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About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J N Chukwuma

Perhaps you have heard or read alot about Archbishop Chukwuma, the immediate past Bishop of Enugu Anglican Diocese and Archbishop Ecclesiastical province of Enugu but you are yet to know about the wife behind the formidable force. About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J N Chukwuma. Meet the Indomitable Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma, the Formidable Matriarch, the wife of the Most Rev’d Prof E. O. Chukwuma OON. Read also: About Archbishop E O Chukwuma, Biography, Age, Family, Wife, News.

Who is the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma?

In the intricate history of the Episcopal leadership of His Grace the Most Revd Prof E. O. Chukwuma OON, the story of his successes can never be complete without mentioning one remarkable great woman who stands out as a beacon of unwavering strength, boundless dedication, and proactive leadership.

The adage is true which says that behind every successful man is a good a woman. Simply call her a fearless, tireless and proactive leader who, hand in hand with her husband, Archbishop Chukwuma, has steadfastly shaped a ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Enugu for over three decades. Her fearless commitment and tireless efforts have not only fortified the spiritual foundations of the congregation but have also woven a supportive association for the unsung heroines – the clergy-wives. She is non other than the Indomitable Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma, the Formidable Matriarch.

Join us on a journey into the extraordinary life of Dr (Mrs.) Joyce Nkeonyeasoi Chukwuma, a leader whose resilience and compassion have left an indelible mark on the hearts of those under her care, especially the clergy-wives.

Meet the Indomitable Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma, the Formidable Matriarch, the wife of the Most Rev’d Prof E. O. Chukwuma OON.

About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J. N Chukwuma
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  • As a woman of prayer:

Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma is a woman who prays. She does not just pray; she inculcated this habit in those she leads. Under her leadership, Prayer and Spirituality group; Alone with God which comes twice a year; Clergy-wife retreat and intercessory prayer groups were formed and introduced.

Especially alone with God, this prayer meeting programme has taught the women to pray themselves out. It is always a time to be alone with God in prayers and supplications. No wonder miracles of great wonders have been shared and heard in the programme.

  • As a mother in Israel:

Just like Mummy Deborah in the Judges 5 verse 7, Diamond Mummy can also stand today to say; “Until I arose in the Enugu Anglican Women Ministry…”


Dr. Mrs. Joyce Chukwuma has shown the attribute to be hailed as a “Mother in Israel.” She has the spiritual and physical abilities just like Deborah of the Bible. We can see these in the projects she has done and the lifestyles she exhibited in faces of trials. She embodies the epitome of grace, strength, and spiritual fortitude as the esteemed wife of Archbishop Chukwuma. Her pivotal role extends far beyond the title of an Archbishop’s wife.

Diamond Mummy has played a central part in nurturing the clergy-wives under her care, fostering a sisterhood that transcends the challenges inherent in their unique roles. Her leadership style is marked by fearlessness, tirelessness, and a proactive approach that has not only supported her husband’s ministry but has also left an indelible mark on the clergy-wives and the women within the congregation.


  • As a proactive leader:

 The Igbo adage says that a wise man fetches and stores the rainy season firewood in the dry season. This proverb is true of Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma. In these years of her leadership, we saw her get her wares ready before the market day.

These are in terms of getting her programmes ready for the Conferences, Planning for retreats and other women activities. For this, the clergy-wives under her care have learnt to always prepare ahead of time when planning for activities.

About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J N Chukwuma

  • As a pace-setter/Visionary:

Dr Mrs Joyce Chukwuma has been a visionary leader these years, setting the pace in her ministry. A visionary leader sees tomorrow and that is what Diamond is. Bethel Home schools is among the great vision she delivered, in her word, she always says; ‘I sold my vision of school to Enugu’.

More to it, she is not just a visionary leader; Dr (Mrs.) J. N. Chukwuma backs her vision with action. When she envisions, she executes thereby setting the pace for others to follow.

 The Bethel Home Convent and Primary Schools built by the Archbishop Wife for the Diocese:

About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J. N Chukwuma

About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J. N Chukwuma

Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma, the Formidable Matriarch, the wife of the Most Rev'd Prof E. O. Chukwuma OON.

About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J. N Chukwuma

  • As an exemplary leader: Our Diamond Mummy is an advocate of moderation and decent dressing. But she does not only speak, she also lives it out. In terms of decent dressing, she is an example of decency.


  • As a Bold and Fearless Leader:

When God created Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma, He instilled in her the Spirit of boldness. Anywhere she sees evil; she speaks out and cautions no matter whose ox is galled. Her bold-fearless nature has tremendously helped her in piloting the affairs of the women ministry and that of the clergy-wives in the Diocese.

About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J N Chukwuma

  • As a tireless leader:


What more can we say here? Even at the last hours of her retirement as the leader in the women ministry, she is still working. Diamond Mummy is still talking about developmental projects for the women. She has not skipped any of the Diocesan programmes.

  • As a woman of Faith:

There is an excerpt in her last Diocesan Women Conference address at the Church of the Resurrection Power New Haven where she enumerated few of her ordeals in the ministry, where her faith was tried in different ways; her only reaction was “m makuo Chukwu (I embraced God)”.

As the shepherdess of the women’s ministry, Dr. Mrs. Joyce Chukwuma has skilfully cultivated a community where faith is not just a doctrine but a living, breathing entity. Her wisdom, compassion, and unwavering trust in God have earned her the revered title of “woman of faith,” a testament to the maternal role she plays in the face of trials and how her faith has uplifting those entrusted to her care.

