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Avoid These 7 Bedroom Habits. They The Reasons Women Cheat

Oh yes! I have bounced back just as I promised. After writing on the 6 bedroom habits the women should avoid so their men won’t cheat, I was queried why I had to focus on the women alone. This post is for the men.

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In my previous article on bedroom habits the women should avoid, I listed 6 of them. I made mention of women tying wrappers up and down the house. I wrote about the women not packaging themselves properly on the bed. I made mention about not going to their male partners unclean and the rest of them.

Here, I decided to make the men’s bedroom habits to be 7. The lists are inexhaustible but these ones are very important as it relates to bedroom matter.

Like I will always say, sex should be prepared like meals and be presented like a banquet. In this game, what is good for the goose is also good for the female goose. There are things a woman will do her before her man while on the bed, the man’s Eden will fall completely and it may not rise until he is appeased.

The same is applicable where the women are. It is true that women do not have a visible standing antenna that can stand and fall. They have but it is invisible. Theirs come in gel and wetness form. There are things that dry this wetness and kill their urge for sex for you.

Take a look at the following bedroom habits the men should avoid:

  • Men, Stop Telling Your Woman To Kiss You When You Know You’re Yet To Brush Your Teeth

Must your woman kiss your heavy, thick, and smelling saliva early in the morning to show she loves you? I have seen people debating on this topic on Social media. The truth remains that women don’t like it.

Keep the mouth fresh before you engage her in a kiss. Some mouths in the morning smell as bad as carbide. It is wickedness to test her love for you with this kind of explosive odoriferous mouth. It pisses the women off. If they find the dude who keeps his mouth clean, they will stick with such man.

  • Stop Avoiding Her On Her menstrual days

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Some men let their women alone for all the days of their menstruation period. It is bad. Menses days are not abomination days. She should not be isolated waiting for the days the coast will be cleared again. Women love to be spoiled during their menstruation period. It is her off days.

Use these days to build for the great feast days ahead. Take her out and play with her. My friend told me that the only time her husband joins her or invites her in the bedroom is when he needs her.

Men, menstruation, or no menstruation, a woman needs to be pampered and warmed all the time.

  • Stop spitting after coming out of her

Some men have the habit of spitting after sex. This habit pisses women off. Spitting after coming out of her gives her a feeling of guilt.

What is nauseating to you? Swallow those spit for crying out loud. When you spit after sex, it speaks of many things. Is either you are insinuating she is a whore or that she is smelling.

  • Don’t Bring “She” Into Her Bed

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It is bad to always discuss a particular woman who is a rival to your woman, especially in the bed. Do not mention her name while you are on the same bed with her. We know that your boss or the secretary in your office is a die-hard tigress. Please, hold it there. Don’t talk about them. Not when she is on your shoulder. All you should focus on is she and no one else.

It is even worse to bring her physically to share the same bed with her. If you must cheat, have some respect for that woman. There is nothing that pisses a woman off than catching her man with a strange woman on her bed.

  • Men, Every time Should not be “do, do, do”. Sometimes, play sex with her

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I have always told couples that sex is not all about doing. It can be done in three ways. It can be spoken, it can be promised and it can be played.

Yes, couples can actually play sex and be satisfied afterward. Sometimes, the woman is not in the mood for the game. Understand her mood and decide whether to engage her in the play. It is a selfish act to lead your woman into the bedroom when she is not on for the game.

Every time shouldn’t be for the do. Learn to play sex with her instead. The women enjoy this part more than the bedroom’s bed game. Fortunately, it always leads to the main game.

  • Never go into her if she is not erected

Men, no matter how you desperately want your woman, do not go into her if her antennas are not standing. You know what I mean. You are standing. Make sure your woman is standing too before going into her.

It pisses the women off when a sexual relationship is one-sided. When it benefits only the male counterpart. That is actually why they expect some kind of compensation from you because they think they have done a favor to you.

If sex is done to benefit both parties, in the end, both parties will be happy. Don’t just hurry in because the door is open. You must first of all feel the room temperature and find out if you need to lower the ventilation or increase it.

It is actually for your own benefit. If you work on her, the journey will be so smooth for both of you.

  • Never, Never Fart In The Game.

Men, we know you are the head of the family. You can do whatever you like but don’t mess (fart) while you are on her. You can fart at any other time but not at that time. Farting before your partner is not romantic. It is primitive.

You are not sure how bad the fart may smell. The bad smell may end up spoiling the fun for you. Game time is a romantic time. It is not a fart time.


Finally, bedroom matter is like a rope. Once the rope is cut, it will not be complete again. People who have cut this rope and tried to retie it succeeded partially. They couldn’t because the size of the rope was shortened.

Women should be handled like babies and weaker vessels they are. You should understand that they are humans with feelings and a sense of judgment. I do not encourage women to cheat because of their spouse cheating. I can’t do such. I can’t make myself wrong because my spouse has made himself wrong.

Men, when you cheat on your wife, you are reducing your worth before your spouse. You are becoming a dwarf before her spiritually and emotionally.

These bedroom habits are like fragrance in your relationship. When you keep them the way they should be, your woman will adore you and shows more respect for you. Some women will go a long way to spend their wealth on you.

Meanwhile, these may not work for all couples. There are women who do not know what they want. No matter what their spouse does to them, their eyes will always be on the outside. In this case, the man should leave it for God. The matter can only be settled by God.

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