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Why Do Women’s Boobs Sag Early? 6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women

6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women

Recently, there were massive hues on social media about a young lady who claims she is 21 years and yet with massive saggy breasts. There was so much tongue-wagging, saying her boobs don’t look her age. 6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women.

I was listening to the speech of the 21-year-old lady while putting out defenses on the status of her boobs. The only thing she said that is hundred percent correct is that all breasts must sag with time.

Not actually with time, all breasts must sag with time when it encounters what make others sagged. And that is what I want to treat in this post. I have actually included two major keywords which are: Causes of early breast sagging in women and causes of breast sagging in women. I shall treat both together.

Quote me here: 22-year-old breasts can look like 50-year-old breasts because both may have swum the same sagging pool. I mean, both women have experienced similar factors that put their breasts in such states.


Factors responsible for Breasts Sagging in Women

6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women

Major causes of early breast sagging in women are age, breast type, pregnancy, childbearing, breastfeeding, and abortion. 6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women. Read the full details.

  • Age

Whether women like it or not, when old age comes, standing breasts must sag. Age is one factor that affects the status of a woman’s breast.

So, whether a woman remains a virgin all the days of her life, it doesn’t matter. With time, the hormone and the tiny veins that help in firming the breast will start to weaken, and once used to be pointed orange will begin to portrait to the ground. Lol.

It has been taught that at the age of 40, a woman’s breasts will begin to change their form even without pregnancy or procreation. So, when nature (age) calls, sagging follows. And don’t be deceived about those standing oranges you see on the chests of our Old Mama celebs both here and internationals. Most of them have gone for Plastic surgery on their breast to avoid it from falling or sagging.

  • Childbearing

This is another factor responsible for the sagging of women’s breasts. After I had my first and second child, my body never remained the same.

So, when you see a 21- year-old girl with over-sagged breasts like that of 50 years old mother, think of this. She could be a mother with many children.

If you want to prove what I have just stated here, go to some of these states in Nigeria where girls get married early. At the age of 20, she is already with 3 kids.

Just bring out one of the girls in those remote areas and make her put on the type of gown Angel was wearing without a chain cover, there will be another uproar on social media.

Therefore, as I said, breast sagging does not respect age. It comes when something triggers it and childbearing is one.

  • Pregnancy

There is no difference between childbearing and pregnancy. But I had to add it to draw a line about a misconception.

All pregnancy is pregnancy, whether it is carried to full term or not. If a woman gives birth and gives out the child to someone without breastfeeding the baby, it doesn’t matter.

Even if the child died after or during delivery, it doesn’t matter. It has been recorded as pregnancy. Let me shock you. Even if you abort the baby, it is still counted as pregnancy.

So, don’t be surprised when your breast starts sagging after a sort of cutting corner pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the major factors that cause breasts to sag in women, not minding how the pregnancy ended.

6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women

  • Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one sacrifice every healthy mother must do for her newborn baby. It is very advisable. However, it is the lead cause of breasts sagging and sapping.

I am a proud mother of 4. I had them before I clocked 35 years. But before then, the sagging and the sapping have happened. Lol. I am not ashamed of myself. I have fed generations with them.

I am saying all of these to encourage young mothers who are afraid to breastfeed their children because if they do, their breasts would sag. Please, stop! Breastfeed your children. It will still sag resulting from the pregnancies.

  • Abortion

Abortion is one factor that sags young women’s breasts in a subtle way. You can argue with your landlord. But I am going to prove my point here.

When you get married and become pregnant and you go for Antenatal. While opening an Antenanta folder for you in the hospital, one of the things the doctor will ask you is; have you had an abortion before? But I know you, you will never agree. You will say never.

For the sincere ones who love their lives, they will own up and said yes. And the Doctor will ask again, How many times? She will reply; 4 times.

The hospital will write down four children for her. Yes! I said, 4 children. Each abortion is counted as a pregnancy.

Having an abortion may help you retain the status of ‘chara chara’ tear-rubber but it has also made you become a mother of a dead child ‘of a murdered child’.

If an 18-year-old girl had two abortions in a year, it will affect the status of her breast. The pregnancy hormone tends to loosen the firm veins around the skin of her breasts and it begins to sap and sag.

6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women

  • Breast Type

Purposely, I decided to talk about this very factor last. This is just the truth. We should also consider it when we judge the status of breasts of women and their age.

Breast type affects how quickly or early it sags. There are two types of breasts, Orange (Rounded) and banana.

Orange Breast:

This is a type of breast, just like an orange, sitting roundly on the chest. Whether it is a large, medium, or small size, it sits and points out.

This type of breast does not sag earlier. In fact, the small size orange breast does not sag, even with age (great advantage). I am not telling you what I haven’t seen.

I have seen one or two aged women (grandmothers) with this kind of breasts. I mean, it was still standing firm except for the wrinkled skin around it. I was tempted to ask one why her breasts were like that and she replied; “e nwerem ara okwu oba”.

I may not explain what she means by okwu oba here. Okwu oba is a cover with a rounded shape. Now, you see she was saying the same thing about orange. But hers was like the sliced half of an orange (okwuchi oroma).

Banana Breast:

Unfortunately, this type of breast starts falling even before it starts coming out. Mothers who have this type of breasts in their genes are advised to buy their daughters good brassieres earlier to help hold them for it to point in the right direction.

This could be a reason why a 21-year-old girl’s breasts may look sagged. Yes. I know it could be.

Back then in Lagos, our neighbor’s housemaid was 16 years. One day, my Madam called her at the back of our kitchen when she came down to fetch water from the public Well.

She was concerned about her breasts. At that stage, they were sagging, even though they were just coming out. She had the banana type and her Madam didn’t buy her Brassier to hold them up.

Instead, she was always carrying a baby at her back and tying the child with a wrapper which she tied on the same falling chest.

Just think about the fate of that girl at 20.

(Summary) 6 Causes of Early Breasts Sagging in Women

God who created women knew that her breasts would sag one day. So, He also gave man the wisdom to create breast chains (brassieres). The women should wear it and look good.

In the post, we listed 6 causes of breast sagging in women and also causes of early breast sagging in young women. We also want to state here that there may be other factors.

If you know any, we will like to hear from you. Drop your comment on the comment section and remember to share the post.