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How It feels to be Pregnant with Pendulous Abdomen

How It feels to be Pregnant with Pendulous Abdomen

No special feeling of course. It just that being Pregnant with Pendulous Abdomen is a Sweet-Torture.

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Read the introduction again. I said, it is a beautiful trouble. It is like you don’t believe the figure of speech? I mean, you do not understand what I mean by sweet-torture. Oh, relax, I don’t mean to scare you. I want to share my experiences all these years about my pendulous abdomen and my pregnancies.

Women are wonderfully made with an elastic pot inside their belly in the name of the ‘womb’ to hold a growing fetus for nine months. Belly sizes during pregnancy come in different shapes for every woman. This does not happen out of choice. It is one of the wonderful works of mother nature.

As a young girl, you can never tell what you will look like in your motherhood days until you begin the journey of procreation.

The shape of pregnancy for every woman is not the same. Some have a rounded abdomen. Others are created in such a way that the protruding belly is hardly noticeable. Before one notices that they have conceived, they will give birth. Others too have large hips. So, instead of growing the belly, the hip will enlarge. No one will explain these mysteries better except the creator.

Another type of belly shape in pregnancy is the pendulous abdomen. This is where I belong. If I was given a chance to choose, I won’t go for my pendulous abdomen.

How It feels to be Pregnant with Pendulous Abdomen

Pendulous abdomen and pregnancy are about the belly shape, size, and the 9-months journey. If this belly size and shape are options, I will never, never tick it. I won’t; not again.

This belly shape and size are sweet tortures in pregnancy. The prominent feature of this type of abdomen during pregnancy is its largeness and pointing shape. It becomes worst as conception progresses. The stomach at some point loses firmness due to the poor or absence of stomach muscles.

The drama always begins from the first month of my first trimester. That is, one month after the day I missed my period, my belly is already noticeable. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that the moment I missed my period that everybody around me has already known.

Like; I missed my period. My neighbors, friends, and family are already aware and I didn’t tell them. But another woman somewhere with a rounded abdomen is into her six months pregnant yet people hardly notice.

Five months into the pregnancy, every bird in the street has known that I am pregnant. They are whistling it on the trees. My friends have begun to check on me to find out if I have delivered. Mehn! I said 5 months; my pregnancy was only five months old.


But it is not their fault. In the second trimester, my pendulous abdomen is already hitting the flour; making public announcements. This is also the period when people gave me a second name; “Mom twins”.

Who even told them that I would give birth to twins? Of course, it is the belly size. But I was only in my second trimester.

In the hospital, I was the last to give birth. All the pregnant women who attended antenatal with me would give birth before me. I was always the last man standing. Most of them even came for a postpartum visit with their six weeks old babies, they still met me dragging my trailer load around the hospital.

The last days in the 9 Months

The ninth month has always been the toughest weeks in pregnancy for those of us with a pendulous abdomen. At this stage, the abdomen has stretched and protruded beyond measure. When I lied down in the bed, the giant tummy laid separately. On many occasions, my husband would lend hands to lift my belly so I could get up from the bed.

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The size of my stomach in this stage is like that of a mother elephant. To say my belly looked scary is not an overstatement. A student doctor on duty had run away from the delivery room the year I went to deliver my second baby.

He was to perform a pelvic examination to ascertain the level of my dilation. The moment I undressed and asked him to hold my belly so I could lie on the bed, he excused himself and I never saw him until the baby arrived.

It was not his fault. A matron in the hospital once teased me and said that the sight of my belly is like a flash of lighting. It is that massive that I couldn’t put on my undies by myself. I could not scrub my legs by myself in the bathroom.

Night falls were a threat to me too because my ribs were already sore from lying down. I was also tired of sitting down. My buttocks were sore from sitting down.

The nights in these last days were the longest nights. The hands of the clock were slow to move in those nights. What a far night! They were nights of keeping watch for morning to come. I would have to sit on a couch for a few minutes, stood, and walked around; came back again to sit.

And finally, the bundles of joy arrived. I would put out calls to my friends and family who have given up checking on me. After breaking the news of my delivery to them. I would have one important question to answer. That question is very important and it has been part of my pendulous pregnant abdomen.

“How many babies did the hospital bring out from that big stomach of yours?” How It feels to be Pregnant with Pendulous Abdomen.


It is always a Singleton.

My limousine belly size always brought out one. After the trailer pushing journey, it was always one big tall babies.

The journey of nine months is not an easy task especially with the kind of my belly but there is always a joy at the end for those that are lucky to have theirs alive.