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Anunuebe Seed and types; Location and Uses

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Anunuebe Seed and types; Location and Uses

Let’s talk about Anunuebe seed and types; their location and their uses. This is because many people are familiar with the Anunuebe tree but not the seeds.

Much has been written about this mysterious ancient tree called Anunuebe but not the seed. In this post, we shall be discussing Anunuebe Seed; Location, Uses, and Types.

When we talk about Anunuebe tree, we mean a powerful and dreadful type of tree used by medicine men or witchcraft doctors for charms and for medicine. It is found in the thick forest.

Any place Anunuebe tree grows, its branches and leaves overshadow other plants around it that they wither. This is because of its nature and potency.

What does the name “Anunuebe tree” or “Nnunuebe tree” mean? It stands for “Birds don’t perch”. The name is used to describe the potent nature of the tree.

In fact, no living thing comes closer to the tree to the tree alive. It is said that any living thing that goes closer to it is dried up.

Only powerful medicine men go closer to the tree with some sort of appeasement before plucking the leaves or taking the bark. Read here the uses of Anunuebe tree and bark.

An article by a traditionalist on the Anunuebe tree gave distinct explanations about the tree. He defined it as a highly revered tree with strong medicinal values. He also included that no bird perches and no plant grow under it.

Anunuebe Seed and types; Location and Uses

I am not here to tell you about the Anunuebe tree itself. This is because I have written about it twice. You can read about “Anunuebe the Dreadful tree here“. Read also the Uses of Anunuebe and where it can be found in Igbo land”.

Meanwhile, Anunuebe tree does not only exist in Igbo land. It can also be found in Yoruba land. It is known as Iginla.

According to data, what the tree is in Igbo land is also what it is used for in the Yoruba land. And, it is only the witchcraft doctors or the powerful medicine men that go closer to the tree.

Somebody asked a question in one of the articles posted about the Anunebe tree. The reader asked: “Why is it that Anunuebe tree does not dry up or kill the medicine men that go closer to it?” I have found the answer from a native medicine man.

According to him; Anunuebe tree is a deity and its spirit goes out most times. The medicine men know when the Anunuebe tree is active and when it is out for a mission.

To proof the ability of the tree to move out and return to its stunk, see the proof here by a native medicine man.

Mystery behind Anunuebe Tree

So, they target that time and come around to do whatever they want on the tree and quickly leave. This they do with some sacrifices like live Fowl and Kola nuts.

Remember the topic of this post is about Anunuebe Seed and types; their Location Uses. That is what I should be stated here.

However, I will only concentrate on the Anunuebe tree seed, types, and its uses. For the locations of the Anunuebe tree and the uses of the leaves and the bark, read it here.

Anunuebe Seed and Types

Anunuebe seed is the fruit that the Anunuebe tree bears. Most trees bear fruits or seeds and Anunuebe tree is like every other tree that bears fruits.

Another mystery surrounding this tree is that the seed has male and female. I am not surprised anyway. This is not the first time I am hearing about male and female seeds. Afterall, Kola nuts come in both gender (oke oji na nwunye oji).

Oke mkpuru Anunuebe‘; that is the name given to the male Anunuebe seed. I am not in the position to tell you the uses of male Anunuebe seed; I am not a medicine man.

But, I heard from a reliable source that it is anti-poison. Some traditionalists keep it in their houses. They bring it to leak it with their tongues any time they feel they have been poisoned by their enemies. Male and female Anunuebe are rare to find.

However, powerful witchcraft doctors stock it as parts of their charms. I have been dully informed too that the male and female Anunuebe seeds are worn by some people as an odeshi charm as bulletproof.

See Photos of Male and Female Anunuebe seeds.

Summary on Anunuebe Seed and types; Location and Uses

By now, you have learned that Anunuebe tree bears fruits and the fruit has a seed inside. Not only that, but you have also learned that the seeds come in male and female.

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