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How to Get Pregnant and Give Birth to a Baby Boy

Tricks on How to become Pregnant and Conceive baby Boy/ Male Child

I want to give birth to a baby boy; how do I conceive? What do I do to get pregnant with a male child? These are among the frequently asked questions especially among young mothers who are hoping or wishing to give birth to a male child or a baby boy. Tricks on How to become Pregnant and conceive baby Boy/ Male Child.

You may not know what this means until you find yourself in the shoes. You will also feel the heat the more if you happen to come from this side where the tradition places more value on giving birth to male children than the female children. Once a woman gives birth first to a female child, the next, everyone is expecting a male child to follow next.

If the second and the third happen to be female children also, the house will become hot. The husband of the woman if he belongs to the category of those who place much value on male children will bring out his red eyes.

In this post, we want to help couples learn some working tricks of how to get pregnant and conceive a baby boy. But before that, we want to state here that the choice of baby gender is for no man to make. It is for God to decides.

However, there are few tricks couples should learn and apply to help them conceive and give birth to a baby boy. Tricks on How to become pregnant and give birth to baby Boy/ Male Child. You may read here “Factors responsible for couples giving birth to only female children.”

Tricks on How to become Pregnant and conceive baby Boy/ Male Child

Tricks on How to become Pregnant and conceive baby Boy/ Male Child

  • Timing

One thing couples who are planning to conceive and give birth to a baby boy should not play with is timing. Conception works with timing. Even that of baby girls, it also requires timing.

The woman must time herself to know when she is in her peak ovulation period. I have taught here the 4 signs to know you are ovulating without using ovulation kits: read it here.

Let me tell you what people have failed to know; trying to conceive a baby boy is easier than looking for a baby girl. This is because the timing for the baby girl is different and somehow confusing.

A woman should know the moment she starts ovulating. That very moment is the right and the best time to try for a baby boy.

In our previous post, I explained how the chromosome responsible for the birth of a baby boy works. Once it is released in the form of spermatozoa, they swim fast and outrun that of the female chromosome (X).

Unfortunately, they don’t live long. They start dying on the way even before they get to the ovary where the eggs are released.

If the eggs are found in the ovary, the male chromosome (Y) will fertilize them. The result of the fertilization is always likely a male child or children, depending on how many eggs were fertilized.

What happens when the Male chromosome travels up there and fails to see any egg?

They will stay in the ovary and wait for ovulation to take place. But not that long; male chromosome lifespan is very short. Before then, they may all die off, leaving the female chromosome in the ovary which can live up to 72 hours in the ovary.

Any fertilization that occurs after this time will likely be a female child. So, timing is the key. You should time the very moment your eggs are released and go in with your partner.

  • Help the Fluids Travel Fast

Some health experts may call this trick a myth or misinformation. But I don’t care. I will do everything I need to do so to get the desired result in getting a male child.

Helping the fluid travel fast is no other way than putting your two legs elevated once fluids from your partner have been poured into you. What I mean is to put your two legs up on the wall on any object which can help you hold them up.

This is to avoid the fluids leaking out. The science will tell you that once it has been poured that it will get there. I know. Another set of people will also argue that even if it is done standing, that fertilization will take place if it wants. I know that too.

But, do you know that no two persons are the same? What works for A may not work for B in pregnancy. And in pregnancy too, body nature works differently.

Don’t be quick in standing up after the show. Just lift your two legs and help the fluids travel fast and do the fertilization. Congratulations!

  • Build the Fluids

Yes. I mean, build your partner’s spermatozoa for the conception period. If both of you can agree, avoid going to the engine for one week or more.

Not only that, give him food that builds strong fluids in men and boosts fertility like Okro soup, eating devil beans (Akugbara), thick pap, watermelon seed (you may read how to use watermelon seeds to remedy low sperm count, etc.

On the day of the game, if he shoots the shots, it will push out like David’s catapult. Lol. And that is actually how it will target and hit.

  • Involve God

Finally, all of these tricks I have mentioned have worked for many people, including myself. However, you should involve God too.

The Holy Bible says “Children are the inheritance from God”. It just means that both male and female children are inherited from God. If he doesn’t give, none will come.

That time you have your legs elevated up, helping the fluids to travel, use the time to pray silently. Tell God that the game is in His hands.

For me; when I had my legs lifted up and my partner already dozed off, I went spiritual, silently. “shabara ba legede shataraba, zuana hoo shotkaot… (speaking in tongue). Father, thank you for the gift of a baby boy again”. That was me in the game.

Tricks on How to become Pregnant and conceive baby Boy/ Male Child

We have stated four tricks to help you become pregnant for a baby boy. We listed them as:

Good Timing, 2. helping the fluids travel fast, 3. Building the fluids, and 4. Involving God. Thanks for reading and please, remember to like and share the post.

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