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5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Female Children

5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Girls

Here, we want to talk about 5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Girls. They include Chromosome X and Y, Untargeted ovulation, poor dieting, not building up the fluids, and the Finger of the supreme Being.

In our previous post, we discussed the reasons why women or couples give birth to only girls or female children. The topic as I said is a very sensitive one.

One thing we should have at the back of our minds as we read this post is that the choice of the gender of a child a couple may wish to have is in no one’s hand to make. However, there are few things you are expected to know and do to influence this choice.

It is about knowing the factors that influence the conception and the birth of a particular gender of a child. Learn about these factors and know how to work with them.


  • Chromosome X and Y

In the previous post too, I talked about the dominant chromosome in men which is the major determinant of the gender of any human birth. Every normal man is created with Chromosomes X and Y (XY). X represents females while Y represents Male.

On the other hand, women are created with XX Chromosome. The 2 Xs as we have said earlier in the previous post represent the female chromosome.

So, for fertility to occur, the man will have to donate one of the chromosomes to the woman. It is either he gives out the Y chromosome or the X chromosome.

If he gives out X, the X chromosome will go and match with the woman’s any of the Xs’ Chromosomes.

Therefore, if he gives X chromosome, the two chromosomes will become XX chromosomes which will, in turn, form a female child. But if the man donates the Y chromosome and it goes to meet the woman’s X chromosome. The result will be YX which is a male child.

5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Girls

  • Untargeted Ovulation

The second factor here is the ability to target the peak period of a woman’s ovulation time. There is no better caption to give this second point other than this.

I said Untargeted ovulation because, in a normal healthy woman, ovulation lasts for 24 hours or more. The time couples meet during the ovulation period also plays a key role in determining what gender of a child a couple is going to have.

According to health experts, the fertilization of a male child will likely take place if a man sleeps with his wife and ejaculate inside her at the exact time of her ovulation. This is to say that the fertilization of a male child will likely occur if a man goes into her wife the moment she ovulates.

I took time to study this claim and this is what I found. This claim seems to complements the X and Y chromosomes claims.

We said earlier that a woman’s ovulation period lasts for about 24 hours. We are also told that a healthy man’s spermatozoa (sperm) last for 72 before living out its lifespan. Permit me to explain this in the next paragraph for those who do not know about it.

Remember we are discussing how targeted ovulation can help determine whether a couple will give birth to either male children or a girl. Spermatozoa released inside the female reproductive organ can be viable for 72 hours. That is to say that if there was no ovulation when it was released, it is still viable to fertilize any eggs even after 2 or 3 days when ovulation finally happens.

However, something happens in this kind of fertility. It has been proven medically that 80 percent of such fertilizations result in female children. While the spermatozoa stay long and wait for eggs to fertile, the Y (male) chromosomes die off easily, leaving only the X (Female) chromosome.

We have also learned that when the men shoot their shots, more than 1 million sperm cells swim up to the ovary for fertilization. But not all of them make it to the eggs. More than 95 percent die on the way.

Y chromosomes are said to be faster than the female chromosomes. When the shoot is shot, the Y chromosome swims fast and outrun the X chromosome. Once it gets there, it fertilizes and results in a male child.

Couples who have more girls or only female children might be as a result of this. They did not target the woman’s peak ovulation period. Read here for 4 Signs to Know You are Ovulating.

If couples are looking for a male child, they should target the very moment a woman is ovulating and shoot the shots. When this is done, there is the likelihood that the Y (male) chromosome will race fast to the eggs to cause fertilization.

But if they meet 2 days or a day to the ovulation, the Y chromosome may have died on the way leaving only the X (female) chromosome which is clumsy in nature and lasts long.

  • Good Dieting

Oh, are you surprised? Most of us don’t know that couples should prepare themselves, their souls, and their bodies while planning to conceive.

Look, I am planning to conceive this winter and I have changed our diets, I mean what I eat with my husband. I have added two special super hormones and fertility boosters to our diets. You can read them here.

In addition to that, make cucumber part of your daily meal if you are TTC (Trying To Conceive). Cucumber is a great source of natural Alkaline to the body. It rehydrates your body and your fertility; I mean you and your spouse.

5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Girls

  • Build Up Your Shots

One of the major factors responsible for the type of gender of a child a woman will have for her husband or spouse is the strength of the man’s shot. This claim may not be substantiated.

However, it is advisable to save your shots. What I mean here is, it is not every day that you should meet with your partner and ejaculate. Give yourself a week gap or more and fill up the sp**m duct.

The more quality and rich the man’s shot is the more powerful and the tendency to fertilize the eggs.

  • The Finger of a Supreme Being

What I have failed to mention in this topic is that God is the giver of children. He is in control of the affairs of men. Man proposes but God decides. There is a verse in the Bible that supports this popular quote: “It is for men to cast dice but it is the Lord who decides”.

What I have just said in the essence is that couples who are planning to have a male child or any kind of gender as a child should also involve God. They should as well be grateful to whichever gender is given to them.

Ok, let’s take a look at it this way: what if there is fertilization and at the end, the woman had a stillbirth? What if a male child comes and he is an imbecile?

Ok. What if the ovulation is targeted, fertilization occurred! And, what if the pregnancy ended as an ectopic?

Children are the heritage of God. We should look at Him and trust Him when we plan to have them. We should still learn to accept whichever gender of a child we have.

5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Girls

In summary, what are the factors responsible for couples giving birth to only female children? or, why do women give birth to only girls? Whichever way this question is coined, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the approach to answering it.

We have listed five factors or reasons why couples or women give birth to only girls or female children, and they include Chromosome X and Y, Untargeted ovulation, poor dieting, not building up the fluids, and the Finger of the supreme Being.

Why Do Some (Men) Couples Give Birth to Only Girls?

5 Factors Responsible for Couple giving birth to only Girls
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