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Day 1 Fasting and Prayer for 21 days War Against Haman 2024 Volume 19

The Prayer fasting topic for the Day 1 in the 21 days Prayer bullets for (War against Haman) for the year 2024 volume 19 is “GOD OF ABUNDANT MERCY! YOU ARE PLENTIUOS IN MERCY! REWRITE MY STORY! I REJECT ASHES IN 2024!”  War against Haman is a prayer bullets written by Bishop (Dr.) Chris E. Kwakpovwe by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He is also the author of Our Daily Manna devotional. Day 1 Fasting and Prayer for 21 days War Against Haman 2024 Volume 19. Read also: CON 2024 Anglican Bible Study Outline – Study 1- 10
When is the war against Haman 21 days fasting and prayer beginning or starting in the year 2024? It is starting on Saturday, 6th of January and ends on Saturday, 26th of January, 2024. Prayerfully join.

War Against Haman of 21 days fasting and Prayer in 2024


Day 1




DEUTERONOMY 9:1-6; PSALM 57:1-3; ISAIAH 61:3; 1 PETER 1:3; ISAIAH 55:6-7; PSALM 85:1-10; LAMENTATIONS 3:22-23;

PSALM 66:16-20


Wow! Glory to God! Welcome to this glorious year 2024 and indeed to the 21-day (JANUARY)/14-day (JULY)fasting programme! No matter the situation of your past, present circumstances or battles confronting you, all hope is not lost because Jehovah Overdo and “Jehovah Over-Perform” is still on the throne; and because you are alive, there is hope of a better future! But remember that it is the spiritual that controls the physical.

Therefore, to enforce spiritual realities over physical conditions this year, you must be willing and ready to pay the price on the altar of prayer! Charles Spurgeon wrote: “TRUE PRAYER IS NEITHER A MERE MENTAL EXERCISE NOR A VOCAL PERFORMANCE. IT IS FAR DEEPER THAN THAT – IT IS A SPIRITUAL TRANSACTION WITH THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.” I was told by the LORD last year (around APRIL 2023) to announce to you that 2024 is your “YEAR OF PERFORMANCE and HASTE.” And the key verse He gave me was Luke 1:45: “And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”

In this year 2024, there shall be: “Supernatural performance, marital performance, financial performance, academic/intellectual performance, healing, business, and career performance’ says the LORD of hosts. AND I SHALL HASTEN TO PERFORM.” Shout halleluiah! However, note that one of the OBSTACLES TO PERFORMANCE IS SIN! Sin, compromise, spiritual slumber, prayerlessness, bitterness, spiritual prostitution, unforgiveness, malice, etc can turn back the hand of God from performing in your life. That is why you must not give the devil any place in your life this year (Ephesians 4:27). THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN IS WAITING TO ACCUSE YOU THIS YEAR! DISAPPOINT HIM!

Day 1 for 21 days War Against Haman 2024


We can *speak in tongues* and miss heaven.

We can *win souls* and miss heaven.

We can *see visions” and miss heaven.

We can *prophesy* and still miss heaven.

We can *cast out devils* and miss heaven.

We can *perform miracles* and still miss heaven.

We can *read the whole Bible* and miss heaven.

We can *attend all church services, fellowship activities and camp meetings*

and miss heaven.

We can have the *anointing* and miss heaven.

We can have all *spiritual gifts* and miss heaven.

We can be *rich, prosperous and wealthy* and still miss heaven.

We can *give and sow seeds* and still miss heaven.

We can *wield power and be influential* and still miss heaven.

We can have a *powerful voice to sing* and miss heaven.

We can also have *fame and popularity* and miss heaven.

(Matthew 7:21-23).

. ..But we cannot LIVE AHOLY LIFE and miss heaven!

Day 1 for 21 days War Against Haman 2024

Hear this: One thing that gives Satan access into your life is sin. Sin produces ASHES! Holiness produces BEAUTY! That’s why Isaiah 61:3 says: “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes…” ASHES is a life of pain, sorrow and regret! ASHES (sin) MEAN PAST FIRE! ASHES MEAN ONCE-UPON-A-Time! ASHES MEAN THAT YOUR PAST WAS BETTER THAN YOUR PRESENT! It deforms, weakens and saps you of spiritual energy! Day 1 Fasting and Prayer for 21 days War Against Haman 2024 Volume 19.

USE THIS FIRST DAY TO REPENT and RE-DEDICATE your life to God! Quickly give your life to CHRIST as your personal Saviour NOW, by confessing Him in your mouth as your personal Saviour (John 3:16-17). That was the case of Jonah, despite his gross disobedience when he confessed his sins in the belly of the fish and showed genuine repentance. God’s MERCY CARD located him even in the lowest depths of the sea! Did He not show His mercy card to PETER who betrayed Him and ELIJAH when he decided to run away from Jezebel? When the enemy shows his RED CARD to condemn you before the Referee of life (GOD), THE MERCY CARD OF JEHOVAH shall SHOW UP IMMEDIATELY to defend you.

