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Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions (500 Full Questions)

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Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions

I posted questions and answers on Anglicanism but few selected questions and answers. I didn’t want to include all the questions here because we have built an app with it. So, we wanted our readers to download the app and use it from their phones. Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions.

However, we have changed our minds. We have received so many requests from the readers to upload the complete questions and answers on Anglicanism on our website. So, at your request, here are they:


Quiz on Anglican 2 - Complete Questions

Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions


  1. What is required of a person to be baptized?

ANSWER: Repentance from sin and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

  1. For one to take Holy Communion, the person must be?

  ANSWER:  Baptized & Confirmed.

  1. Who acts as God’s agent in Baptism?

  ANSWER: The Priest or Deacon (at times, in case of infant’s baptism) or Bishop. 6

69.  Who acts as God’s agent in Confirmation?

ANSWER:  The Bishop.

  1. How many types or modes of Baptism do we have?

ANSWER:  (3), Sprinkling, immersion and Affusion.

  1. What is the position of Godfathers and Godmothers in the Baptism of an Infant?

ANSWER:  Sponsors.

  1. Whose duty is it to baptize?

ANSWER:  Bishop and Priest.

  1. A place of Baptize is called?

ANSWER:  Baptismal Font.

  1. Those who make vows on behalf of candidates at baptism are called?

ANSWER:   God Parents.

  1. What is the position of Godfathers and Godmothers in the Baptism of an Adult?

ANSWER:  Witnesses.

  1. In the Anglican Church, why do we do infant baptism as against the practice of some other churches?

ANSWER:  Because by their sponsors, they make promises and so they can share in the citizenship, in the covenant, and membership in Christ. Christ himself strongly condemned those who tried to prevent them from being brought to Him (Mk. 10:13-16).

  1. In whose name is one baptized?

ANSWER:   In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions


  1. What is the meaning of P.C.C and its position in the church?

ANSWER:  Parish Church Council or Parochial Church Council. It is the highest authority of a local church or Parish.

  1. Give the full meaning of BB and GB?

ANSWER:  Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade.

  1. A.C.M means?

ANSWER: Anglican Children’s Ministry. 7

81.  CNMS stands for?

ANSWER:  Church of Nigeria Missionary Society or Christian Council of Nigeria.

  1. Give the full meaning of C.C.N?

ANSWER:  Christian Church of Nigeria or Christian Council of Nigeria.

  1. DIVCON means -?

ANSWER: Divine Common Wealth Conference.

  1. What is the meaning of IYY?

ANSWER: International Year of Youth.

  1. What is the meaning of YYCC?

ANSWER:  Year for the Young for Christian Crusade.

  1. What is the meaning of GAFCON?

ANSWER:  Global Anglican Future Conference.

  1. Write in full A.Y.F?

ANSWER: Anglican Youth Fellowship.

  1. What is the full meaning of ACC?

ANSWER:  Anglican Consultative Council.

  1. The full meaning of BCP is?

ANSWER:  Book of Common Prayer.

  1. Give the full meaning of I.H.S.?

ANSWER:   I.H.S refers to the first three (3) letters of the Greek word for Jesus (IHSUS), it also applies to the slogan “In His Service” i.e. I.H.S – initial of In His Service.

  1. Give the full meaning of EFAC

ANSWER:  Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion.

  1. Give the full meaning of ABA?

ANSWER:  Anglican’s Boys Association.

  1. Give the full meaning of YAC?

ANSWER:  Young Anglican Crusaders.

  1. Give the full meaning of ACPM?

ANSWER:   Anglican Communion Primates’ Meeting. 8

95.  The equivalent of the PCC in the Cathedral under the Chairmanship of the Provost of Archdeacon or Canon is known as?

ANSWER:  Standing Committee.

  1. What is the function of the Archdeaconry Board?

ANSWER: This is the highest authority of an Archdeaconry.

Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions


  1. What is the name given to the main entrance to the church?

ANSWER: Western Door.

  1. What is the official name of the person that carries the cross in front of the choir in a procession?

ANSWER:  Cross Bearer.

  1. A Crib is?

ANSWER:  An image representing Christ in the Manger.

  1. The Rail that separates the Chancel & the Nave is known as?

ANSWER:  Altar Rail.

  1. A fixed bench in the church where the congratulation sits for services is called?

ANSWER:  Pews.

  1. The preacher in Anglican Church stands at where to preach?

ANSWER: The Pulpit.

