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Officer Woos Biography, Age, Real Name, State of Origin, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Officer Woos Biography, Real name, Age, State, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Do you know the comedian called Officer Woos? His real name is Jubril Oladapo Gbadamosi. He is professionally known as Officer Woos. He is a Nigerian online skit maker, comedian, influencer, and vlogger born on December 21, 1993. The award-winning comedian was born and bred in Ibadan, Oyo State. Officer Woos Biography, Real name, Age, State, Wife, Family, Net Worth. Read also: Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth

Officer Woos Personal Life

In a family of three, Officer Woos happens to be the second. He has an elder brother and a younger brother. The comedian started and concluded his secondary school education in Ibadan, the same city where he was given birth.

Woos has always been an unexposed guy that craves to live in his comfort zone someday. Fortunately for him, he got admission to the University of Lagos in 2013. He referred to leaving his parents’ house as the ‘escape route,” since he had never had the opportunity to live outside rld, before then.

Officer Woos has remained a Lagos state resident after his university education. According to him, he does skit-making full-time and does not tend to venture into other things.

Officer Woos Education

Officer Woos has studied at the university level before gaining fame in skit making. Having spent most of his life in Ibadan, the comedian was educated in the city. He attained his primary and secondary school education in Ibadan and later moved to Lagos for his degree program. Officer Woos got graduated from UNILAG as a Theatre Art student, in 2017/2018.

What is the State of Origin of Officer Woos?

Oyo State. He was born and brought up in Ibadan. Read also about Emeka Okwuosa, Owner of Oilserv, His Biography, Family, Cars, Hospital and Net worth.

How Old is Officer Woos?

Officer Woos is currently 28 years. He will be 29 on December, 2022. He was born on December 21, 1993.

Officer Woos Biography, Real name, Age, State, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Officer Woos Acting Career

Growing up as a kid, Officer Woos loved to sing, even though music was not his way. He only had the passion to sing due to environmental and peer group influence, he could not really sing. But right from time, Gbadamosi had known he was good at making people laugh – it all began long ago in his secondary school days.

The ambivert would reportedly be quiet for so long amid his colleagues back in secondary school. Strangely enough, everyone loves to hear from him because they find themselves laughing whenever he talks. This gave the Nigerian skit maker the insight to look into the future and see himself as a comedian. You may like to read About Mr Funny (Investor Sabinus) His Biography, Real name, Age, State and Net worth.

As obtained from the online skit maker himself, in an interview with The Travellers, he has always had the intention to be a superstar. As a matter of fact, he was so intentional about becoming famous as a skit maker.
This point of his was underscored by his movement to offer Creative Art in UNILAG (University of Lagos), in 2013. Having determined that he was going to be a skit maker, Office Woos was going to give it whatever it takes, before he was famous… He got admitted to the University of Lagos to study Theater Art in 2013.

He noted that he met Broda Shaggi, the one who he referred to as his mentor, in the school the first day he got to UNILAG. Both comedians who are known for their roles of ‘Inspector General’ and ‘Officer,’ rose to the limelight almost together.

Is Officer Woos Bro Shaggi’s Brother?

No. Woos met Shaggi (You may see Bro Shaggi Comedy Videos here) at UNILAG on the day of the school’s registration. According to him, both of them were stirring laughter in students, and at a point, were thought noisy and segregated from others. This made both guys sit together for the first time, still on Woos’ first day at school.

When the registration started, neither he nor Broda Shaggi has a pen with which they could fill the form. They began to see the similarities between themselves, as time went on when they got to meet more often in school.

Officer Woos’ acting career started in UNILAG sometimes before Broda Shaggi founded a drama group, “The Stage addicts.” Woos also happened to be a member of this group, and he was so abreast of Broda Shaggi. Gradually, both began to go for shows when he would receive phone calls from Shaggi to come over with specific costumes. Oftentimes on such occasions, he disclosed that the content will be told to him on their way to the show.

Officer Woos Biography, Real name, Age, State, Wife, Family, Net Worth

As time goes on, Shaggi started gaining followers and Woos noticed the whole dream was fast turning into reality. He put in more effort and rejoined Broda Shaggi, who Woos always served in his plays. Broda Shaggi is always superior to Woos in their skits.

Although he speaks fluently when not acting, Officer Woos is very well-known for his character of stammering.
He reportedly doesn’t experience any interference from his popular role in his real-time speaking. Gbadamosi added that his mother was at a point doubting that her son had not started stammering for real. Officer Woos is a very talented Nigerian comedian, prominently known for stammering in skits.

Officer Woos started with the stage name ‘Inspector OG,’ being short for Inspector Oladapo Gbadamosi. After which he was given Officer Woos by Broda Shaggi.

Officer Woos Net Worth

As gathered from several accredited sources is somewhere around $45,000 (Forty-five thousand dollars). His major source of income is through skit making. Officer Woos noted in an interview that one real way online skit makers earn is through YouTube streaming.

However, he also earns performing in movies he is featured in. Also being a famous personalities, celebrities like Officer Woos earn by advertising for companies. When celebrities sign deals to advertise for a brand, they earn massively.

Officer Woos Marital Status

Unlike many other Nigerian celebrities, very little is known about Officer Woos. He likes to keep a lot of things private, and his marital status is one of those things. So far, no source has officially confirmed whether or not Officer Woos is single or even married.

However, there are speculations that he does not have any girlfriend yet as he is known to be very much dedicated to the progress of his acting career. Moreso, Officer Woos has never taken the picture of any girl to his social media handle and declared her his wife-to-be. In view of this, we say that Officer Woos is currently single and does not seem ready for any relationship. Follow our Entertainment page.

In conclusion, Officer Woos is a good role model to other artists striving to rise. He encourages all to be consistent in whatever they do. I hope you like today’s article on Officer Woos Biography, Real name, Age, State, Wife, Family, Net Worth.

Officer Woos Biography, Real name, Age, State, Wife, Family, Net Worth


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