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The Dangers Of Using Wrong Words On Children During Sex-Education

“Mom Said All Men Have Bananas in Their Pants”. Dear Parents, let’s teach the right words to our kids.

Children during sex education
Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash

Some may laugh over it but it isn’t funny. It is not funny that many kids didn’t know the right words for the balls and curves under their legs or pants until they heard it from their peers or read it from books. The reason is, their parents gave it another name and they grew up calling it the wrong name.

What am talking about? I am talking about how hard many parents find it to tell their kids the right names of their private parts.

My Mom once told my sisters and me not to come closer to male strangers or stay in a room with them alone. When we asked her why she told us they would use their bananas on us. In her words, she said; “they may insert their bananas in your golden pot and break it”.

She made us believed that all men have Bananas in their boxers. We grew up calling it bananas.

It is good for parents to begin early to teach children about sex education. But it is wrong if they misrepresent these sensitive parts. No child is too young to know the right name for any parts of his or her body. Tell him it is called Penis, not Bananas. Tell her it is called “Vagina” not the golden room or garden of Edem.

I know parents who tell their male little kids that what they have under the legs are rats. I have often heard them say; “Junior, cover your rats so that no one will see it”. And Junior and his siblings will continue to call it the name until they hear the real name from other sources.

Dear Parents, It is not Oranges, it is called breasts. It is not Bananas, it is called Penis. It is not called the Golden room, it is called the Vagina. Use the right words. Our kids should hear it first from our mouth