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“The Food You And Your Shameless Relatives Stole From The Government Warehouses Belonged To Dangote.” — Deji A. Phillip

A concerned Nigerian who revealed his name as Deji A. Phillip has revealed through his Facebook wall that the food items some people stole from the government belong to Dangote. Read the full story and the screenshot below;

The accused Nigerians as thieves and ingrates who always want to reap where they did not sow. In his post, he captioned it thus; “The FOOD ITEMS you and your shameless relatives stole from government facilities belong to ALHAJI ALIKO DANGOTE and his friends at Cacovidng . He started small by hawking cement in Kano, now he is the richest man in Africa.”

Read his exact words on Facebook as gave reasons for the food and how it got piled in those warehouses.

“They know poverty, so they contributed about N25b to help your poverty as ‘Covid-19’ economic stress bite harder.

1. The supplies took time to assemble. My girlfriend is a major contractor.

2. The first batch of states received supplies around the 29th of August.
3. Why so late? Alhaji Dangote and friends wanted to boost the local economy of each local government area by buying some local foodstuffs from local farmers in each community. That is a huge plan and it took a lot of time to package. Garri that is rushed into a sealed package will have a short shelf life.


4. Why so late? Aliko and friends also want to boost local manufacturing industries like Nestle and Indomie. So, they asked contractors to buy from them too. The control is too technical because they want everything to be transparent.

5. Why kept for so long? Not so long. The process was just reaching halfway implementation by September 2020.

6. Aliko demanded that each state government must allow his team to track daily distribution, so as to ensure each item is getting to you directly. The delay is not from the governors (APC/PDP/APGA)…the delay is because Aliko is very strict and he cares for your poverty.”

See the Screenshot of the claim.

At the end of his claim, he finally and said that no dime from what people stole belonged to the government but Dangote. He said the reason why the food items were still there was that the process of distribution used by Aliko foundation is too slow, too strict and too detailed.

Read the screenshot:

In the end, he said Nigerians have bitten the hands that try to feed them.

“Once again, you have bitten the hand that is trying to feed you.

That’s the little I know”.

~ Deji A. Phillip

Meanwhile, neither the government nor Aliko Dangote has reacted to this claim or has said something on this issue. Nigerians are watching.
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38 thoughts on ““The Food You And Your Shameless Relatives Stole From The Government Warehouses Belonged To Dangote.” — Deji A. Phillip

  1. Since “Dangote” is so strict with the sharing, why’d a nigerian politician claim to wait till his birthday to share these same palliatives? 🤨
    Nigerian politicians doing cover ups should hire folks like kerry washington from scandal. The nigerian people are now educated, we no longer buy nollywood lies 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. What is Deji saying!! Are U not a Nigerian? Plz don’t provoke pple to start raining causes on you.

  3. How much were you paid to publish this? Paliatives still in warehouses all over the country and some have even expired. What strickness is “Dangote and friends” applying? Food meant for the masses kept in warehouses till October2020, when will it be distributed? I am not in support of looting, but the government and politicians taught the people how to loot the commomwealth.

    If it is true the dollars from Obas palace was also been kept to be distributed to the masses?

  4. It is unfortunate that Deji sees the world from a pinhole. Now is Dangote the only philanthropist in the world?, and assuming the food belongs to him( which Deji didn’t substantiate by a mere claim), is it right for the Nigerian government and state governments to frustrate Dangote’s good intentions by not distributing the items as intended by Dangote? Is it not said that JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED,? Does Deji know how many Nigerians who have died of hunger and malnutrition and other consequential conditions since Covid-19 started? If the food was meant for the people and greed or bureaucracy are preventing the government from giving it to them, it is arguable that a desperate and starving population has exercised their right by taking it themselves. Deji should be more empathetic and ponder what will make able bodied men and women to risk everything- even death- for a bag of rice. Nigerians are not thieves. It may be fairer to apply that name to their leaders who have decided to destroy such a glorious country. Dangote must be happy. Take it to the bank. But Deji still has to show how these items belong to Dangote.

