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QUIZ ON ANGLICANISM – Questions and Answers

QUIZ ON ANGLICANISM – Questions and Answers

For knowledge sake, I have made a list of sets of quizzes on Anglicanism. These are just a few but you can download the full Quiz on Anglicanism from the Play Store. QUIZ ANGLICANISM – Questions and Answers.



Know about everything in Anglican Church. The correct answer is the one struck with a line. You can also have all the quizzes in Anglicanism. Just click on the “INSTALL IT HERE” under this image and have it installed on your phone.


                                 SECTION (1) – QUIZ ON WORSHIP (SERVICE)


  1. What is the name given to the teaching of the church?
  2. Doctrine. B. Anglican. C. Church


  1. What do you understand by the word Rubrics?
  2. Opening of service. B. How to Process in Anglican. C. Guideline or directive to minister or leader in worship. D. Songs and Praises.


  1. What is the meaning of Matins?
  2. Someone’s name. B. Morning Service. C. Middle Service.

  1. What is the meaning of Evensong
  2. Evening Praises. B. Evening Service. C. Songs at Night.


  1. Adoration is
  2. Mbaka Adoration. B. Anglican Adoration. C. Worship given to God in prayer, an outward act, and an inward attitude.


  1. What are the four square teachings of the undivided Church?

A. Gossiping, Evangelism, Donation and Bible. B. The Bible, Creed, Sacrament & the Ministry. C. Offering, Alter Vrs Alter, Donation and Creed.


  1. Athanasius Creed is all about defending the doctrine of the Trinity i.e?

A. Three Persons in one God. B. 4 persons. C. Bishops and Archdeacons


  1. The penitential prayer in the Anglican Church especially during Lent is called?

A. Repentance. B. Temptation. C. Litany.

  1. The seasonal prayer composed for each Sunday or a specific service is called?

A. Receive it. B. Collect. C. Fall and Die. D. I will Prosper.


  1. What is Psalter?


A. 120 whole psalms. B. The whole 150 Psalms printed separately for chanting.

QUIZ ON ANGLICANISM - Questions and Answers

QUIZ ON ANGLICANISM – Questions and Answers


  1. January is the first secular season of the year, what is the church season?

A. Advent. B. Christmas. C. New Year.


  1. Name 3 out of the eight seasons of Christian/ Anglican year:


Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity.


  1. Which is the longest church season?

A. January B. Lent  C. Trinity.


  1. How many Sundays does Trinity have apart from Trinity Sunday?

A. 20 Sundays. B. 24 Sundays. C. 26 Sundays. D. None of the Above.


  1. Which church festival determines the fixing of the rest of the Christian year?

A. New Year. B. Advent. C. January. D. December.

  1. The three Sundays preceding Lent are? Mention just one.

Septuagesima, Sexagesima & Quinquagesima.


7. How many Sundays does Epiphany have?


A. 5 Sundays. B. 1 Sunday. C. 25 Sundays. D. 10 Sundays.

8. What season comes after the Christmas season?

A. Epiphany. B. New Year. C. February Season.


9. Advent Sunday is/ begins when?

A. Normally the last Sunday in November. B. January. C. December.


10. The Lenten period begins with?

A. Temptation week. B. Week of no red meat. C. Ash Wednesday

11. What does the church commemorate on Palm Sunday?

A. Going to Church with Palms. B. Waving the Palms to the Priest. C. The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.


12. The Sunday after Palm Sunday is called?


A. Palm oil Sunday. B. Palm Sunday part 2. C. Easter Sunday.

QUIZ ON ANGLICANISM – Questions and Answers


  1. What is the highest meeting attended by all Bishops of the Anglican Church in the world?

A. Parish Conference. B. Diocesan Conference C. Lambeth Conference.

2. Who is the President of Enugu Diocesan Mothers’ Union and Women Guild?

A. (Mrs.) J. N. Chukwuma B. Mrs. Nonyelum Egemba. C. Bishop Ajayi Crowther.

3. Who is the Current Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province?

A. Arinze Egemba. B. the most Rev. Dr. E. O. Chukwuma. C. Very Rev. Chike Nwizu.


  1. Who is the Archdeacon of the Enugu West Archdeaconry?

A. Israel Udechineke. B. Ven. Arinze Egemba. C. Ven. Solomon Nwankwo.

  1. What is the interval of the Lambeth Conference?

A. 5 years. B. 10 Years. C. 3. Years. D. 20 years.


  1. What is the highest Christian Council of the Anglican Church, which is attended by the Bishop as head, Clergy & Laity?

