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Is He Playing It Cool or Just Not Interested? 10 Signs to Help You Decide

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Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool

Sometimes, in a relationship the girls will be worried about the disposition  of their partner. This fear is geared towards if he will call it quit soon. This is more pronounced if the guy is playing it cool and may be misunderstood as disinterest or seriousness in the relationship. Here are the 10 Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool. You may read: The Top 10 Coolest Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend.

When you really like someone and want them to feel the same way, but they don’t seem to be as interested as you are, it can be hard to tell whether they just haven’t asked you out yet or if they just aren’t interested. You try to guess their feelings by the way they treat you, but nothing seems to give a definite answer. It can be hard to tell if he’s playing it cool or if he’s just not interested.

When a guy doesn’t call you back, when he’s been talking to other girls, or when he responds to your text with silence, it can be hard to tell if you’re being played or if he’s just not interested.

Is He Playing It Cool or Just Not Interested? 10 Signs to Help You Decide

Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool

Here are 10 signs that he might just be playing it cool, so you can figure out what to do next.

1. He texts you regularly

He texts you regularly, but he’s not initiating any of the conversations. What gives? Is he hiding his feelings because he’s afraid of commitment? Or is he just not interested in dating you, and is playing it cool while trying to be polite and not hurt your feelings by telling you that there’s no spark between you two?

Watch for whether this guy is actively trying to hide his interest in you when other people are around. Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool

2. He calls you by your name

If he’s calling you by your name, it could be a sign that he’s really interested in you. If he also happens to compliment you at the same time, take it as a green light. This is one of the best signs that a guy is into you because it shows that he recognizes and appreciates who you are. Another indicator is if he starts talking about other things after telling you something personal about himself- his goal might just be to make sure that he doesn’t say anything too revealing or serious.

He’ll text back: If a guy has been texting back regularly, it may not necessarily mean that he’s into you- but it’s worth considering. Guys will often keep up appearances and reply even if they don’t want to see you again just so they don’t seem rude or uninterested.

Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool

3. He wants know more about you

When it comes to men, women are always left wondering if the guy they are interested in is really into them. But how can you tell if he’s playing it cool and just not interested, or if he genuinely wants to know more about you?

Here are some signs that point towards one answer over the other:

  • When talking with you, he’s always looking away, never making eye contact.
  • His body language is closed off and stiff when he’s around you no open arms, no relaxed gestures.
  • You’ve noticed him yawning a lot when talking with you–a classic sign of boredom.

4. He remembers the little things you tell him

If your guy remembers the little things you tell him, such as your favorite color and where you like to go for drinks, then chances are he’s interested. If he doesn’t ask about your day, but rather just listens when you tell him about it, that’s another sign that he might be playing it cool. After all, if he’s not into you then why would he want to hear about your day? When a guy is interested in someone they have a natural curiosity and want to learn more about them.

5. He goes out of his way to see you

He goes out of his way to see you, even if it’s inconvenient for him. For example, he might show up at your office unannounced because he knows that’s when you’re most likely in. If he’s playing it cool, then this would be the exception rather than the rule. On the other hand, if he does this regularly, then he’s interested and just trying not to seem too eager.

6. He introduces you to his friends

He introduced me to his friends and they were super friendly. I’m sure they’re all just being polite, but it’s nice that he’s introducing me to people. He did seem a little too interested in what they were saying though. 10 Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool.

They would say something and then he would look at me, like he was waiting for my response before continuing the conversation. I think it’s possible that he might be playing it cool, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool

7. He asks you for advice

He asks for advice about his career as if he’s looking for something specific to say. But when you ask him what he’s looking for, it seems like he doesn’t know the answer himself.

  • He only texts you late at night when everyone else is asleep and not during the day when people are awake.
  • He talks about topics other than your interests and even avoids talking about those topics altogether.
  • He doesn’t want you in his social media circles and never posts on your wall or tags you in photos.
  • He never asks you out on a date, but then again, neither do any of his friends.

8. He gives you compliments

Compliments are a simple way for him to show you that he cares about you. But not every compliment is genuine. Men have a tendency to play it cool and give insincere compliments so they don’t seem too eager or interested in the other person. When you’re getting mixed signals, one of the best ways to tell whether or not he’s actually into you is by paying attention to his actions.

Are there any signs that indicate how this guy might feel about me?

9. He touches you

If he’s interested, he might touch you more frequently. For example, he might put his hand on the small of your back and guide you through the room. This can feel like a subtle way of showing off his property. If that doesn’t happen and it seems as if he’s deliberately avoiding touching you, then it may be time to ask him how things are going.

Not only indoors, even when hanging out with friends he’ll always like to hold you by hands and would not like to be away from you for a long time. He’ll always like to establish connection with you, always talk to you and show signs of protection towards you.

10. His body language

Watching your crush’s body language is a great way to tell if he’s interested in you. Depending on his reactions, you’ll be able to figure out what he’s thinking. If he seems interested, the next step is to try and make eye contact with him. If he doesn’t look away from your gaze, that could mean that he’s interested in you. But if he does, it could mean that either he’s not interested or that it just didn’t feel right at the moment. Other ways of figuring out what a guy may be thinking include paying attention to how much time they spend around you and how often they talk with you.

If he’s playing it cool, that could mean he isn’t interested in pursuing anything more than friendship with you. Or, it could be that he really wants to pursue something but feels too nervous or shy to do it. Either way, the answer may be right in front of you if you know what to look for.


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Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool


If after observing that your partner is not showing you any of the above signs, it may be an indication that he’s not interested in you. Although the scenario might not be the same for everybody. Some people prefer casual relationships to romantic ones. This implies that you don’t have to force him to be in a relationship with him.

Finally, when deciding who would be your lover, remember that these are just signs, look out for value, make sure he’s a person of value. Value is worth more when looking out for who to build a good relationship with. Here are the 10 Signs He likes you but He is Playing it Cool.