  1. A room in the Church building where the Officiating Ministers dress for service is called?

ANSWER:  Vestry.

  1. The curtain in the altar is called?

ANSWER:  Altar Curtain.

  1. The White band worn around the neck by the clergy is called?

ANSWER:  Collar.

  1. A place where choristers stay in the church is called?

ANSWER:  Choir stall.

  1. Mattins service is conducted from?

ANSWER:  The Reading Desk. 9

  1. The light put on the seat of the Choir is called?

ANSWER:  Pew Lamp.

  1. The use of the — is to invite people to the service?

ANSWER:  Belfry.

  1. The most sacred part of the church is?

ANSWER:  Altar.

  1. Priests reside at —?

ANSWER:   Parsonage or Vicarage.

  1. A place of residence for Bishops is called?

ANSWER:   Bishop’s Court.

  1. What is the name of the cross being carried in front of the Choir?

ANSWER:   Choir Processional Cross.

  1. What is a Lectern?

ANSWER:  A big stand object used for reading lessons.

  1. The table in the Chancel is called?

Altar Table. ANSWER:

  1. What is the religious meaning of light or candles at the altar?

ANSWER:   Divine Presence/Spiritual Enlightenment.

  1. The Bishop’s staff is a symbol of?

ANSWER:     Authority.

  1. The Vicar’s seat from where he conducts services is called?

ANSWER:   Vicar’s Stall.

  1. The middle passage that runs from the altar to the Western door is called?

ANSWER:   Central Isle.

  1. The Center of the main path of a church is called?

ANSWER:   Nave.

  1. What is a Chapel?

ANSWER:  A Chapel is a small building or a position of a large church or public institution set apart with an altar of its own where worship can be held. 

Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions


  1. What is the highest meeting attended by all Bishops of the Anglican Church in the world?

ANSWER:  Lambeth Conference.

What is the name of the current Primate of the All Nigerian Anglican Communion?

ANSWER: His Grace, the Most Rev’d Henry Ndukuba

123.  Who was the first Bishop that brought the idea of the Lambeth Conference?

ANSWER:   Rt. Rev. Henry Hopkins of Vermont in 1851; (Through a letter, he wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury)

  1. Who was the first Archbishop that convened the Lambeth Conference held?

ANSWER: The Most Reverend Charles Longley.

  1. When was the first meeting of the Lambeth Conference held?

ANSWER: 24th SEPT.  1867

126.  How many Bishops attended the first Lambeth Conference in 1867?

ANSWER: 76 Bishops (But some data said 144).

What was the name of the Archbishop who presided over first Lambeth Conference?

ANSWER: The Archbishop of Canterbury Charles Thomas Longley


127.  What is the interval of Lambeth Conference?

ANSWER:   10 Years.

  1. Who established the Anglican Communion Primates’ meeting?

ANSWER:  The Most Rev. Donald Coggan, (Archbishop of Canterbury).

  1. When was the Anglican Primates” meeting established?

ANSWER:   In 1978.

  1. When was the first meeting of the Anglican Communion Primates meeting held?

  ANSWER:  In 1978.

  1. When was the Anglican Consultative Council created?

  ANSWER:  In 1968 at Lambeth Conference.

  1. Which categories of people are involved in the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council?

  ANSWER:  The Bishops, Clergy & Laity.

133.  What is the highest Christian Council of the Anglican Church, which is attended by the Bishop as head, Clergy & Laity?

    ANSWER:    Synod.

  1. Who is the Dean of the Church of Nigeria?

ANSWER:  The Most Rev. Ephraim Adebola Ademowo.

  1. What is the name of the first Archbishop of the province of Nigeria Anglican Communion?

ANSWER: The Most Rev. Timothy Omotayo Olufosoya.

136.  Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?

ANSWER:  St. Augustine (605 A.D). 11


  1. Which arm of the Church of England brought the gospel to Nigeria?

ANSWER: Church Missionary Society (CMS).

  1. In which state of Nigeria did the CMS first land and who led them?

ANSWER:  Lagos 1842, By Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

  1. The strongest opposition encountered by Samuel Ajayi Crowther & members of CMS in 1857 -1871 was?

ANSWER:  King Jaja of Opobo.

  1. Who was the first African to become an Anglican Bishop?

ANSWER:  Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

  1. When was Samuel Ajayi Crowther was consecrated a Bishop?

ANSWER: In 1864

142.  When was Igbo Bible (Bible Nso) translated and by whom?

ANSWER: 1913 by Ven. Thomas J. Dennis.