In doing so, she has become a source of strength and inspiration, embodying the timeless virtues of leadership and love that define her remarkable journey.


  • As a great builder and Achiever:

By the help of God, the woman who is behind Archbishop Chukwuma is a great achiever and builder. Diamond Mummy, the driving force behind Archbishop Chukwuma, with divine guidance, she laid the foundation for Bethel Home Schools, The Chapel of His Transfiguration, Awknawnaw Girls Grammar School, The Chapel of His Grace, and more.

Beyond bricks and mortar, she invested in progress – acquiring school buses, constructing the Women’s Office, and establishing Diocesan Women Accounts from scratch during her tenure as a Bishop’s wife. In the tapestry of her endeavors, Diamond Mummy isn’t just a supporter; she’s a visionary architect shaping both institutions and legacies.


  • As a teacher:

The wife of Archbishop is not just a teacher by profession; she possesses the attribute of a teacher. She teaches it as a teacher, says it as a teacher, and demonstrates it as a teacher for the women and the clergy-wives under her supervision. She is always correcting and keeps correcting.

A true teacher at heart, the Diamond Mummy imparts wisdom to the women and clergy-wives always. With a knack for correction, she persists until success blossoms.


  • As a Principal and Educationist:

As an educational stalwart, Diamond Mummy wears the hats of both principal and dedicated educationist. Her tireless efforts in supporting her husband’s ministry include not only heading schools but also actively contributing to their establishment and growth. In the realm of education, her commitment is a cornerstone that shapes the path of knowledge and enlightenment in the Anglican Diocese of Enugu.


  • As an Evangelist/ soul winning:


Diamond Mummy, a dynamic Evangelist and soul-winner, takes her ministry to the streets and rural corners. While some see conferences as avenues for funds, Dr. (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma transforms Archdeaconry Women Conferences in the Enugu Diocese into vibrant hubs of rural evangelism.

In her vision, Archdeaconries are not just gatherings; they are missions to bring the divine message to rural hearts. With fervor, she mobilizes efforts to share not only the words of God but also tangible expressions of love through thoughtful gift items. In the symphony of her ministry, Diamond Mummy orchestrates a melody of outreach, turning conferences into powerful catalysts for change in the lives of those in the rural embrace of her evangelistic fervor.


  • As a Benevolent leader without casting the cost:

 Mama is known for her kind-hearted, generosity and show of love.


  • As a Fashionista with Caution:

Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma has a great sense of fashion. Her impeccable sense of style radiates, inspiring those around her to embrace their best looks. Among the clergy wives, she becomes a beacon of elegance, encouraging everyone to present their best selves.

Yet, Diamond Mummy is more than just a fashion enthusiast; she’s a Fashionista with caution. Her slogan always ‘moderation in all things,’ shunning the allure of out-dressing one another. With a wise nod to practicality, she champions the notion of cutting one’s coat according to their material.

Moreover, she’s quick to remind that the relentless pursuit of the perfect ‘shoe and bag to match’ can divert attention in unintended directions, placing unnecessary pressure on both the wearer and their husbands. In the world of style, Diamond Mummy is not just about looking good but doing so with grace, wisdom, and a touch of practical elegance.


About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J. N Chukwuma


  • As a Doting Wife:

Dr. Mrs. Joyce Chukwuma is not just an Archbishop’s wife; she’s a doting and adoring partner. Her love for her husband shines brightly, as she lavishes him with admiration and praise, even in the public eye. She has shown to be a lovely and pampering wife to her husband, the Archbishop.

She admires and praises her husband even in the public. We hear her eulogising her husband with sweet and endearing phrases like “the most handsome man on earth,” “my best friend and sweetheart,” and “my husband and darling,” she paints a portrait of love that resonates with sincerity and warmth.

This isn’t just a public display—it’s a genuine outpouring of affection. With every word, she not only celebrates her own love story but also becomes a guiding light for clergy-wives and women, encouraging them to honor and cherish their husbands


About the Wife of Archbishop Chukwuma, Dr Mrs J N Chukwuma – Summary

In the illustrious journey of Dr. Mrs. Joyce N. Chukwuma (Diamond Mummy), the esteemed Archbishop’s wife, her multifaceted leadership shines through as a testament to unwavering dedication and grace. For over three decades, she has fearlessly and tirelessly led the clergy-wives and women’s ministry, leaving an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape.

A proactive leader by nature, Dr. (Mrs.) J. N. Chukwuma’s foresight and initiative have been pivotal in shaping the clergy-wives’ association. Her corrections, delivered with a nurturing touch, reflect her role as a devoted teacher, guiding and refining those under her care. As a woman of faith, her prayers have been the cornerstone of the ministry’s strength, infusing it with spiritual vitality.

Beyond her role in the ecclesiastical realm, Dr. Joyce Chukwuma seamlessly wears the hats of a Principal and Educationist, embodying a commitment to intellectual growth and enlightenment. Her evangelistic zeal and soul-winning endeavors underscore a deep-rooted passion for sharing the transformative power of faith.

In her benevolent leadership, she extends a helping hand, embodying compassion and kindness in every endeavor. Dr (Mrs.) Joyce N. Chukwuma’s sense of fashion reflects not just style but a celebration of individuality and poise, adding a vibrant touch to her leadership persona.

Notably, her public admiration and praise for her husband not only exemplify a harmonious partnership but also underscore the strength of their collaborative leadership. Dr. Mrs. Joyce Chukwuma’s remarkable journey is a mosaic of tireless dedication, fearless leadership, and a profound commitment to faith, education, benevolence, and love.