CATCH THIS GOOD NEWS: Be at the last-day, “WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT SERVICE” of 26th January 2024, at the OUR DAILY MANNA MOUNTAIN, JEHOVAH OVERDO CENTRE, Ogudu-Orioke, Lagos! It shall be a NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE and a NIGHT OF 21 ANOINTINGS! IT IS ALSO A NIGHT OF 12 CHAIRS; EACH CHAIR FOR EACH MONTH! YOU MUST PRAY ON ONE OF THESE CHAIRS! WOW! Yes! It’s a BUSY NIGHT full of prayers! It is the night of the Holy Ghost! He will move you 12 times higher this year! It is a night and a year where, “JEHOVAH SHARP-SHARP” will PERFORM a quick work in you this year (A YEAR OF HASTE)! Tie a SEED OF FAITH to your fasting this year as led. Give God what costs You something! Sow your,


which will be sent to you and which you will pray for 3 weeks! Send a WHATSAPP message or E-MAIL to the numbers indicated in this booklet after sowing and you will get your PROPHETIC PSALM! Be physically present at the LAST-DAY WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT! Call the numbers in this booklet indicated for your VISAS, VIP TAGS and accommodation plans! You will not fast in vain this year! THE GOD OF PERFORMANCE AND ANSWERS shall visit you by fire! You will surpass every demonic limit! Witchcraft ceilings shall catch fire and your contenders shall mourn! Get ready for the miraculous! THIS IS YOUR YEAR in Jesus name! Pray seriously now!

