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Couple who gave birth to Baby with One Eye and No nose (Cyclops)

Couple who gave birth to Baby with One Eye and No nose (Cyclops)

Suriyanti and Atana Ariyanto are an Indonesian couple who gave birth to a baby with one eye and no nose (cyclops baby). Indonesian Woman who delivered the baby with one eye and no Nose (Cyclops).

The journey of nine months is always a tough task for all women. Even, some do not end the journey well. The unlucky ones lost theirs halfway.

I mean pregnancy and childbearing. This is for all women; sweet torture. It is a process all women must go through for a new life to be replicated or reproduce. Some don’t find it funny during this 9 months journey. But the end is always joyous.

The end of every pregnancy brings joy if what comes out of it is desirable. Some frown if the gender of the child they wish to have did not come forth.

Read about a Man in Imo State, Ezekiel Anorue, who smashed the head of his newborn baby on the floor because the child is a girl.

That is not what the case is for this Indonesian mother. She world shocked the whole world by giving birth to a one-eyed baby.

Suriyanti, and her husband, Atana Ariyanto

According to the story, the mother, Suriyanti, and her husband, Atana Ariyanto who are from Java Island were expecting their fifth child. And when it was time, for the woman to give birth, she was admitted to the hospital.

At the Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Hospital of Mandailing Natal district in North Sumatra, the couple welcomed their fifth child who happened to be a girl. Suriyanti gave birth on Thursday afternoon through natural birth.

The Indonesian mother shocked doctors when she gave birth to a ‘cyclops’ baby with one eye (A cyclops baby). The baby weighed 5lbs, was born with only one eye in the middle of her forehead and a missing nose. For her other organs, the doctors said they were complete.

Suriyanti hadn’t undergone an ultrasound and was so shocked to see her daughter. Out of the shock, she, along with her husband, shut themselves away in the room. The baby was so scary to behold; they said.

Doctors fought for the baby to live. They had to put the baby under intensive care where a team of medical staff monitored her condition every 15 minutes. But she tragically passed away at 10.44 pm the same night.

Couple who gave birth to Baby with One Eye and No nose (Cyclops)


Doctor’s”Methylated Spirit and Chlorhexidine Gel for Newborn Umbilical Cord Care”

Reports on (Cyclops Baby)

Dr. Syarifuddin Nasution, head of the Mandailing Natal District Health Office said: “The baby girl was born in a condition of abnormalities.

“We had to put the oxygen hose from the mouth because there was no nose,”

The doctor said babies with these conditions are usually born by cesarean section.

Methylated Spirit Vs Chlorhexidine Gel for Newborn Umbilical Cord Care, Which is Better?


In general, such babies experience respiratory problems and heartburn because their heart rate is below 100 per minute.

Dr. Syarifuddin Nasution added: “This is a very rare case.

“If her condition had improved, we would have referred her to Medan but we were aware the baby had a very short life expectancy.”

Dr. Syarifuddin suspects the cause of the baby’s disabilities was mercury exposure and the Rubella virus.

The Doctor’s claim may actually be true. Suriyanti and her husband, Mr. Atana Ariyanto, live in the Kayu Jati village, Panyabungan City District where they work in one of the mines. She could have been exposed to these factors.

Suriyanti carried her baby to 9 nine months. They were warming up to welcome a new member to the family.

But it ended in shock. It was a one-eye cyclops baby. Sadly again, they lost her seven hours later.

Couple who gave birth to Baby with One Eye and No nose (Cyclops baby)
cyclops baby

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