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“Okeite or Nneite Money Rituals aka Oke ite Awele – Here are Deadly Secrets they will not tell you

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele – Untold Secrets

So, today, I decided to look into the controversial trending more money-making ritual known as Okeite, Nneite, or Okeite Awele. Some spell it this way. Oke ite while others write them together. However, it should be separated since it is talking about two things. Oke which means male great and ite which means pot. Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele – Untold Secrets.

It also appears from the name that the rituals or the money charm have a male and female category. Hence the other name, Nneite. Nneite or Nne Ite means “Female charm’ or the “Mother charm”.

I wouldn’t want us to digress at this point and bury the point we want to share. Whichever name is given to this charm, it all means the same and does similar work, which is quick riches and more money to whoever goes for it.

Permit me to talk about the third part of the name which is Okeite Awele. What does it mean? Awele simply means favour in Igbo. When you hear “Awele” it means unmerited favour. So, oke ite charm is likened to bring favour for money-making. That is, one is bound to succeed where others fail with lesser effort or no effort.

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele – Untold Secrets

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What is Okeite or Oke ite Ritual ?

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele

What is Okeite ogwu? It is known as pot of progress. Okeite or Oke ite Awele is a deadly Money making ritual in clay pots or crude metal pot “Ite Ona” prepared with the blood of animals and human parts that demands regular blood sacrifices. Most Okeite money rituals are prepared with human parts, placenta, the womb of a young girl, strong wild roots, street owls, and vultures.

Before I go further to give you my findings and the general definition of what Oke ite ogwu means, I will like to show you what saw on the wall of a Spiritualist who was explaining Oket Ite charm to one of his followers.

It reads:

‘Gozie Mbah:
Good day, my great grandmaster… please sir I have a question, this oke ITE awelle I have been hearing about, does it works for everybody?”

Grandmaster replies: “Oke ite awele is nothing but seeking for special attention of the spirits over your daily affairs. Oke ite awele is nothing but attracting the attention and presence of the spirits through vow and blood sacrifices on board.

Okeite is a charm prepared with different Animals, including dogs, elephants, monkeys, and most times Human parts. Different types of herbs, roots, and other ritual materials combination of different Drinks all in one to produce Okeite or Nneite…”

From another Source,,,

“Oke Ite is a concoction of different types of Animals, herbs, human parts gathered in a mud pot, tied with white cloth boiling to perform booming functions. Oke ite has been the easiest way for our youths to get quick wealth without knowing the consequences.

Oke ite bụ Ajoo Ọgwụ. It can short your life, make you blind, impotent and take the life of your loved ones too. All you need to do is very simple, Settle all the Spirits that need to be Settled.  (Onye Uwa gị, Agwụ, Ndị mmiri, Ndị Iche). Those Spirits I mentioned are against Oke ite. Nwa Mmiri adịghị agwọ ọgwụ… Mmiri na aso ọgwụ.

The native doctor that prepares oke ite, will never tell you to be on good terms with your Spirits guides because he knows, mentioning those Spirits to support the Oke ite will prevent it from working because he knows they don’t support it.” About the Uses of Anunuebe tree, leaves, bark and seeds; the location of Anunuebe tree.

Originator of Oke ite Money Rituals

Where does Okeite ogwu or oke ite charm originate from? To the best of my knowledge and from what the custodians of Igbo tradition and culture submitted, Oke ite money ritual is not part of Igbo. It is said to be borrowed from other cultures and tribes.

It’s never our core Igbo traditional religion, Oke-ite is not part of Odinani (Odinala) and omenani (Omenala) Igbo. Oke-ite is imported from Igala, Yoruba, and neighboring African Nations.

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele – Untold Secrets

Okeite ogwu is a Deadly Money Rituals our youths are trooping to acquire more money. Whether it is working or not is not our major concern. Of course, it is working. It has made many rich. But there are untold secrets about the Ite Awele pot of charm for quick riches.

It promises to give riches and more riches but it doesn’t guarantee long life and good health. Someone who obtains Oke ite charm today may die in an accident tomorrow or suffer a long time ailment.

According to “Onye Amuma Ijele”, Okeite is something that you will be appeasing with the blood of animals as part of renewal rituals, these are done either monthly, seasonal, or yearly and you mustn’t miss the atonement rituals or you have yourself and generation to blame as skipping the renewal rituals can cost you your sanity, life or that of loved ones.

Oke-ite is just made by witch doctors with the aims of accelerating accomplishments in life, it makes your accomplishments sudden and quicker, that’s the myth behind the sudden riches and wealth once you get Oke-ite. Oke-ite has diverse effects and it’s unknown to this young generation that whatsoever accelerates riches and accomplishments, equally accelerates self ruin, death, doom, pains, anguish, and agony. Oke-ite Can make a man impotent, and even eventually one day will start demanding for Your Loved once… Any charm that takes merry in the gushing of dog’s blood will equally one day take human life…..

The truth is Any charm you do in this life Requires steady sacrifice to keep.. Desperation has landed our youths in the journey of no return as they want to make it today and die tomorrow. Do you know that once you have Oke-ite and suddenly decided that you needed it no more, all the emancipated wealth brought by Oke-ite equally goes with it? Once you dispose of Oke-ite after having it, you will eat from hands to mouth and die poor. It’s a journey of no return.

In years to come so many of our youth are going to be dying mysteriously, many running mad. Some will be childless because they’re are impotent, some of their wives will have ruptured uterus(womb), often accompanied with series of miscarriages in marriage, some will give birth to kids with down syndromes because of Oke-ite, some will useless the future of their kids, as their children will achieve nothing than selling of father’s properties and squandering the proceeds, I sincerely wish I can explain more…

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Okeite Awele – Untold Secrets

From I was a child till now, this is the first time I saw and heard traditionalists, coming together to condemn a ritual supposedly done in a shrine and by fellow traditionalists. People are known to do money rituals in the past. Some acquired theirs from the Occultic groups. But what differentiates them and this deadly Oke ite money ritual is how it cleanses generation.

I mean, when the person who got the charm dies or misfires it comes after his or her family. It kills the innocent souls around him or her. It also extended to the generation unborn. Okeite is just accelerating your predestined accomplishments in weeks or years, and once you are done with your predestined attainments, death follows and some exchange their death with the lives of loved ones, especially wives and kids. Read how to use Akwu Ojukwu to drive away witches and Wizards and to Neutralize Charms in your House.

Sometimes, it will involve your children, if it didn’t take suddenly your life or that of your children, it may equally make your children useless, accelerating the wealth and predestined accomplishments of your generations unborn. Oke-ite can equally useless your immediate siblings and youths of one’s kindred, it can equally ruin the fortunes of your close associates and partners.

Photos of Oke ite Rituals (Pot of Progress)

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele
Oke ite rituals prepared for money-making (Pot of Progress)

Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele – Untold Secrets

In Summary

Oke ite more money ritual is evil and deadly. It is unfortunate that witch doctors who prepare the charms do not tell the youths the full repercussion. Making the charm is like creating the whirlwind which will blow in the future and the whirlwind knows no boundary when it comes. Okeite ogwu, aka pot of progress, when it boomerangs, kills the owner, the parents, siblings, and anyone around the person.

So, dear friend, why make money you can’t live long to enjoy? Why go for charms that will make your life and that of your family miserable? Why go for rituals that will useless your kids?