  5. Lie is telling lies to lies why çant you have purplish your game plans to the masses

  6. Mr know all, l think all these your baseless explanations are medicine after death. I supposed you’re aware your own relatives are all part of the people you called thieves, even when the court of law hasn’t pronounced or declared so.

  7. Mr. Deji Phillips, You sound like you have not in anywhere come near or experience poverty in your life which has prompt you to used the words such as, “was for your poverty”. I must say your lucky not to witness hunger and starvation because as the saying goes,” he that it pinches, feels it”. You have no idea of the sufferings of an average citizen of this country because I’m sure you are of the ruling clasGovernanceh is why you come up here to vomit trash and make despicable comments about Nigerians and the palliative discovery and taking.
    You’re fanatic personified with no shame and struggling hard to be relevant by patronizing the political ellitise. Can you explained to Nigerians why Dangote alone should have handle that large volume of production and supplies, whereas if there were about 36 of Dangote’s in the country, the work load/delivery would be timely achieved. How dare you come up here and try to defend and praise one man in the amidst of failures vis-à-vis government and the political class, tell me, what is that society that one man captured and hold the monopoly of the entire consumer market including oil and gas?. Shouldn’t Opportunities also be given to others in the main stream and encouraged more future Dangotes in this country from north to north central, south to south south, east and west respectively, there must be a balance in the private sector driven to ensure equity and timely distribution of food supplies during challenging moments like this which is why they failed to deliver.
    Your girl friend was a distributor and am sure she even gave you and your family the palliative while others never receive any nickels or din, the fact that you have a warehouse of food security for your self and your family does not give you the right to come out here and insult the intelligent of the average Nigerian. Do not try to impress yourself by seeking unnecessary relevant.
    #EndSaRs, say No to nepotism, monopoly and bad Governance.

  8. Save your breath, those the relief materials were meant for, have actually done justice to it. Keep your anger until we meet again. God bless Aliko Dangote real good, if truly he bought them for the hungry masses of Nigeria.

  9. Stupid talk from a stupid Nigerian how much does Dangote have to be able to feed the Nigerian youth net worth 13bdolars, the stolen money that belongs to political looters Phillip should be shame of himself for coming out to call Nigerian youth thieves,who thought them to steal if not poeple like him who will steal our common wealth and hide them in a wharehouses,why should covid-19 parliatives still be wasting away in a wharehouses till October. shame on him and his cohorts Dangote the governor’s and there likes who kept Nigerian at home for 3months in the guise of fake covid-19 God has exposed you all and More exposition is on the way.Gods words must come to pass.

  10. What a shame mr Philip you call Nigerians thieves trying to defend the government of their crime isn’t it? But it’s obvious that you are not just a thief you are also a lier and a killer mind you my pple are not thieves and they didn’t steal they only took what rightfully belong to us.

  11. you should be ashamed of yourself, because you don’t know that Dangote has his own label as a business man , not COVID 19 ,not for sale label on the pack , I pray you should not be one of the leaders of this country

  12. These points are pointless to me… Read this Christ saying “When I was hungry you gave me food” not when I was getting little to eat all by myself already”.
    If you understand what palliative means you won’t bring it late.
    Truth remains looting is never a right means to get what you want or need.

  13. When did DANGOTE start producing INDOMIE?

    1. Abi o, please o ask the psycophant who called himself Deji Philips or whatever. Maybe these people think that after having kept quiet for long, for the sake of nothing besides peace means Nigerians are stupid.

  14. I don’t believe the man that said the stolen food belonging to Dangote , state government firstly claimed the ownership and now story change to Dangote, well, as we all know that level of poverty in the country is very high, during the past COVID19 season most of elders in Agodo egbe Egbe-Idimu LCDA received call that they will give them the perliative after confirming that they are real, till now majority of the elders above 60 years didn’t receive anything but they saw some people received, if government is sincere those that are with him sharing the perliative are not, many people are hungry for food and food are keepth for another purpose, if the food are for masses, let the owner give glory to God, they stole it to feed themselves and if it had been given out earlier this will not happen, they can burn the food with the warehouse if they’re not hungry but because of hunger, they pick what they will eat, though they were wrong very wrong, the owner should let it go,am taking about only food, others item God will not forgive them 100%.

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