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How to make  Breasts Firm without side effects – 2021

How to make  Breasts Firm without side effects


Flap Chest? Use this Natural Method to Make Breasts Firm

How to make  Breasts Firm without side effects. In this post, we shall be discussing how to make breasts firm with just two natural recipes. Follow this simple recipe to make your chest stand again and look attractive.
Surgery is not the sole solution to make breast firm. However, this has become the norm among women, especially young ladies. Why go under the knife when you can correct the flapness just by a mere recipe?
A major advantage of using recipes to make your chest (breasts) stand, as they used to be when you were younger is that it involves no side effects and risks. Unlike the artificial method of silicon implantation which has the tendency to cause breast cancer to the receiver.

There are so many ways to make breasts firm without side effects. These methods are known as homemade remedies and they cost nothing to make.
So, if you want to have firm breasts, use this natural homemade remedy and thank me later.
2. One tablespoon of Shea Butter 
3. Cucumber

Blend the Cucumber in a blender or you can pound it in a mortar with a pestle in the absence of a blender.
Add the Egg Yolk and Shea Butter
Then, continue blending.
Blend or pound all until a smooth paste is formed


Apply the smooth paste to the breasts and massage for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you massage from bottom to top.
Leave it for 30 minutes after massaging and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
You should do this once a day for 7 seven days. But before then you should begin to notice some changes.

Advantages of having Firm Breasts

How to make firm breasts


There is no argument about this, firm breasts look attractive than the flap one.

Less Stress:

Forgive my manner. With firm breasts, you will have lesser stress of looking for a firm hold and catch up to use on them that will fit a particular dress.

A friend of mine always says that the problem with flap breasts is that they are like goats. You must look for the rope to tie them before going out with them. If not, they will be going in a different direction.

Have you heard this popular Nigerian slogan: “Wahala be like flap breast, e no dey stand, e no dey corporate for race”.

Fashion Styles:

I have read an article about a lady who undergone breast surgery to make it firm so that she can wear a beach Bikini on her new date. I was like; ‘you say what?’ Just to wear a bikini for few hours.

This is actually what it is. Women are going to extract miles to see their fallen ‘chest’ stand again and look the way they used to be in their younger age. But you don’t have to put yourself through all of these pains. Use this simple method.

Firm breasts give fittings for all kinds of clothes. I mean, all kinds of clothes. There are clothes which people with flap chest may never wear.

However, it is not for women with firm chests. Most of them may not need to wear brassier before wearing a cloth yet you won’t know.

Summary on How to make  Breasts Firm without side effects

We have come to the end of how to make breasts firm without side effects. This method is a sure recipe that has worked for many women.

However, there are also so many other popular methods of making breasts firm. One of them is the drinking of Uda concoction and Uziza.

The only problem I have with this method is that it is not good for ulcer patients. Again, it may trigger a stomach ulcer since it is hot in the stomach. But in the case of cucumber, egg yolk, and shea butter, it is surely safe.’

All the items are organic. So, instead of giving side effects, it will nourish the skin.

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