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5 Questions Every Writer Must Answer Before Publishing Any Story

5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Hitting the Publishing Button. Writers should not be in a haste in pushing out information to the public. It is good to leap before a jump.

Questions every writer must answer
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There is nothing as tempting as hitting the publishing button whenever a writer is working on a story. But instead of going over the article over and over again for some embarrassing amendments after it has gone live, it is better the story is left in the draft and have it looked over again and again.

There are questions every writer needs to ask him of herself before hitting the publishing button. These questions when answered genuinely will give the story a lift, and stands it among other stories.

  •  Who will Read My Story?

Not all stories are for everyone. There are stories on some publications that are tagged “popular”. But I have tried to read a few of those stories and couldn’t get what they are talking about. The reason is simple. The stories are good but they are not for me.

Asking this question in every story is very important. Knowing who your stories are meant for will give you a lead in the arrangement of the ideas and the choice of words to use.

If you are writing about a snake. You should have these three categories of readers in your mind, the snake likers, the snake haters, and those in-between.

Questions every writer must answer
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  • What Lessons Am I passing to the Readers?

Any story or writing is devoid of lessons or lessons is not worth going live. Before hitting the publishing button, do yourself a favor by asking this question; what lesson or lessons will my readers take home after reading this article?

If you can not find any lessons in your story, do not publish. Every story or article should have a lesson to pass and that is the purpose of writing it in the first place.


  • If Another Author Had Written on the topic, Will I Appreciate it?

This is another easy way to assess whether a story is passed for a read. If the story would please you and catch your fancy when it comes from another writer, then it is good to go.

  • What Inspired me to Write the Story?

Before you hit the publishing button, ask yourself what inspired you to write the story. If you can’t give an answer to it, just wait, don’t publish yet.


  • Am I truly Ready to Publish?

This is the last question every good writer should always ask himself or herself before hitting the publishing button. I have asked myself this question on several occasions. Instead of getting a yes or no answer, I heard; “ just go and rest your head and come back later”. I do obey the voice.

In the end, I saw many reasons why it is good to sleep over an article and revisit it before pushing it to the public. I have had to reedit, cancel, rearrange, and add more lines on a second visit.

Finally, there is no work that is a hundred percent error-free but there are some that are more perfect than others. The only secret is that the writers have taken time to see they produce a perfect piece. Answering these questions before hitting the publishing icon will surely help.