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The Seeds of God are the Promises of God (Part 2)

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Seeds of God are His Promises part 2

Seeds of God are the promises God” simply refers to the direct products of the promised Seed of God. That is, we are qualified to be addressed as Seeds through Christ.

To be frank, this is a confusing topic. But I couldn’t look away since people are searching for it and looking up the answers in our blog.

We have attempted to give our answers in the first part using Galatians 3 verse 16. This verse seems to give detailed and fuller explanations to the phrase; “The Seeds of God are the Promises of God“.

The topic was also given to 2 preachers of the Gospel to look into and give their own detained explanations.

See what the first Preacher and teacher of the Gospel had to say:

The Seeds of God are the Promises of God”

(By Pastor Ifeanyi Ivans Okonkwo)

I want to start by stating here that the seeds of God are the direct products from the Seed of God. The seed of God refers to the Word of God Mark 4:14.

From the parable of the sower, the seeds were able to bring forth harvest in different proportions Mark 4:24. The harvest from the Seed refers to the seeds. The seeds of God then mean the blessings proceeding from the Word of God.

*The Seed is the source of the Seeds.

**Blessings are contained in the Word.

2peter 1: 3-4 provides the testament of the wonderful blessings, promised us by God in His Word. Verse 5 to 8 of the same 1 Peter shows us how to harvest these promises of God.

Questions: What are these blessings (promises)?

  • Salvation — Acts 4:12
  • Instructions & Protections — Ps 19:11
  • Divine health — 3John 1:2
  • Success — Josh 1:8
  • Fruitfulness & prosperity Psa 1:2-3
  • Holy Spirit Luk 11:13

“The Seeds of God are the Promises of God”

(By Pastor Mrs. N. Iheama)

“Studying a little, I discovered that God’s promises were for His seed, not seeds. Gal 3:16, Acts 13:23.

Now, God gave some promises to Abraham and his Child. And notice that it doesn’t say the promises were to his children, as it would if all his sons–all the Jews–were being spoken of, but to his Child–and that, of course, means Christ.

And now that we are Christ’s we are the true descendants of Abraham, and all of God’s promises to him belong to us.
Making reference to Gal 3:16 & 29, we can only connect to God’s promises if we connect to His seed, the Christ. Little wonder Acts 4:2 says Salvation is in no other… and John 14:6 says “Jesus is the way, truth, and life…”

Explaining further, Dr. (Mrs.) Ndidi Iheama says; “The children of God are of the seed of God. And when one becomes a child of God, he becomes the seed of God”.

The Summary on the Seeds of God are the Promises of God

It is now clear that Jesus is the Seed of God. The children of God who have been bought by the blood of Jesus are the direct products from the Seed of God. (Seed bears Seeds).

The Seed (Jesus) is the harvest that brings forth so many Seeds. And that those seeds are God’s promises.

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