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This is Why Families Should Sleep with Onions Underfoot

Why You Need to Sleep with Onions under Foot

Welcome to our health section. In this post, we are going to discuss the numerous health benefits of sleeping with Onions underfoot in the flu season. That is, why You Need to Sleep with Onions under Foot

Many people think that the usefulness of onions is limited to kitchen delicacies and barbecued mixture. Information is circulating and spreading, that onion is able to absorb TOXINS from the body if we put it on our feet using a sock during the night.

sliced onions placed underfoot and rolled up.
Placing Onions underfoot

When in a house someone has flu, an onion is cut into two pieces and placed in the patient’s room. This is done when the person is suffering from cough and flu.

Scientifically, it has been proved that onion has the ability to absorb TOXINS that circulate in the environment.


Some people have read and done several types of research on food as medicine and alternative to medicine. I have read a handful of those research findings, especially where it concerns Home remedies.

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In one of those articles, I read about the benefits of sleeping with onions underfoot. I was fascinated, discovering that common onions can solve the health problem that always takes us out in the night, in search of a doctor.

These potential health benefits of sleeping with onions underfoot are what I term ‘miracle healing’.  If not miracle healing, how on earth can ordinary onions perform all the healing wonders listed on the internet?

Why You Need to Sleep with Onions under Foot

My Family Sleep with Onions underfoot

I have written several articles on my findings on the miraculous healing nature of onions. But the fact still remained that I was yet to experiment with any of these findings. Until last night, my family slept with onions underfoot.

Last night, my three kids were down with terrible flu. I mean that kind of flu that worsens in the middle of the night.

So, it worsened as predicted in the middle of the night. I became somehow confused. I shuttled from one end of the bed to the other, attending to them.

To be frank, I was confused that night, not as a result of the cough. I was used to it. The stubborn and persistent allergic cough which normally surfaces in the middle of the night came calling again.

My first aid box is always kept filled, battle-ready for the unannounced unfriendly visitor. But that night, it came with hardiness.

It resisted every medication at my reach that night. Driving to the hospital at that time was the last thing in my head, knowing the road was lonely and quiet due to lockdown.

Immediately, a thought came to my head and I rushed into the kitchen. I had just remembered the health benefits of sleeping with onions underfoot. These health benefits included knocking off stubborn flu.

Actually, I have written about the benefits of sleeping with onions underfoot when flu strikes. But I had never given it a trial, until that night.

I wrote the topic based on what I read and heard. But I am writing this now based on what I had experienced.

How I Used the Onions on my Family

It is very easy to use. I brought out a fresh clove of onions and sliced it into chunky sizes. I rolled down the socks and placed the slices each under their feet.

I placed the slices on the both feet and rolled up the socks. But I prefer to wear my kids hoss whenever they have cold. The hoss warms them and tends to retain the onions acids better.

Why You Need to Sleep with Onions under Foot

Another thing I did that night was making sure that the children I covered properly. This is to allow the phosphoric acid in onions to be trapped inside the cloth so as to be able to work. That was it!

Surprisingly, the persistent cough began to cease. It came once in a while. After few minutes, it ceased.

The next time I went to check them, they were all fallen asleep. Sleep was what they needed but the stubborn and the persistent cough didn’t allow them.

My children were able to fall asleep because the flu was knocked off. The onions under their feet worked the miracle.

I have also made it a family routine to go to bed with onions under our feet. I have learned too to put the sliced pieces under the pillows, the bedroom floor, and windows.

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Why You Need to Sleep with Onions under Foot


To start with; why the feet? It has been medically proved that there is an enormous amount of nerve-endings in the sole of the feet that are connected with vital organs. These connection points are called “meridians.”

  • Onions are natural antibiotics.

By placing them on the sole of the feet, you are saying goodbye to infection.

  • Improving the elimination of toxins:

The phosphoric acid in onions works as a magnet for toxic substances; helping your body to eliminate them more easily. By doing this treatment regularly, you will improve your health in the long term.

  • It keeps our body hydrated.

This is because onions are composed of 90% water, which keeps our body hydrated.

  • Strengthens our immune system:

Because onions are rich source of vitamins E and C, it boosts the immuine syystem. These vitamins are essentials for maintaining our body defenses. In addition, these vitamins are excellent anti-oxidants, which means that they slow the cellular aging process.

So, you are getting an anti-aging treatment with no pain and without spending fortunes.

The Summary of Why Families Sleep with Onions Underfoot

Onions are for cooking. It is also for medicine. I will state here again that the best way to check the benefits of onion on our foot overnight is by giving it a trial.