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Do These if Your Child is Academically Dull and See Great Improvements

6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve.

6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve. One thing you should know as a parent or an instructor is that no two children are the same. They are not created with the same Intelligent Quotient. Some may improve over time as they grow while others may retard, unfortunately as time progresses if nothing is done.


However, if your child falls in the dull category, don’t worry. These are what you should know and do for any of your children who is academically Dull. We are going to give you the Secrets in Reviving an Academically dull Child.




Having a child who is academically dull is always a worry for the parents. This is because it shows many defects in the way they are parenting the child. It can also affect the future of the child. a dull child cannot stand tall in the midst of his or her friends.


One major factor that can contribute to the growth and development of a person are is his parents. The way you raise your child will always reflect in his behavior, ideology, method of approach to social problems, and how he perceives others. A slight mistake in the way you raise your ward might develop into a great defect in the personality of the child.

There are many reasons that can contribute to the low reasoning faculty of a child. All it takes for parents to solve this problem is to, first of all, identify the cause or the causes and profer a very potential solution for it.

These viable solutions are what some parents lack the knowledge of. Some parents have tried their best without seeing encouraging results. Here, we shall open your eyes to some secrets in reviving a child who is academically dull.


6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve


In this article, we will be looking into how we can improve the academic potentials of our children and how to change a dull child into a brilliant individual. Before we dive into the solutions, I will like us to mention and know some causes of a child’s academic dullness.

Causes of Academic Dullness in a child:

What Makes A Child Dull? There are many things that can contribute to the limited academic prowess of a child and below are some of them.

  1. Family Problems.

Family plays a great role in making or marring a child’s academic pursuits. This is because it is the first institution where the socialization of a child begins. His early thinking faculty is formed by what he sees and observes in the family. So, the faulty family background is also a faulty thinking child.


Factors in the family that affect a child academically:


    • If a child is from a family where the parents are always at loggerhead with each other, where domestic violence reigned supreme, it’s evident that the child will not be brilliant. This is because his/her mind will not attain total peace while at school and he will always be scared of going home for the fear that his dad might beat his mother again.
    • If a child is from a family where the source of income is limited and starvation reigned supreme, the child might not be academically buoyant. This is because a hungry child will always be focused sadly on the grumbling in his stomach instead of simple calculations.
    • If a child is from a family where the parents are always too busy with work instead of family affairs, this would definitely take a toll on the academic capabilities of the child.


  1. School Factors

6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve

The family is not only the main contribution to the limitations of the comprehensibility of a child, the school is also a factor. Take, for instance, the issue of DonDavis and the Deeper School.

If all the allegations the little boy leveled against the school are true, there is no way that a poor boy can develop academically in such a school.

 Ways school can contribute to the academic dullness of a child:

  • If the environment of the school is not academically friendly, it is a problem. A school located in a noisy area  (besides a funfair, local market, clubhouse, or in an active suburban part of a city), will be hard for the child to comprehend academic subjects because he will always be distracted.

6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve

  • Hostile Learning Environment:

It is not an exaggeration to state that many teachers in some schools are bullies. This is seen mostly in the public schools. No child, pupil or student can be able to learn under fear.

For example, the reason I didn’t do well in the mathematics is that I didn’t like the subject right from the primary school. Our Teacher then used to come into the class with this type of cane that had tiny branches. She always taught holding the cane in her hands, ready to flog us when we did not respond when we should.

It made most of us became Math’s phobic. Some of us feigned sickness whenever we saw her in the class because fear of her cane. In that way, we didn’t learn mathematics as we should at that stage. This actually affected us as we proceeded to higher classes.

Learning is more effective when don under a friendly and hostile free environment. Again, students and pupils tend to perform better in a particular subject when they have good relationships with their teacher and the entire school.

  • Incompetent Teachers

Anybody can become a teacher but not everybody can teach well. It is very unfortunate that teaching profession has become an all comers affair. It is even more pronounced in Africa where there is no job for the teaming popular. In order not to be idle, they apply for teaching jobs.

An incompetent teacher will produce incompetent students. If the teachers are incompetent in imparting knowledge to the child, it is also a problem. The child will be robbed of what he ought to learn.

6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve


  • Maintain a Cordial Relationship:

Know that your relationship with your child will affect his academic life either positively or negatively. That means you should be familiar with the child’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. That way, you will be able to proffer the right solutions for him.

We decided to make this as a number one point because it is very important. A mother of 2 boys who are in their basic education should be able to know the areas each of them are good at. A cordial relationship with your child will make him or her to confide in you. It will help build a strong confidence.


  • Know about the child’s School and the teacher’s standards

Very important too. This will help you to know whether your child’s or ward’s teacher is hostile, competent, friendly, etc. Personally, I don’t send my children to schools and stay away. No! I am also part of their schools and classrooms.

Some teachers are so mean that when they handle your child for a session, the child will become something else. I had an ugly experience with a classroom teacher who was in charge of Nursery 2. My 4-year-old daughter who used to be active, playful and smart changed into a dull sick looking child. 6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve

She stopped speaking at home. She was always moping. When I took her to a gathering, she walked as if the ground was opening. She practically tiptoed while she walked. My daughter became an example of a dull a child, academically too. Everyone in the house noticed it and began to complain.

Long story cut short, her new teacher was the culprit. My daughter was given to a frustrated spinster. She used everything to bully the children under her care. Her eyeballs are as big as apples and reddish. A caught her in the act the day I sneaked into the school without announcing my presence. What I saw made me cry as I spoke to the teacher (a righteous witch).

To prove my conviction, my daughter was changed to another class. The only regret I have each time I remember this experience is that we allowed the poor girl to go through this torture for 2 terms before we waded in, that was towards the third term, the last days in that class. But we are happy we did something. It also helps her finds courage again.


  • Put the environment of your child’s school into consideration.

Very Important too. Some parents prefer to enroll their children in a particular because it is nearer to their home without considering the learning environment. If the learning environment is conducive, it will aid learning. An academically dull child does not need to be inconvenienced while learning. He or she will not concentrate.

  • Provide for his Needs:

Don’t let lack be the reason your child is lacking behind academically. Don’t let your child lack anything. Even if it will cost you a fortune. That is what it takes to be a parent. The child was on his or her own, you and your spouse went to bring them out. 6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve

  • Set an academic achievements schedule for your child.

It might be daily assessments or weekly evaluations, you just have to make sure that your child learns new things each and every day.


  • Reward Him or her all the time:

Set a reward for that child. Find something good in everything he or she does. Praise and reward.

6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve


In the Sum

Not all children are born a polymath. Everybody must not be the Chike Obi in Mathematics.

However, you can help the child develop. All you need do is do your best to see that the child is not left behind. But do not make it so pronounced. If you do so, the child may perceive him or herself as never do well.

Finally, pray for the child. God can do all things. 6 Ways to help an Academically Dull Child to Improve.