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4 Signs To Know You Are Ovulating: Dictate Ovulation without Ovulation Kit

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4 Signs To Know You Are Ovulating.

What are the signs in your body that tell you you are ovulating? Here are 4 Signs To Know You Are Ovulating. Dictate Ovulation Without Ovulation Test Kit.


The ovulation period is the cycle period in a ‘fertile female when she releases eggs or an egg from her ovary. This is a period when she is most fertile.

That is to say that unprotective sex with a healthy and potent opposite sex at that time will result in fertilization.


Ovulation cycle calculator

Ovulation in a layman’s language means women’s fertility period. Many find it difficult to dictate when they are ovulating without the use of an ovulation test kit. We shall be discussing 4 signs that show when ovulation has occurred in a woman.

The first thing we learned about the ovulation calendar is starting to count from the first day of our menstrual period. This first knowledge of ovulation counting is very helpful. But this has not helped those with irregular menstrual cycles. Moreover, ovulation occurs and lasts for only 24 hours.

Counting from the day we see our period, we are taught that the 11th day to the 14th day from the normal cycle period is the ovulation period. Ovulation occurs only in one of these four days. How do we know the exact day of the ovulation without having to rely on the ovulation test kit? You may read “Natural Ways to Cure or Remedy Poor Ovulation or Anovulation”.

4 Signs To Know You Are Ovulating.

  • The Feeling of Heaviness or Pressure in the rectum

This is one of the ovulation signs. It comes with the feeling that you have a stick stuck in the region of your private part. You will feel this discomforting pressure when you visit the loo when you bend to pick up an object and when you put on a tight cloth on your waist or the belly.

Watch out for this sign in your body and know its pattern. Find out when they occur and check your ovulation period. This discomfort feeling down the private region comes with ovulation.

I have observed that the moment I have this feeling is the moment I have eggs released in my ovary. I have been making use of this and the result in my procreation is amazing.

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  • Increased sexual libido

Ovulation comes with feelings or urges for sex. I can’t explain the factor that is responsible for this. But health experts point to the release of a particular hormone. This hormone triggers the urge for sex in women.

The ovulation period comes with the feeling of horny. Watch out for that period when you are easily accessible or when you make move or have an urge for sex. It could be your most fertile period.

  • Your Wet Period

Women are wettest in their ovulation period. This is because ovulation comes with the secretion of oil like pap. This wetness comes with the feeling or urges for sexual intercourse.

Ovulation comes with the release of natural gel in women. The difference between this gel and every other gel in the women’s body is that it is self-made. It comes out naturally without any form of stimulation.

  • Slightly Elevated Body Temperature

Ovulation comes with a slight elevation in body temperature. The body will be mild hot, a little above the normal body temperature.

Watch your body temperature during the four days of ovulation. On the exact day of ovulation, that is, when your body has ovulated, your body temperature tends to slightly rise above the normal body temperature.

Summary on 4 Signs To Know You Are Ovulating.

Ovulation comes with different signs but these signs listed above are predominant among women. All it takes is to observe your body changes, monitor their patterns.

I started observing all of these even as a teenager, especially that of the number one ovulation sign. Knowing about these signs has helped me in my family planning. It has helped me to select the sex of my babies (God decides). Finally, knowing about these signs will make you be in charge and not relying on ovulation test kits.



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