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King Grass Plant – Uses and Health Benefits

King Grass Plant – Uses and Health Benefits

As a home-girl, one thing that always comes to my mind when we talk about the King Grass is ‘bush convenience. I mean we used the always fresh and greenly leaves to wipe our buttocks when we finished defecating in the bush. No wonder we are all free from the pile (hormoarage). King Grass Plant – Uses and Health Benefits.

King Grass is regarded as a weed; bush weed at that. Some families fetch it as goat-weed but we don’t. Our Goats don’t eat it. In Igbo dialect, we call the King grass plant Osighi isi or Oloro ofuu. In Yoruba, it is called Ewe Imiesu. The plant is also a first-aid for us back then. Whenever we had a cut or fell from a tree and had wounds; it was king grass we always ran to.

King Grass Plant - Uses and Health Benefits
King Grass Plant

Every child who grew in the village knew how to apply King grass as the first aid on a cut. Just pluck up to 5leaves or as your palms would contain, squeeze them until they produce juice. The juice is then applied to the face of the wound or the cut.

This King grass juice helps in rapid healing and as well helps in clotting if it bleeds. Surprisingly, I found that King grass is also among the best nutritive super vegetable to be used as food, but unknown to the world.

The leaves are prepared as soup with enough pure red oil (unbleached palm oil), with enough spices, and eaten without food in enough quantity to stop DIARRHEA. It’s almost miraculous. In this post, I shall be discussing King Grass, its uses, how to use it, and other health benefits.

King grass is also known as miracle grass or leaves. You must have heard about King grass if you live anywhere in Africa, especially Nigeria. This great plant is otherwise known as miracle grass. It is not just been referred to as miracle grass. Indeed, it possesses a great health advantage that can make us call it miracle grass.

King Grass Plant – Uses and Health Benefits

King grass is a very common grass and we can find it almost everywhere in our compound. The surprising thing is that As nutritious and medicinal as this grass is, I found out that some people still do not know its health benefits and use. This however made me embark on thorough research on how to use king grass and its benefits to mankind.
If you are in the category of people who will like to know what king grass is, king grass uses, and its other health benefits, then you are in the right place. This article promises to provide answers to every bit of questions you might have concerning this miracle grass.
Another interesting thing about King grass is that it can be found in our immediate environment and it can also save us from spending unnecessary money in the hospital if we use this miracle grass correctly.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at those mouthwatering health benefits of King grass also known as miracle grass. I’m very sure that at the end of this article, you will be glad you read it.

Uses and Health Benefits of King grass otherwise known as Miracle Grass

The following are how you can make use of the King grass to your benefit and enjoy good health.


An ulcer is a very common illness. If not 70%, I can tell you that up to 45% of people in the world today battle one ulcer or the other. Managing ulcer symptoms is common. But what is I tell you you can get rid of your ulcer with king grass/plant?. Oh yes, you can.
A combination of King grass/plant and original honey is the lasting solution for all kinds of stomach ulcers.

How to use king grass/plant for Ulcer

• Get King grass/plant in large quantity
• Blend and squeeze it to extract its juice.
• Add two tablespoons of honey (The amount of honey will depend on the quantity of the juice extracted)
• Mix the two and take before meal morning and evening.
• That’s all. Drink and enjoy!
Note: Eat immediately after taking it.


Diarrhea can be occur based on contaminated food and other factors related to unhealthy food intake. To use king grass/plant to stop diarrhea, you can prepare it as a soup with red oil and eat with or without food.
This method is tested by many and it is safe because it has no side effects even after your diarrhea has been stoped.


If you are a man and you want to know how to last longer in bed, then king grass is your answer. King grass/plant helps to increase men’s libido, cure premature ejaculation, and of course, can make a man last longer in bed.

Other Health Benefits of King Grass

– It’s a natural fertilizer for the soil.

– Good for Abdominal and back pains.

– Good for Frontal and general headache.

– Excellent for poisonous bites/stings.

– Works against Hernia.

– Antidote against evil spells.

– It protects other plants and the environment where it grows against negative energies/evils.

– Facilitates delivery when teas from the plant are taken as an enema (‘pump’) regularly at the last month of pregnancy and at the onset of labor.

