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2 Unavoidable Things Await to Terminate Trump’s Tenure before time.

2 Things that Removed Trumped from Office

This was not how we capped this post previously when it was published. It was captioned this way: ‘2 Unavoidable Things Await to Terminate Trump’s Tenure before time’. However, when this prophecy came into fulfilment, we had to update the post as ‘2 Things that Removed Trumped from Office’.


The President of the United State, Donald Trump has but a few days before the expiration of his tenure. But there stands a chance he may not complete his tenure. Troubles have set in for him, from Trump’s Facebook account suspension to renewed impeachment threat

The Crisis and dramas unfolding in the United State of America’s political world have kept the world ever on the watch with a new twist coming into the limelight each and every day. This all started when the 45th president of America, President Donald Trump denied the presidential election result which pronounced him losing against his opponent, Joe Biden who was once a vice president under the administration of the same Donald Trump.

The court has made the final ruling. Trump is leaving the office at the expiration of his tenure on the 20th of January 2020. This is to say that he has only but 10 days to be in the office. But may not be a reality again for him. @ things stronger than him may terminate his tenure before time and they are:


Trump’s Unavoidable fates

  • Impeachment

Following the violent riots which happened in the US Capitol, a catastrophic event that left four people dead and many more injured, the United States House of assembly has made another move to start the impeachment trial of Donald Trump the second time.

Recall that the incumbent president has once faced impeachment in 2019 when the house of assembly vouched for his removal from office but was saved because of the influence of Republicans in the Senate.

Trump narrowly escaped the first impeachment. If the second wave of his impeachment is moved again, he will lose big time. It is not a guess. His oppositions are fully prepared to see him out of power.

An impeachment requires more than half of the house of assembly to vote against a president. If this happens, the next step is for the Senate to vote out the president from office.


  • Trump’s Resignation

There is no doubt, the President is under pressure following the violence that erupted at the Capitol. If the second wave of his impeachment is moved, Trump will have no choice other than to resign. Donald Trump has escaped the first impeachment, he might soon make history to be the first president to be impeached twice since the advent of politics in the United States of America.

Here, he has two choices, whether he will brace the truth and resign or face impeachment over “violence against the government of the United States of America”. Trump may humbly resign.

On the other news, it has been publicized that the presidency of Joe Biden will begin when Joe Biden is inaugurated at noon EST (17:00 UTC) on January 20, 2021. He will assume office as the 46th president, Kamala Harris will concurrently assume office as the 49th and first female, first South Asian American, and first Black vice president.

2 Things that Removed Trumped from Office

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