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This is why Tom Tom and Cold water is Trending on Twitter

TomTom Sweet and Cold Water Trending!

What did they say will happen when you combine Tom Tom Sweet with cold water? I heard they are good for the other room. I also heard the Tom Tom sweet is used in combinations of other things for erection dysfunction, bedroom agility, and homemade remedy. Read this post to find out why TomTom Sweet and Cold Water are Trending.

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Tom Tom Sweet and Cold water

For those of us in Nigeria and Africa, Tom Tom Strong Menthol Sweets is a brand name for one of the oldest and most popular sweets we consume. This sweet has come to stay and has served both young and old.

Tom Tom is leaked as sweet and also as medicine. People have found ways to alleviate their stubborn cough by mixing Tom Tomsweets and Bitter cola and drinking the concoction.

This is because the sweet contains strong menthol. This medicinal property when mixed with bitter kola is said to knock off stubborn coughs.

Sup with Tom Tom Sweets on Twitter?

Generally, Tom Tom means different things to many people. To us here, it means sweets. But to others, it means a name of a Google map.

Yes. There is a Google Map that is called TomTom.  It is the leading independent location technology specialist. This very App is one of the accurate Maps.

You may be wondering why Tom Tom, our sweet, is trending on social media recently. Me too, I am.

TomTom Sweet and Cold Water Trending

We woke from sleep just like other times and began to hear Tom Tom with little information or no explanation. No one is bold enough to explain to the itching eared masses what the hues about the sweet were.

The next thing we heard was that “Tom Tom and Ice Water is not working joor”. Please, what is not working?

TomTom Sweet and Cold Water Trending

Why is Tom Tom trending? What’s the trend about Tom Tom and cold water?

What is it with Tom Tom Sweet that is making it to trend on Twitter since last week and this week? If you are asking this same question, oya, listen. Sorry, I mean, read.

TomTom Sweet and Cold Water Trending TomTom Sweet and Cold Water Trending

From the first thing I heard, someone said if you place a Tom Tom sweets on cold water, it will melt it. I have also heard from people who tried it and said it is a big lie.

Coming to the Tweet by EZE _IMO, the Tom Tom sweets magic and “za oza room’‘ is what I can’t explain in this piece. But I have also heard one Uncle who has tried it.

The Uncle has been screaming in one of the Forum I belong to that Tom Tom is not working anything in the other room. But he didn’t tell us how it is being used in the other room.

Another Strong Myth about Tom Tom and LacaSera

Aside from this recent trending story about Tom Tom, there is yet another myth about Tom Tom that has been selling many years ago. It is about the combinations of Tom Tom Sweets and Laca Sera soft drinks.

It is said that when you add ten pieces of Tom Tom in a Can filled with LacaSera drink and allow it to melt. When you drink the concoction, you will doze off immediately.

People said the combination is a strong sedative drink. Some said it intoxicates and makes you feel drunk.

This unverified story about Tom Tom and sweets remains a myth to date. But many people have come up to claim that is not a myth. They tried it and according to them, it makes them sleep off immediately.


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Tom Tom Sweets, Weak Erection and Premature Ejaculation

Several kinds of research and claims have emerged recently that the combination of TomTom sweets in cold water with two other concoctions can help to treat weak erection. It has been said too to help prevent quick or premature ejaculation.

A combo of Bitter Kola, cucumber, and TomTom candy helps to improve blood flow to male reproductive organs. When this happens, erectile dysfunction is taken care of. Thereby making a man last longer in bed.

I believe this is the reason why someone said Tomtom and cold water in “za oza room”. This is actually the part of the work of TomTom candy and cold water in the bedroom.

My Opinion

These people have remembered Tom Tom now. The price of one Tom Tom sweets will soon skyrocket overnight. I know what am saying.

Please, leave our Tom Tom sweets alone. It is for leaking and clearing of the throat, nothing more. The spirit of the children here will not let you people succeed for this one. Lol.

But, what is your view on this? Kindly, fill in your name in the comment box and drop your comment. Thanks.

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  1. Clinical trials and tests must be performed to prove/disprove these TomTom+Water claims.

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