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Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement

Welcome to my blog. Here, only facts and accurate reports matter to us. So, in this post, we want to discuss the trending topic, Butt enlargement. Use Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.

We found another natural way to make butt grow bigger with no side effects. It is called the use of Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement. You may read: Maggi/Knorr cube spices for butt enlargement. You may read the story here: using Maggi/Knorr for Butt Enlargement.

Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.

Did I say Okra? Yes. I said Okra. I mean, Okra of Okra soup. It is now the trend. Babes are using it to make their ikebe shoot out. Ask me how? Please, relax and read thoroughly, the details are coming.

But first, I want to draw attention on the previous posts we made on butt enlargement. The girls were using spices cubes like maggi star and knor cubes to make butt grow. This method actually works but it has great side effects. Read it here.

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Maggi and Knor Cubes for Butt Enlargement

Maggi, Royco, and Knorr cubes are popular cooking seasoning products. People put it in their anus to expand their butts. This is the cause of the Knorr (Maggi) Cube Seasoning social media trend.

Why is Knorr (Maggi) Seasoning the topic of so much discussion on social media? People claim that women utilize the Knorr cube for butt enlargement, which is why it’s popular. Because of this, Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is popular.

Why are Knorr, Star Maggi, Royco spices, and other brands currently trending on social media this week? Because some individuals claim it is being used for butt enlargement and others claim it may be utilized in another room, it is popular. The popularity of cooking cubes on social media is due to this.

Before I tell you what I heard about Knorr cube, let me show you what people are saying about Knorr cube spices on social media. A Facebook user posted it this morning and there were so many reactions to the yet-to-be-verified cynical talk.

Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement. 


Are you seeing what am seeing? I mean, are you reading what I have just read? It actually sounds bizarre.

However, the rumor is true. I made a further investigation. I trailed a social media user who made the first post and chatted with her about it. She confirmed that Knorr cubes seasonings are now used for butt enlargement (Tueeh!). Sorry, I just spat.

To authenticate this claim, I will also share the screenshot of the conversation I had with another person on the same issue. My concern was knowing the exact spot and the destination the Knorr cube is going in their body. And the second person revealed it to me.

See the screenshot of the conversation:

Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.

Use Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement

We are still discussing on the use of Okra and Olive oil for bigger butt or But enlargement. Here is another natural method of growing butt without side effects. It is just another  simple way to make a booty or enlarged butt with just a magic onions oil, Vaseline, and extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil or Avocado oil. How to make Bigger Butt with Magic Onions – Onion oil for butt enlargement. Read it here.
Back to the main gist, how you make or grow your backside with Okra and Olive oil? Look eh, this is not from me. It is all over internet. Just go through the screenshots and see what others are saying about it. Then, read to the end to see how to apply the method. Use Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.

Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.

Currently, social media is very active. So, folks, I recently read and even seen the phrase “abeg follow me watch maybe am incorrect”. Okra with olive oil for a bigger butt
As you can see from the attached image, as of 12/10/22. I mean, it is just this month. 2.9M people have viewed the caption “How to use okra for bigger bottom.” What an intriguing statement!
Also on YouTube, a lot of youtubers promote the idea that putting Vaseline or mixing okra with olive oil to the buttocks will make them bigger, rounder, and fatter. See for yourself, please. Use Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.
The YouTuber claimed that using a mixture of olive oil and okra to the buttocks and breasts every day for three months would result in enormous, plump, round, and smooth posterior and breasts.

Okra with olive oil for a bigger butt How Real or Possible?

But how accurate is that? Can you make your bum bigger with okra and olive oil? I wouldn’t say yes or no because I have not applied it. I will not condemn it because I am yet to see anyone who does.
Enlargement of butt with Okra and olive claims are still yet unverified. One thing this stuff is that girls practice them in secret and none will be bold enough to say they have experimented it.
The internet and social media platforms are currently filled with information about body enhancement and buttocks enlargement… It was imperative to act as quickly as possible.
Even though the olive oil and okra for buttocks development combo has no drawbacks, it is ineffective at enlarging or enhancing the bottom. Some people claimed it has worked for them.

How to Use Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement

It is very easy to use according to the originator of the idea. You just have to use it for 3 months. Other claim 2 weeks are enough to start showing result. The last poster claimed that the mixture should also be applied on the breasts the same. It will make both to enlarge overnight.
  • Fresh Okra
  • Olive Oil

Step 1:

  • Cut the fresh okra into tiny bits
  • Grind then into pulp
  • Pour Olive oil and mix until they are well mixed
  • Pour into a container and cover with a lid
  • Massage your hip and breasts morning and night for at least one month.

I said one month because you have to give it enough time to find out whether it is really working or not. Some said it takes only two weeks to start working. Others said 3 months.

You should apply it for one month and continue if you see the desired result. How to Use Okra and Olive oil for Bigger Butt ~ But Enlargement.