  1. Who translated the Bible into the Yorubas’ Language?

ANSWER:  Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

  1. When was the province of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion inaugurated?

ANSWER:  24th February 1979.

  1. Mention organizations in the Anglican Communion that joins all the women together with the Bishop’s wife as president in the Diocese?

ANSWER:   Mothers’ Union and Women’s Guild and Girls Guild /Ladies Organization.

  1. Mention the components of a Diocese?

ANSWER:  Archdeaconries, Districts, or Parishes.

  1. What are the three order of ministry in the Bible?

ANSWER:  Bishop, Priest & Deacon.

  1. When was the Second Archbishop of Nigeria presented and installed?

ANSWER:   7th June 1988 at Christ Cathedral Lagos.

  1. What was the name of the 2nd Archbishop of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria?

ANSWER:  The Most Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye.

  1. Who is the immediate past Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion?

ANSWER: The Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh. 12

  1. The Administrative Headquarters of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion?

ANSWER:  Abuja.


  1. Who was the first Archbishop of West Africa?

ANSWER: The Most Rev. Dr. C.J Patterson.


  1. Who was the first Christian Martyr in Britain?

ANSWER:  Saint Alban in 4th Century.

Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions


  1. Money collected during Holy Communion is called?

ANSWER:   Offertory.

  1. What are the elements in the Communion?

ANSWER:  Bread & Wine.

  1. Sacrament of Holy Communion administered by dipping the bread into the wine is called?

Intiction. ANSWER:

157.  A place in the Church where The Bishops, The Priests, and The Deacon sit is called?

Chancel. ANSWER:

158.  A place where Holy Table is positioned is called?

ANSWER:  Sanctuary or Chancel.

  1. Who is not qualified to celebrate Holy Communion among the people of the Holy Orders?

  ANSWER:   Deacon.

  1. The highest service in the Church of God is?

  ANSWER: Holy Communion Service.

  1. Some services where the Priest wears the stole are ——-?

ANSWER: Holy Communion, Baptism, Funeral, & Marriage Service.

  1. Eucharist service means?

ANSWER:   Holy Communion Service.


  1.   A Chasuble is worn during?

ANSWER:  Holy Communion Service.

  1. Where can we find the Nicene Creed in our prayer book?

ANSWER:   In the Order of Service of Holy Communion. 13


  1. Holy Communion Plate and Cup are called?

ANSWER:  Plate – Paten, Cup – Chalice.

  1. The Priest who celebrates the Holy Communion is called?

ANSWER:  The Celebrant or President.

  1. At what side of the Chancel is the epistle read during Holy Communion?

ANSWER: At the left-hand side of the Chancel (Note: A Lay Man or Woman unordained person, reads from the Lectern).

  1. Wine specially made for Holy Communion is called?

ANSWER:  Sanctuary Wine.

  1. What does bread represent in the service of Holy Communion?

ANSWER:  The Body of Christ.

  1. What does wine represent during the Holy Communion?

ANSWER:   The Blood of Christ.

  1. One who receives The Holy Communion is called?

ANSWER:   Communicant

  1. A small Altar Table containing Holy Communion elements is called?

ANSWER:   Credence Table.

  1. Holy Communion container or jug into which Eucharist Wine is mixed is called?

ANSWER:   Flagon.

  1. What is the name of the Linen used in cleaning the Chalice at Holy Communion?

ANSWER:    Purificator.

  1. Holy Communion Bread is called?

ANSWER:  Wafer.

  1. The symbol of mixing water with Eucharistic wine during Holy Communion Service is?

ANSWER:   It was both the water and the blood that gushed out of Jesus Christ’s side when He was pierced with a sword on the cross.

  1. Name the equipment used in Holy Communion?

ANSWER:  Chalice, Paten, Flagon, Pall, Corporal, Bourse, Ciborium and Veal.

  1. What is the prayer of Humble Access?

ANSWER:  The prayer said humbly on our knees before we go to the Lord’s Table during Communion. 14


  1. How many parts are there in the sacrament?

ANSWER:  Two (2), the outward visible sign and the inward spiritual grace.

  1. What is the outward sign of the last supper?

ANSWER:  Bread & Wine.

  1. What is the outward visible sign in Baptism?

ANSWER:  Water.

