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Before You Read The Novel “There Was A Country” By Achebe, See These Photos


If you have read the book, “There was a country” by the late Nobel Laurette, Prof. Chinua Achebe, do well to also see these photos. If you are yet to read the book and you are desiring to read, bother no more, the book has been summarized here for you in photos.

After seeing the book, I concluded that Achebe wrote a will for the country in a prose form. The book met heavy criticism by the corrupt minds, those who hold the country’s progress captive. They went a long way in calling Achebe names, even as a dead man.

But to me, the book is what it is. The author expressed the truth, the true scenario of what we are passing through in this country. I will not bore you today with a long piece. I promised to summarize the book for you in the photo form and that I will do.


The picture they say speaks a thousand words. I saw these pictures, they spoke a thousand words more than the author of the There was a country. It is very sad today to know that our beloved country has become like George Owen’s Animal farm where it is agreed that all animals are equal but there is a but.

All animals are equal in the saying but not in the doing. The equality was then when Nigeria was a country. Now, it ti the country of the privileged few.

I am going to show you two different categories of photos. I am bringing to you the photos of our Nigerian citizens.

These are the leaders of tomorrow. These are the young generation who are born in the period of the oil boom in the country. The plastic chairs are have been turned into hospital beds in the hospitals because there are no more spaces to lay the newborn, The few hospitals are used by many.

Look under the tree. That is the classroom for crying out loud. That is what Chinua Achebe was trying to paint in his book.

I am going to show you

similar photos of another category of Nigerians. They are the leaders of this country. After seeing the photos, you will agree that indeed, there was once a country.

I can’t agree less with Chinua Ache of the blessed memory. What is your view?