Day 1 for 21 days War Against Haman 2024

  1. Father, I thank You for the gift of another year 2024, and for the journey of my life so far!
  2. Lord, I dedicate THIS YEAR to You; take over 2024 and make all things beautiful for me in Jesus name.
  3. 1 Timothy 1:12; O God, You are more than able, I commit this year to You; order it in my favour in Jesus name.
  4. Vs 12; Lord, I believe in the ministry of the prophet that this is my year of PERFORMANCE, and that shall be my portion in Jesus name.
  6. Psalm 103:2; Father, I thank You for Your many benefits in my life over the years and for the many benefits that await me this year.
  7. Vs 3; Thank You Lord for Your forgiveness that has silenced the accuser.
  8. Vs 4; 0 God, wrap me with Your lovingkindness and tender mercies this year and make me Your performance land.
  9. Vs 5; My Father, my Father, thank You for satisfying my life, family and ministry with good things in the past and for those of this year 2024. .
  10. Abba Father, my prayer and fasting journey this year shall not be in vain. Lord, exceed my expectations in Jesus name.
  11. Jeremiah 33:3; Lord, as I begin THIS FAST today, answer me by fire; let my expectations not crash in Jesus name.
  12. Vs 3; I receive the grace to start and finish this fast this year. I refuse to stop midway. Satan cannot rob me of the blessings and benefits of this fast in Jesus name.
  13. Vs 3; Lord, show me great and mighty things this year. Perform wonders in my life by mercy in Jesus name.
  14. James Russell Lovell once wrote: “No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.” DEAL WITH YOURSELF TODAY AS YOU BEGIN THIS 21 -DAY OR 14-DAY WORLDWIDE FASTNG PROGRAMME BY REJECTING THE LIFESTYLE OF ASHES THROUGH SIN THIS YEAR! Pray now: LORD, purge me and pass my life, family and ministry through THE BLOOD OF JESUS now and daily in 2024 in Jesus name.
  15. 1 John 1:9; God of MERCY, I come to You with an open heart today; show me mercy and help my weakness.
  16. Vs 9; O God, show me Your mercy card as I confess my sins to Youtoday; silence the accuser by the Blood of Jesus.
  17. Now mention and confess your sins to God now! MERCY awaits!
  18. Hebrews 4:16; Here I am 0 LORD; let Your mercy envelop me, andlet the stronghold of sin be broken in my life by fire.
  19. Vs 16;! obtain mercy now over satanic accusations meant todisqualify me from my answers in this fasting programme in Jesus
  20. Vs 16; Father, let Your MERCY rewrite my ugly story this year.I refuse to fast in vain.
  21. Psalm 57:2; Lord, as I cry unto You in this fasting programme, showme mercy and rewrite my story for good in Jesus name.
  22. Vs2;God of abundant mercy, show me Your mercy card, andremember me for good as I wait on You today in Jesus name.
  23. Vs 2; 0 God, perform all things for me; visit me like never before asI call upon You daily In this fast in Jesus name.
  24. Vs 3; Abba Father, send forth Your mercy to beautify my ugly pastthis year and give me a new beginning in Jesus name.
  25. Vs 3; Lord, sin shall not swallow me up this year; I receive mercynow through the Blood of Jesus.
  26. Isaiah 54:17; You weapon of sin fired into my soul in order to enslavemy destiny, scatter and backfire now in Jesus name.
  27. Psalm 37:24; LORD, You will not allow the enemies of my soul toutterly bring me down through sin this year. Give me a cutting edge over them through holiness in Jesus name.
  28. Isaiah 1:19; O God, I repent from disobedience and spiritualstubborness today, and I begin a new walk with You now in Jesus
  29. Vs 19; Father, I shall eat the good of this year 2024 and I shall besatisfied in Jesus name.
  30. Psalm 86:5; My Father, my Father, You are plenteous in mercy;erase my sins and empower me for holiness this year in Jesus name.
  31. Vs 6; Lord, attend to the voice of my supplications in this fastingprogramme; perform my requests by fire in Jesus name.
  32. Lord, Your death shall not be in vain this year; deliver me from theunwholesome desire for sin in Jesus name.
  33. Father, sin shall not have dominion over me this year;! receive graceto jump over the traps of sin daily in 2024 in Jesus name.
  34. Psalm 85:3; O Lord my God, turn from the fierceness of Your angerand forgive me for Your mercy’s sake and give me a comeback in Jesus name.
  35. Vs 6; O God, rain down Your revival fire in my soul this seasonand let whatever does not please You in me die by fire!
  36. Vs 6; O revival fire of the Holy Spirit, overtake my spirit and let the joy of the Holy Ghost fill my soul now in Jesus name.
  37. Vs 6; Abba Father, let this global fast spark up an unquenchable fireof revival that will set ablaze Your people for kingdom business in Jesus
  38. Vs 9; This year 2024, GLORY shall dwell in my habitation, life andministry; performance shall be my name in Jesus name.
  39. Matthew 7:7; 0 God, my past will not catch up with me this year; by Your mercy, cause my iniquity to pass from me and clothe me withYour righteousness in Jesus name.
  40. Vs 7, Lord, make me uncomfortable in this garment of sin. Takeaway my peace until I surrender to Your will in Jesus name.
  41. Vs 7; Father, undress me this year from the sin or sins that constantlybeset and trouble my soul and clothe me with Your mercy in Jesus
  42. Vs 7; Father, undress me this year from the sin or sins that constantlyenslave and trouble my soul and perform Your work of holiness in me by Your mercy.
  43. Isaiah 61;3; I reject the ashes of sin this year and I put on the beautyof righteousness now in Jesus name.
  44. Vs3; Yes! LORD, I reject the ASHES of bitterness, unforgiveness,malice and hatred now; break from me in Jesus name!
  45. Vs 3; Lord, ASHES is not my name THIS YEAR! I command theashes of shame, disgrace and regret due to sin to catch fire and burn now in Jesus name.
  46. Vs 3; I reject the ASHES of delay, demotion, stagnation and lossesdue to sin; be grounded by the mercy of God in Jesus name.
  47. Vs 3; You ASHES of poverty, untimely death, backwardness anddisappointment, reject my destiny and scatter now by fire.
  48. Vs 3; I am a tree of righteousness, I am not a tree of unrighteousnessand reproach to the name of the Lord in 2024 in Jesus name.
  49. Vs 3; I am planted in the Lord this year. Mo wind of sin and worldlinessshall uproot me in Jesus name.
  50. Luke 1:45 says: “And blessed is she that believed: for there shallbe a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” LORD, this is my year; I believe that it is MY YEAR OF PERFORMANCE! Father, perform Your Word in my life this year by fire!                                                   

