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Man Smashed His Newborn Baby Girl’s head on the Floor

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Man Smashed His Newborn Baby Girl’s head on the Floor

This is wickedness. Man in Imo who Smashed His newborn baby on the Ground because of Gender. Man Smashed His Newborn Baby Girl’s head on the Floor. He Says Wife Lied and Deceived Him about the Baby gender.

Mr. Ezekiel Anorue is cooling his feet at the Imo State Command Police Station for smashing the head of his newborn baby on the floor. The 49-year-old desperate man hanked the baby to death because of gender issues.

CHINUA MKPARU (Photo used for illustrative purposes).


The report had it that his wife has been given birth to female children and this newborn happened to be a girl too. She was the fifth girl the wife had for him.

The victim pleaded and said Satan was responsible for his action. He also accused his wife of deceiving him and lying to him all through the pregnancy about the gender of the baby.

Man Smashed His Newborn Baby Girl’s head on the Floor

The Incident

Ezekiel, the  49-year old husband smashed his newborn baby on the floor in anger ultimately leading to the baby’s death.

This ugly incident was reported by P.M. Express news. In the report, it reads;

“The man simply identified as Ezekiel Anorue is said to have been angered by the gender of the baby after realizing his wife had given birth to yet another girl for the fifth time. Out of rage, he smashed the newborn on the floor and the child died instantly”.

The neighbor was alerted at the disturbing cries of the mother of the dead child. The case was later reported to the Police.

Mr. Ezekiel was arrested by men of the Imo State Police Command and was reportedly going to be charged to court for homicide. If tried and convicted, he could be looking at a life imprisonment sentence.

Ezekiel’s wife’s Side of the Story

His wife narrated in tears her own side of the story. She admitted telling the husband lies about the gender of the baby all through her pregnancy.

According to the wife of the suspect, she explained how she had to lie to her husband that she is carrying a male child. She did it to save her life.

She said she had to lie as a result of the numerous threats she received from her husband after the 3rd and 4th delivery of female children. She said;

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“I had to lie to him so I should have peace of mind”. Recalling the unfortunate incident, she stated that she raised alarm when the baby stopped breathing immediately after the father hit her on the floor.

Man Smashed His Newborn Baby Girl’s head on the Floor

The Victim’s Claims

The suspect, Anorue, has also since confessed to the crime. He said he doesn’t understand what came over him.

He continued to blame his wife for being the cause of his unguarded action. He claimed to have given his wife cash to do scan tests in two different laboratories to ascertain the gender of the unborn child.

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“I really don’t know what came over me; I was so angry that I threw the baby on the floor. What my wife told me was different from the result of the scan she claimed revealed we would have a baby boy.

I had to give her money to do the test at two different laboratories but she always came home with a result showing we would have a boy. I had already renovated our house, bought a lot of things but when I got home it was a baby girl”.

“We already had four girls and I was so happy when she told me we will have a male child but it turned to be female.” The Suspect claimed.

On both occasions, he said she led him on, lying to him that they would be having a male child. He was expecting to carry a male child this time, not a female again.

He also claimed to have even renovated the house only to be disappointed again.

Meanwhile, speaking on the strength of the report, the Imo State Public Relations Officer stated the suspect will be charged to Court as quickly as investigations are concluded.

The Summary

But, are we supposed to hear this kind of story in this our time? Is possible that at this time there are still people who are placing more importance on a particular gender than the other.

Ezekiel and his kind are not supposed to live. Having taken the life of an innocent, there is no conscient remaining in him.

This sad story occurred last year. We hope the law served him the appropriate punishment. What do you think about this issue?

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