You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! 2023 Elections: Yorubas Allege Plot by the Igbos Taking over Southwest

2023 Elections: Yorubas Allege Plot by the Igbos Taking over Southwest

The Yorubas have called out the Igbos under the umbrella of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of planing to take over the southwestern states of the country through politics.  The tribal conflict which was instigated by the Yorubas have reportedly claimed properties and wealth of the Igbos residing in Lagos, through mysterious fire outbreaks across Igbo dominated markets in Lagos State. 2023 Elections: Yorubas Allege Plot by the Igbos Taking over Southwest

Igbos in the Southwest

History has it that during the civil war in Nigeria that lasted for 3 years the Biafran soldiers attempted capturing the shores of Lagos and the whole southwestern states to themselves after they succeeded in defending their own territory but were repelled at Ore.

Fast forward up till now, it is said that the group has not abandoned its desire to take charge of the southwestern part of the country. Facts have it that the end SARS protest that happened in 2020 was a plan that was orchestrated surreptitiously by the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi kanu. Initially the protest was a peaceful, before it turned to be violent in various parts of the country, recording more casualties in Lagos State.


It is alleged that the attacks that happened in Lagos what’s coordinated by the leaders of the indigenous people of biafra. The attack targeted the residential buildings of top government officials that are of Yoruba origin. During the 2020 end SARS protest, the present president-elect of Nigeria bola Ahmed tinubu, was reportedly attacked by the Igbos living in Lagos. His residential building was targeted, destroying his properties and many other things belonging to the Lagos State Government. The Yorubas considered it as an attack aimed at forcefully taking away the position of the Yoruba land from them.

Furthermore, the labour party has been accused of being tribalistic because of the emergence of Peter Obi as the flag bearer during the just concluded presidential election. It is alleged that the party is using the scope of the 2020 end SARS protest to instruct its supporters to blindly vote in the labour party and vote out all Yoruba political leaders from the seat.

Ignorantly, many Yoruba youths fell for IPOB propaganda. Meanwhile, those IPOB camouflaging as Peter Obi’s supporters are tagged hypocrisy in their refusal to seek the same justice for the 250 youths killed and dumped in the Okwusu River in Anambra when Obi was governor and failed to act. The claim by some Igbo individuals that Yoruba land is “no man’s land” is an insult to the Yoruba people and is described as a means to deceive the westerners into one Nigeria.

Such a claim not only ignores the rich history and culture of the Yoruba people but is also a clear attempt to take over their land surreptitiously. Such disrespectful behaviour should not be tolerated and allowed to thrive. 2023 Elections: Igbos Taking over Southwest.

It is important to remember that Nigeria is a country made up of diverse ethnic groups, and every ethnic group has a right to live and thrive in any part of the country they choose. However, this right should not be used as a pretext to claim the land of another group. Rather, it should be used as an opportunity to promote unity and understanding among different ethnic groups in Nigeria. It is also important to note that while IPOB’s actions are often portrayed as being representative of the entire Igbo people, this is far from the truth.

2023 Elections: Yorubas Allege Plot by the Igbos Taking over Southwest

The vast majority of Igbo people do not support IPOB’s separatist agenda and are instead focused on contributing to the development of Nigeria as a whole. It is only a small minority that is actively seeking to undermine Nigeria’s unity and territorial integrity. The desire of IPOB to take over Lagos State is not a new development, and their actions during the EndSARS protests have only served to highlight their intentions.


The claim by some Igbo individuals that Yoruba land is “no man’s land” is insulting and disrespectful to the Yoruba people, and should not be tolerated in any form. It is important that other’s land and culture get to be respected, for peace to reign. Peace and unity remains the national interest, hence no political group or a group of separatists would be allowed to use another group as a tool to destabilise the peace of others. 2023 Elections: Igbos Taking over Southwest.