A. EFAC  B. Synod. C. Crusade. D. Revival Hour.


  1. What is the name of our Archdeaconry?

A. Enugu North LGA. B. Enugu east. C. All Saints Church GRA. D. Enugu West Archdeaconry.

  1. What is the name of the current Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion?
  2. The Most Rev. Oko. B. the Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba. C. the most Rev. E. O. Chukwuma OON.
  3. Where is the headquarters of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion?
  4. B. Bishop’s Court. C. Abuja. D. In the Church.
  5. Who is the head of every Diocese?
  6. B. Priest. C. PCC. D. Bishop.






  1. What is the full meaning of BB and GB?

Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade.


  1. C.M means?

Anglican Children’s’ Ministry. 7

  1. CNMS stands for?

Church of Nigeria Missionary Society or Christian Council of Nigeria.


  1. Give the full meaning of C.C.N?

Christian Church of Nigeria or Christian Council of Nigeria.


  1. DIVCON means -?

Divine Common Wealth Conference.

  1. What is the meaning of IYY?

International Year of Youth.


  1. What is the meaning of YYCC?

Year for the Young for Christian Crusade.


  1. What is the meaning of GAFCON?

Global Anglican Future Conference.

  1. Write in full A.Y.F?

Anglican Youth Fellowship.


  1. What is the full meaning of ACC?

Anglican Consultative Council.


  1. The full meaning of BCP is?

Book of Common Prayer.

QUIZ ON ANGLICANISM – Questions and Answers



  1. What is the name given to the main entrance to the church?
  2. Entrance Door. B. Coming in Door. C. Western Door.


  1. What is the official name of the person that carries the cross in front of the choir in a procession?
  2. Cross Bearer. B. Cross Boy. C. Cross guild. Cross attendee


  1. A Crib is?
  2. Name of a Church. B. Bishop’s attire. C. An image representing Christ in the Manger.

  1. The Rail that separates the Chancel & the Nave is known as?


  1. B. Altar Rail. C. Alter Separator.


  1. A fixed bench in the church where the congratulation sits for services is called?
  2. Pews. B. Church Desks. C. Church Bench. D. Congregation.

  1. The preacher preaches from?
  2. A Stand. B. The Pulpit. C. The Alter. D. Sermon Stall.


  1. A room in the Church building where the Officiating Ministers dress for service is called?
  2. Changing Room. B. Dressing Room. C. Vestry. D. Small Room
  3. The curtain in the altar is called?
  4. Holy Curtain. B. Anglican Curtain. C. Altar Curtain.

  1. The White band worn around the neck by the clergy is called?
  2. Priest Tie. B. Collar. C. Bold tie.


  1. A place where choristers stay in the church is called?
  2. Choir stall. B. Choir Seat. C. Singing Stall.


  1. Mattins service is conducted from?


  1. The Reading Desk. B. Preaching Desk. C. Praying Desk.

  1. The use of the — is to invite people to the service?
  2. Alarm. B. Belfry. C. Clock Alarm. D. Loud Speaker.


  1. The most sacred part of the church is?
  2. Holy Communion Table. B. The Cross. C. Altar.


  1. Priests reside at —?

  1. Church House. B. Church Compound. C. Parsonage or Vicarage.


  1. A place of residence for Bishops is called?


  1. Bishop’s Vicarage. B. Bishop’s Court. Bishop’s Parsonage. D. Cathedral.



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