You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! About the Biography, Age, Family and Net Worth of Mr Funny Sabinus

About Mr Funny (Investor Sabinus) His Biography, Real name, Age, State and Net worth

About the Biography, Age, Family and Net Worth of Mr Funny Sabinus

Hello, readers. Today we bring you a very interesting biography on the life of one of Nigeria’s youngest and most talented comedians. His skit name is Mr Funny aka Oga Sabinus or investor Sabinus. About the Biography, Age, Family, and Net Worth of Mr Funny Sabinus.



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Since the beginning of his career as a comedian in his University days, Mr. Funny aka investor Sabinus’ comedy skits have been making rounds all over the internet and social media. So today, we are going to look into the life of this young man, from his early days of elementary school to the birth and boom of his career as a comedian.

Who is Mr Funny aka Investor Sabinus and his real name?

About the Biography, Age, Family and Net Worth of Mr Funny Sabinus

His real name is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu and he is popularly known as Mr. Funny and Oga Sabinus in his comedy skits. Mr. Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, social media influencer, and actor. He was born on the 30th of January, 1995. He hails from Ikwere, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Sources have it that Mr. Funny Sabinus has always been funny even as a kid. Rumors have it too that he was the funniest of his schoolmates in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, before relocating to Lagos where the comedian, social media influencer, and actor currently resides.

Truly, Mr. Funny Sabinus‘s life and career can serve as a sort of motivation to young people, who want to make it big in life even at a very young age. Getting a nice net worth, such as that of Mr. Funny Sabinus in s tough economy is not easy work, and so young people can choose Mr. Funny Sabinus as a positive motivation, in an economy where fraud is rampant.

Which state in Nigeria is Mr. Funny aka Oga Sabinus from?

I have heard people ask whether Investor Sabinus is an Igbo man. Mr. Chukwuemeka Emmanuel hails from Ikwere an Igbo-speaking region in Rivers State Nigeria. He grew up there and spent all his life as a kid there. Mr. Sabinus then relocated to Lagos for some reasons among which his comedy career is suspected to be one.

So, Mr. Chukwuemeka Emmanuel is an Igbo by his tribe and birth. The Igbo tribe is mainly found in Africa, particularly in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.


Mr. Funny’s Date of Birth and Age

How old is Investor Sabinus? The popular Nigerian actor and comedian were born on the 30th of January, 1995. He is currently 26 years of age and would be 27 years of age by January 2022.

Currently, he is considered to be one of Nigeria’s youngest and most talented Comedians. And for a young man of his age, he is considered to be very successful.

About the Biography, Age, Family and Net Worth of Mr Funny Sabinus


Mr. Funny’s Educational Background

Despite the fact that Mr. Funny Sabinus had a very good educational background, he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry since he was passionate about becoming a comedian.

Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka had his elementary education in Graceland International School, Port Harcourt, in Rivers state where he grew up as a kid.

He went ahead and studied Linguistics and Communication studies at the well-known University of Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria. He obtained a bachelor of arts in Linguistics and Communications and then he became a certified Mass communicator and linguist.


His Career Rise: How he came to the limelight

Mr. Funny Sabinus started pursuing his career as a comedian right from his university days. His career went to the next level as he began to secure and play major roles in many stand-up comedy shows which were being organized or set up by successful and top Nigerian comedians.

Mr. Funny Sabinus did not. just become so popular by only playing major roles in stand-up comedy shows, organized by seasoned artists and comedians, but by also making his own comedy skits and uploading them to his Youtube channel and also to his Instagram account.

As his career continued booming, Mr. Funny Sabinus experienced a very huge breakthrough by becoming a brand ambassador for Patricia. Patricia is a company that deals in Bitcoin and Gift cards.

In his amazing career as a comedian, he has worked with popular Nigerian actors and celebrities like  Wonder de talk, Poco lee, Zubby Michael, Officer Woos, and many other top Nigerian actors and comedians.

He has also been seen in a selfie picture, with one of Nigeria’s or even one of Africa’s most successful musicians, Wizkid. Mr. Funny Sabinus achieved this particular feat while he was still in University.

About the Biography, Age, Family and Net Worth of Mr Funny Sabinus


Mr. Funny (Sabinus) Net worth

What is the Net worth of Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, Mr Funny aka Oga Sabinus or Investor Sabinus? Mr. Funny Sabinus, one of Nigerian’s youngest and most talented comedians, is believed to have a net worth of about $100 000 (one hundred thousand dollars).

His net worth was reportedly estimated by a source, who calculated his net worth from his earnings from Instagram and Youtube since he started making comedy skits.


Mr. Chukwuemeka Ejekwu’s Relationship and Marital Status

Mr. Funny Sabinus’ relationship is not a secret one. Almost everyone knows that he is not yet married. Mr. Funny Sabinus has a girlfriend, whom he started dating during his university days at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

The name of Mr Funny girlfriend is Mercy Iyama. Mr. Funny Sabinus’ girlfriend, was also studying Linguistics and Communication, the same course which Mr. Funny Sabinus was studying in the university, but Mr. Funny Sabinus was one year (one level) ahead of her.

Mr. Funny Sabinus’ girlfriend, Mercy Iyama, is said to be from the Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

Mr. Funny Sabinus’ Religion

Mr. Funny Sabinus is believed to be a Christian by religion.

Funny words used always in Mr Funny’ skits

Mr. Funny Sabinus is known for his dark blue-sleeve shirt on trousers. Also, for his repeated use of some phrases or sentences in his comedy skits. Such phrases add vibes and more color to his comedy skits. These phrases have also been a part of Mr. Funny’s comedy identity. These popular phrases include:

  • ‘You’re a mumu man’,
  • “Displease yourself and please others
  • ‘Now, Dem never leave you?’, 
  • ‘No, na me fuck up’ 
  • ‘Phooto!
  • Good afternoon, how family?

His repeated use of these phrases adds more vibes and color to his comedy skits and makes them even more interesting to watch. Currently, he is trending with ” Investor”.


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