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This is Why Knorr (Maggi) Cube Seasoning is Trending on Social Media

This is why Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is Trending

Cooking Seasoning Cubes, Knorr cubes, Royco, Maggi are Trending. People insert it in their anus for butt enlargement. This is Why Knorr (Maggi) Cube Seasoning is Trending on Social Media.

Why is everybody talking about Knorr (Maggi) Seasoning on social media? Knorr cube is trending because people say ladies use it for butt enlargement. This is why Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is Trending

What is it with Knorr, star Maggi, Royco spices, or seasonings that make them trend on social media this week? It is trending because some people alleged it is being used for butt enlargement while others said it can be used in the other room. This is why cooking cubes are trending on social media.

Knorr Cubes Seasoning

First, I have to tag Maggi in the bracket to this caption. This is because 80% of average Nigerians are used to referring to cubed spices or seasonings as Maggi. It is not their fault. Maggi is the oldest brand name for cube spices in Nigeria.

So, every other brand that comes later is addressed as Maggi. Like, it is normal to go to a foodstuff shop and hear someone says, Madam, I want to buy Maggi.

Don’t even offer the Maggi brand, if you are the seller. You will still need to ask, which Maggi? That is when the person will say “Maggi Knorr, Maggi Royco, Maggi Onga, or Maggi Star”.

This is actually wrong. They know what they want to buy or use but they don’t know the right differentiation. Cooking cubes seasonings are mispronounced or misbranded if I may use the word.

Maggi is just a brand name for Cube seasonings by a company. While Knorr cube is also a brand name by a different company. But this not why we are here.

This is why Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is Trending

In this post, we want to know why Knorr cube spice or seasoning is trending on social media. I mean, why are people talking about Knorr cube spices and most especially the women?

The other time, it was Tom Tom candy and cold water. People also said the combination of Tom Tom and Lacasera soft drink does magic to the body. Read it here.

Before I tell you what I heard about Knorr cube, let me show you what people are saying about Knorr cube spices on social media. A Facebook user posted it this morning and there were so many reactions to the yet-to-be-verified cynical talk.

Are you seeing what am seeing? I mean, are you reading what I have just read? It actually sounds bizarre.

However, the rumor is true. I made a further investigation. I trailed a social media user who made the first post and chatted with her about it. She confirmed that Knorr cubes seasonings are now used for butt enlargement (Tueeh!). Sorry, I just spat.

To authenticate this claim, I will also share the screenshot of the conversation I had with another person on the same issue. My concern was knowing the exact spot and the destination the Knorr cube is going in their body. And the second person revealed it to me.

See the screenshot of the conversation:

Don’t scream yet, more are coming. From the information gathered, I have also learned that no particular brand of cubes seasonings was mentioned. They make use of any.

A Facebook user who shared it on her timeline was only making reference to her best brand, which is knorr cubes.

Originator of Using Maggi Seasoning Cubes for Butt Enlargement

No one can tell for now who originated the use of Knorr and Maggi Cubes seasonings for butt enlargement. But, we sure know who shared the story first.

It flickered yesterday into social media by the controversial Nigerian whistleblower journalist. In the post, she said; “another lady died today in Lagos from BP 212/110 just to get her butt big. I will keep WARNING YOU!! Stop inserting cooking cubes in your anus. Yes, it’s gonna make your butt bigger but you just inserted 1068mg of Sodium into your heart”. Dr. Kemi.

See the screenshot here.

This is why Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is Trending

Cooking cubes like Knorr and Maggi seasonings are trending on social media because people are inserting them into their anus for butt enlargement. From the post, it was confirmed that it can make the butt grow big but there is also a side effect.

In fact, it appears, the dangers or risks outweigh the benefits. I have heard it all from fellow children of this generation.

Me: Inserting cooking cubes inside the anus in order to grow the butt. Bombom is finished, nothing remains.

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