be eager to know how he gets his money. Although Sarkin Dariya does not seem to have been interviewed before so his opinion has not been directly heard on how online skit-makers like himself manage to live largely, others in that line have spoken for all.

It will be valid to say that Sarkin Dariya gets most of his money from acting because he seems to be doing it full time. Remember Sarkin Dariya is also a stage performer, who gets paid per entertainment show. He also gets money by streaming his videos and advertising for some companies that are interested in his videos. These companies pay some huge amount of money to get their brand new out there by skit makers.

Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth

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