    Day 1 for 21 days War Against Haman 2024 

  51. Vs 45; My life, family and ministry shall be called the “PERFORMANCE LAND” of Jehovah God. Demotion, catch fire now in Jesus name.
  52. Vs45; GOD OF PERFORMANCE, FIX my destiny in 2024.1 am tiredof this life of trial and error, CONFUSION must bow by fire!
  53. Vs 45; Father, perfect all that concerns my life and ministry; give mea comeback by fire in Jesus name.
  54. Vs 45; LORD, You SAY what You MEAN and You MEAN what You SAY: I command hanging prophecies to fall on me this year as I fast and pray again.
  55. Vs 45; Enough is enough! There shall be spiritual, material, financial,career, ministry, academics and business performance, and shame shall be the portion of my haters.
  56. Titus 1:2; My Father, my Father, YOU CANNOT LIE! O Lord, use mylife and destiny as Your DIVINE EXPERIMENT to show that it pays to serve the Lord in 2024 in Jesus name.
  57. Vs 2; GOD CANNOT LIE! Father, operate my destiny in Your DIVINE FACTORY this year and bring out my best this year in Jesus name.
  58. Vs 2; Abba Father, turn my life and ministry into a mysterious wonder; performance is my name in Jesus name.
  59. Psalm 21:11; Lord, do a work this year that will disappoint my adversaries; perform destruction on them in Jesus name.
  60. Vs 11; 0 God, my enemies shall not be able to perform their mischievous devices against my destiny this year in Jesus name.
  61. Psalm 119:106; Father, perform Your righteous judgments on any determined enemy targeting my laughter this year in Jesus name.
  62. Vs 106; O you stubborn battles, your end has come this year, Jehovah God has sworn to perform His judgment; expire now by fire.
  63. My Father, my Father, in this year’s WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, use me as a public example of Your performance power in Jesus name.
  64. Isaiah 44:26; Abba Father, in this year’s WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE, let Your Word not fall to the ground; perform the counsel of Your messenger that night in Jesus name.
  65. Isaiah 10:27; MY NIGHT OF 21 ANOINTINGS AND SITTING ON 12 CHAIRS PROPHETICALLY IS HERE! LORD, PERFORM wonders through the instrumentality of the oil and prophetic obedience of sitting on any of the 12 chairs to pray; make me the signpost of Your “performance land.”
  66. Vs 27; AS I ANOINT MYSELF 21 TIMES AND SIT ON 12 PROPHETIC CHAIRS OF PRAYERS, Lord, perform 21 miracles in my life and ministry this year in Jesus name. DO THE SAME AS I sit on any of the 12 chairs this year!
  67. Vs 27; Lord, AS I ANOINT MYSELF in the WORLD ANOINTING-NIG HT-OF-PERFORMANCE, at the MANNAMOUNTAIN, Ogudu-Orioke, Lagos, there shall be a healing galore and whatever You have not planted in my body shall dry up by fire!
  68. Vs 27; As I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of the 21 ANOINTINGS and sit on any of the 12 CHAIRS FOR PRAYERS AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE, my destiny shall take a new shape and a NEW ME shall emerge in Jesus name.
  69. Vs 27; My Father, my Father, as I anoint myself at the WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, and sit on any of the 12 CHAIRS FOR PRAYERS AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE, my destiny shall take a new shape and a NEW ME shall emerge in Jesus name; the 12 months of this year shall favour me, and there shall be all-round performance in Jesus name. (Mention the 12 months of the year and pray as led now)!
  70. Genesis 8:22: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. “AS I SOW MY PERFORMANCE SEED in this fasting programme, Lord, PERFORM Your Word; let my harvest be unstoppable in Jesus name.
  71.    Eccl. 11:6: “In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.” LORD, I commit myself to SOWING again THIS YEAR! 1 refuse to be DISCOURAGED! My seed this year and that of yesteryears shall provoke testimonies as I SOW AGAIN this year! Yes! THERE SHALL BE PERFORMANCE in Jesus name (See pages 44 and 92 for account details and what to do after sowing)!
  72. This PERFORMANCE PROVOKING SEED (PPS), shall become my divine platform of performance this year, it shall become the obituary of the waster and devourer in Jesus name.
  73. LORD, as I sow my “PERFORMANCE PROVOKING SEED” (PPS) and receive MY “PERFORMANCE PRAYER PSALM” (PPP), which I will pray for three (3) weeks, my seed AND MY FAITH shall provoke heaven into action concerning my prayer points and indeed my expectations in this 2024, and there shall be performance in Jesus name.
  76. Pray about the WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE!
  77. Loose journey mercies TO AND FRO NOW!
  78. Loose favour at various embassies for needed VISAS.
  79. Loose Joy and celebration! Loose testimonies!
  80. Thank God for answered prayers now.


Day 1 Fasting and Prayer for 21 days War Against Haman 2024 Volume 19


The GOD OF PERFORMANCE is on the throne and This Year 2024 shall be MY YEAR indeed. I decree and declare that THIS IS MY YEAR OF interventions, surprises, speed (HASTE) and PERFORMANCES! The God of ABUNDANT MERCY is my God. He will show up and defend me by the SURE MERCIES OF DAVID! MERCY shall be a voice unto me when I cannot speak for myself this year. MERCY shall re-write my story and there shall be marital performance, academic performance, career performance, financial performance, fruit of the womb performance, etc, until my generation say: “THIS CAN ONLY BE GOD.” LORD, in this fasting programme and indeed, this year, I reject sin in its totality; it shall not have dominion over me. I shall pursue holiness daily by the grace of God. Yes! My life and destiny shall not END IN ASHES through sin this year. THERE SHALL BE BEAUTY FOR ASHES concerning my life, family and ministry this year! Jehovah God shall beautify my life through holiness and righteousness. The mercy of God is locating my sins of omission and commission for good and no accuser shall be able to stop me. LORD, show me Your MERCY CARD and re-write my story by fire! Yes! Demotion is gone by fire, in the mighty name of Jesus.

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