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Why Do Some Women or Couples Give Birth to Only Girls?

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Why Do Some Women Give Birth to Only Girls?

Why Do Some Women Give Birth to Only Girls? I must admit here that this is one of the silliest questions a normal human being can pose. But for the knowledge sake, the question is not out of place. If people are asking the question, there is a need to give an answer to the question.

I have heard so many times the popular debate put forward mostly by women as a defense why women gave birth to only girls. They often come up with this: “she gave what she was given”. Meaning the woman gave birth to what her spouse gave to her.

To start with, the person who determines what sex of a child a woman will give birth to is the man. The men are created with 2 types of chromosomes; YX and XX Chromosome while the women are created with just one of the Chromosome.

When we understand how these chromosomes work with other factors, the more we understand why men or some couples give birth to only female children.

However, women still have a role to play in determining the type of gender they wish to have whether a boy or a girl. A man may end up releasing a Y chromosome which forms a male child but if the woman is not ready, it may die off.

Before we continue on this, I will like us to discuss the place of a female child in African tradition with an emphasis on Igbo culture.

The Place of Female Children in African (Igbo) Tradition

The Igbo tribe holds tenaciously on the tradition of continuity of name and lineages. You will hear from the names they give to their male children like; “Afamefuna” meaning, my name will not go into extinction. “Obiwulu” meaning, the family name will stand. “Obiechina“, meaning, the family will not go into extinction.

In a typical Igbo tradition, when a wife fails to give her husband a male child, it becomes a thing of worry. Not only for the man but his brothers and sisters will also be so concerned to the extent that they are ready to make contributions in order to get another wife for him who will bear him male children. They do this because they believe that every man should retain his name after he has left the earth.

And there is no other way to retain his name other than through a male child. A man who will also live in his family bears his name, gets married, and have children who will continue the lineage. they want a child who will replace them and their child must be a man.

They see the female children as give away. They see a man who has only female children as man-less, as a man who has failed his ancestors. Hence, much ado about male children.

Even in some Christian families, there is acrimony between couples when the wives fail to give birth to male children. I remember some years ago when my father had us changed to another Parish because the Priest in our first parish was fighting his wife because she gave him only female children.

Why Do Some women Give Birth to Only Girls?

But this is not so in other tribes or countries. For instance, the immediate past President of the United States of American, Barrack Obama has two daughters. He has daughters who will get married one day and move into another man’s house.

The father is not worried about his name going into extinction. The Whites do not place much value on the sex of a child. This is because they believe in the simplicity of life. They are not worried about lineage or name going into extinction. In fact, they do not attach value to the name.

I want to state at this juncture that holding to the tradition of who will replace you when you are gone is a primitive and mundane mentality. Whether a boy or a girl, both should be treated the same. We should borrow a leaf from these other tribes that do not care what happens to their names when they are gone.

Name replacement has nothing to do with the development and betterment of life. The whites are living big. People are struggling to join them in their land. There is nothing like the continuity of name yet they haven’t gone into extinction.

Men, especially a typical African man worry so much when their wives fail to give birth to male children because they feel that there is no one to continue his lineage when he is gone to the great beyond.

Why Do Some Women Give Birth to Only Girls?

That brings us back to the main topic which is “Why Do Some (Men) Couples Give Birth to Only Girls? No matter how many people shun this topic, the truth of the matter remains that it must be discussed.

There are actually reasons and factors responsible for couples (men and women) giving birth to only female children. We should learn not to apportion the blame to only the man or the woman. Both have roles to play.

The reasons why some (men) couples give birth to only girls are very simple. There are 5 factors responsible for it. They include Untargeted Ovulation, X and Y Chromosomes, Dieting, Empty shots, and the Finger of the Supreme Being. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE on the 5 factors responsible for couples giving birth to only female children.

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Why Do Some Women Give Birth to Only Girls?
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