Danger Alert! Beheaded Dead Bodies of Men, Women and Children Littered Igbariam, Junction in Anambra, Students Flee

Massacre at Igbariam Junction (VIDEO)


People Alleged it was Committed by Fulani Herdsmen


Danger Alert! Beheaded dead Bodies of Men, Women, and Children Littered Igbariam, Junction in Anambra, Students Flee.

The videos of the dead bodies of some yet-to-be-identified men, women, and Children seen in Igbariam junction in Anambra are being circulated on social media. The people were said to be beheaded and butchered by Fulani Herdsmen.

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Social media users are sending danger alerts to their loved ones who live in Anambra, especially in Igbarian, Anambra State. Dead bodies were seen littering a junction. The original poster tagged the location where the dead bodies were seen.

News updates by Africhome.com capped the news this way; “(Video) Fulani herdsmen kill women, children in Anambra”. It also confirmed Little children, women, men were killed and beheaded.

Igbariam Junction in Anambra

Video footage also showed some students; living around Igbariam, fleeing the environment with their belongings.

Igbariam is one of the popular towns in Anambra State. It will interest you to know that it is the town where Odumegwu Ojukwu University, formerly Anambra State University, the major campus is situated. It is known as Igbariam Campus.

The Campus houses business faculty and also Prereminary Courses.



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