– Good against all types of poisonings. Chew seven heads or squeeze fresh clean juice and drink. NB: Many vomits poison after taking it. Repeat twice daily for a few days.

– Works against NIGHT POISONING or SPIRITUAL POISONING. Chew a few heads or squeeze the juice and drink first thing in the early morning before greeting anyone.

– Painful swellings: Apply the juice to swellings

– Good for whitlow, a herpes viral infection. Grind a few leaves and apply the paste on the affected finger(s) or part of the body.

– Works for fertility in women and more in tubes

– Good for CONJUNCTIVITIS and other Eye problems. Apply juice in affected eyes.

– Smash and apply the paste on both fresh and old wounds for healing… It’s a powerful antibiotic.

– Good for Sore throat.

– Has aphrodisiac properties, thus boosting libido.

– Excellent for diabetes.

– Very good of Ceased menstruation and other menstrual problems.

– Works against Grey hair. Take tea as an enema and apply fresh juice on hair/head and massage well

– When Flowers(three or seven) are swallowed, they work as an antidote against poisoning and help you keep the enemy out of you.

– Inhaled to cure dizziness

– Excellent for Coughs in Children. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to make it more effective.

– Taken as an enema to cure fever in children. Also bath children with boiled leaves (teas from leaves).

– Cures abdominal heat in infertile women

– Crush with a little pepper and apply on Athletes’ Foot.

– Works against Urinary tract infections.

– Excellent against Nose bleeding. Put drops in nostrils and lie with head up for a few minutes.

– Good for sinusitis.

– Juice is excellent in removing hard particles in the eyes. Apply juice in the affected eye(s).

**The FRESH JUICE of King Grass is more effective. However, teas from it are more commonly used.

How to use king grass as Manpower

For men suffering from sexual weakness, do this;
• Get King grass/plant in large quantity and wash with water
• Add little water in a bowl and put the King grass in it
• Squeeze with the water and filter it.
• Drink this juice extracted some minutes before entering the Oza room with Madam.


If a woman is finding it difficult to conceive, let her use this miracle grass known as king grass/plant.
If used consistently, king grass may help to detoxify her and cleanse her womb. Which in return will make her pregnant.

How to use king grass/plant for fertility

• Boil king grass/plant with water
• Allow it to cool and drink morning and night.
Note: Drink this before the meal and make sure you eat almost immediately after drinking king grass juice.


If you are the type of person who has been taking Weight loss pills and Their supplements but sees little to no results, I will like you to test king grass flower for weight loss and see the difference.

How to use king grass/plant flower for weight loss

• Get some numbers of King grass flower and alligator pepper seed.
• Chew these two ingredients together.
How does this work?
It is very simple logic. A combination of King grass flower and alligator pepper will increase your chances of frequent urination (only when you are using it). This will in return make you lose some fats in the body.
Note: Kindly discontinue this combo after getting your desired result.


Anyone who enjoys his/her childhood can simply relate to this. King grass/plant has been serving as our first aid since 1990 something (lol). We use king grass to stop bleeding when we get injuries in school or on the field. Well, even though we miss our childhood memories now, we shouldn’t miss what king grass/plant can do for our wounds. Of course, it king grass has not changed.

How to use king grass/plant to stop bleeding from injuries

• In the case of injury and you need first aid, Just pluck some king grass.
• Squeeze it. Make sure the juice is visible on it. Then place it on the wound. The blood coming there will stop immediately.
Not only on a minor wound. Even in the case of cuts, king grass can always serve as your first aid before getting proper treatment.
WARNING: Always make sure that you wash your grass plant more than once with clean and drinkable water before extracting its juice for a drink because it may contain visible and other invisible Insects.

Conclusion on health benefits and uses of King grass/plant (Miracle Grass)

King grass is one of the medicinal plants that will remain relevant till tomorrow. It is very useful to mankind. Many people who have used king grass either for the health benefits mentioned in this article or for other herbal remedies can attest to its potency.
These plants should however not be subjected to the main treatment of any ailments mentioned here. Always see your doctor when necessary. There are just things you can use king grass to do in the comfort of your respective home.
If you found this article helpful, kindly share it with your friends so they will also have enough knowledge on the uses and health benefits of King grass/plant.