  1. What is the benefit of partaking in the Lord’s Supper?

ANSWER:  Strengthening and refreshing of our souls and healing of our body.

  1. The washing of hand and Communion Vessels during the Communion Service is called?

ANSWER: Ablution.

184.  Why was the service of the Lord’s Supper instituted?

ANSWER:  For the continual remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ.

Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions



  1. Mention the administrative officers in the Anglican Communion?

ANSWER:  Priest, Honorary Canon, Statutory Canon, Rural Dean or Superintendent, Archdeacon, Provost or Dean (Cathedral), Bishop Archbishop, Primate/Metropolitan.

  1. Who is a Laity?

ANSWER:  Members of the Church Congregation.

  1. The official name for the Church Treasurers in the Anglican Church?

ANSWER:   Wardens Note: The People’s Warden, Pastor’s Warden or Vicar’s Warden are joint Wardens Treasurers.

  1. Who is a Lay-reader according to the Anglican Church?

ANSWER:  One who is not ordained but by authority is allowed to conduct services or assist Priests in reading scriptures during divine service.

  1. Who is a Verger?

ANSWER:  The Verger is appointed by the by the Vicar to carry the staff of office in front of a Priest and to assist him personally.

(Note: The three (3) Ordained Ministers of the Holy Orders in the Anglican Church are Deacon. Priest and Bishop).

  1. In the Anglican Church, we do ordain Priests, what do we do to a Deacon?

ANSWER:  We ordain a Deacon too.

  1. We ordain Priests, what do we do to a Canon?

  ANSWER:   We install a Canon.

  1. Bishops are consecrated, while Archbishops are _____?

ANSWER:  Presented.

  1. Name the services a Deacon is not permitted to conduct?

ANSWER:  Adult baptism, Holy Communion & Marriage.

  1. What are the lowest and highest grade in the church hierarchy in the Anglican Church among the Holy Orders / Ordained Ministry?

ANSWER:  Deacon and Archbishop/Primate.

  1. Into how many houses is a Synod divided?

ANSWER:  Three (3) – Bishop, Clergy & Laity.

  1. The service in which the Bishop lays hand on people to become full-fledge members of the church and for the Holy Spirit impartation is called? –

ANSWER:  Confirmation.

  1. Name three services that only the Bishop has the right to conduct?

ANSWER:  Confirmation, Ordination, Installation.

  1. Who conducts Consecration?

ANSWER:  The Primate.

  1. Name two offices of a paid layperson sent to churches as a full-time worker?

ANSWER:  Catechist & Church Agents (Evangelist)

  1. Who is a Curate or Assisting Priest?

ANSWER:  An ordained Priest or Deacon who assists a Parish Vicar.

  1. State the ladder of church Hierarchy in the Anglican Church?

ANSWER:  Church Agents, Trained Catechists, Deacons, Priests, Canons, Chairman (Superintendent). Archdeacons, Provosts/Dean, Assistant Bishops (Suffragan), Bishops or Diocesan, Archbishops and Primate.


  1. The title used for a Provost is called?

ANSWER:   Very Reverend.


  1. What is the name of the Church, which is the headquarter in a Diocese?

ANSWER:   Cathedral.

  1. The Church workers use Catechism in preparing the ____ and ____ catechumen

ANSWER:   Baptismal Candidates and Confirmation Candidates.

  1. The cross dangling on the chest of a Bishop is called?

ANSWER:  Pectoral Cross.


  1. The Bishop wears his Episcopal ring on the ____?

ANSWER:  Fourth finger of his right hand.

  1. A Bishop is to a Diocese as an Archdeacon is to the?

ANSWER:  Archdeaconry.


Quiz on Anglican 2 – Complete Questions




  1. Who is the Administrative head of a Province?


An Archbishop.

  1. Who is the Administrative head of a Diocese?


The Bishop.

  1. Who is the Administrative head of an Archdeaconry?


An Archdeacon.

  1. Who is the Administrative head of a District?


The Chairman or Superintendent.

  1. Who is the Administrative head of a Parish?


A Vicar/Parish Priest.

  1. What do you understand by the word “Episcopal Synod?


Meeting of Bishops.

  1. Who are the ministers of the Church?
ANS:   The Lay Readers, Catechists, Deacons, Priests & Bishops.
  1. What is the Ministry of the Laity?
ANS:    The ministry of the Laity is to represent Christ and His church, to bear witness to Him where ever they may be.