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Full Guide on How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap by an Expert

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021. In one of our articles on food and nutrition, we discussed how to use hot sorrel to give natural strawberry color to our pap.

Meanwhile, that was not the first time we wrote on the topic. It was originally published on my page on Medium. In both posts, we gave a highlight on how to process dry pap but it was not done elaborately.


How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021

So, in this post, we shall be taking our time to teach how to make dry pap or pap powder in 2021. We are giving a full guide on how to make powdered pap.

Why make pap powdered? The main reason is for preservation so it can last for a long period of time without decaying or getting spoilt.

In Nigeria, pap is known as Akamu by the Igbos and Ogi by the Yorubas. It’s quite similar to British custard, which is prepared from dried cornstarch and flavored with various spices. You can read how to Produce Custard at Home in Just 2 Minutes with four simple steps.

Dry pap or powdered pap as many people will prefer to call it is an alternative to custard powder. However, it is richer in nutrients. With it, you need to bother how to preserve your pap to avoid decaying.

Pap powder is originally gotten from grain gruel. Before we go into how to make a powdered pap, we deemed it wise to give you some tips on how to make pap so as to aid proper comprehension of the guide.

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021

Making pap is a bit confusing. So, if you don’t pay close attention you are going to end up preparing a watery mess. Pap comes in a variety of hues depending on the type of grain used as the foundation.

Here, are the four types of grains suitable for making pap but bear in mind that your choice of grain depends on what you want your grain to be like.

You can make your dry pap or pap powder look just plain white. In this case, you just need white corn with a bit of a mixture of millet. If you want it yellow, all you need is yellow corn or maize.

  • White corn will produce a White Pap
  • -Yellow corn will produce a Yellow Pap
  • -Guinea corn will produce a Maroon Pap
  • -Millet will produce a Greyish Pap


Required Ingredients

-1.5kg dry corn

-Lots of water

Tools Needed

  • Chiffon cloth: to separate the husks from the moist corn starch
  • Blender
  • Directions


-Wash the dried corn properly and soak for 3 to 4 days in a large amount of cold water. It is vital that some type of fermentation occurs, therefore do not refrigerate it.

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021
Soaked grains getting ready for grinding

-Every day, wash the corn and replace the water.

-Wash and mix on the third or fourth day until smooth. By the third or fourth day, some corns have softened sufficiently to be mixed. Check by biting into it; if not, soak for another day. To aid your blender, add a large amount of water. Heavy-duty grinders are utilized in Nigeria for this function.

-Spread a chiffon fabric over a large bowl and secure it with a tie. The basin should be large enough to hold the ogi, as well as the water you’ll need to rinse it.

-Filter the mixture, rinsing as needed, until only the chaff remains. It’s best to rinse tiny amounts of the corn mix at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

If you think you can obtain more akamu from the chaff after you’ve washed all of the corn blends, blend it and rinse it again.

-If you used a household blender, this may be the case. If you utilize the heavy-duty grinders available in Nigerian marketplaces, you won’t need to do this.

-Remove the chiffon cloth when finished, and leave the water and akamu mixture aside for at least three hours to settle.


-Try pouring the clear water and pour the rest of the solution into the muslin bag after about 3 hours, or when you see that the water is clear.

-Tie the bag so that the water drains from the ogi.

-Whenever the water has been emptied from the bag, knot it tighter and let it continue drying. Continue the procedure as the water empties until there is no more water to drain.

-Now drain out the last trace of water, tie the bag one more time, and lay some weights on it.

-Keep it like this overnight to give the akamu its traditional sour flavor.

The drained pap (ogi, akamu) should look this way:

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021


Perfect Steps in making Dry or Pap Powder

Now we are done with the guide on how to make natural pap or grain gruel, let’s quickly go to how to make it dry in order to preserve it for a long period of time. That is making your pap be in the form of custard powder.

Step 1:

How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap in 2021

Get the drained pap and break it into tiny bits or pieces. This act is to get it ready for drying.

There are two methods of drying your pap. You can put it under a hot sun or use an oven tray.

However, it is advisable to use the method that can dry the pap completely to avoid it decaying due to retained water or moisture.

If using an oven or dryer, spread in a tray or an oven tray. But if you are using the sun, put it in a flat tray and put it under the sun.

Step 2:

Allow at least 2 days for sun drying. Make sure you turn it regularly for best drying.

For the oven, set the dehydrator to the specified temperature and time if you’re using one. At Sixty (60) degrees Celsius. I did mine for 2 hours.

If you’re using an oven, heat slightly but not too much to avoid burning the pap. Be sure to stir it at regular intervals to ensure that they are all well dry.

Step 3:

Leave to cool completely before blending. Yes, you need to reblend the dry pap in order to get a smooth powder. To obtain the fine powder, sieve it and keep it in a dry, sealed jar. That is your perfect Pap powder.


Turning your moist pap into powder and canning it helps in its preservation and can also make it easy to be carried about.

Here is where we come to the end of this ultimate guide. In case of any question, please do well to drop it in the comment section so it will be attended to immediately. I hope this article helps you out. Thanks for reading.

18 thoughts on “Full Guide on How to Make Pap Powder or Dry Pap by an Expert

  1. Please in case I want to sale it and I will be putting flavor and preservative, at what time do I need to add them to the dried pap and what quantity do I need to add?

  2. Thanks to the explanations pls I know how to do pap because that is wat my mummy do for a living , what I want to ask is that the flavor I will add and the preservation to make it stay long

    1. You are welcome. I dont add mine any preservatives. This is because I store inside the freezer. It remains fresh until the last powder. But if you must add preservatives, ask them to give you custard powder preservatives. Hope I have answered your question?

  3. Please these are my questions:

    If I don’t add preservatives what will happen?

    How (quantity) do I add the preservatives and when?

    If I pour into a sealed jar without blending it after drying, what will happen?

    After these proçess, will the pap still test like the wet one?

  4. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Please how do I incorporate flavours into my powdered pap? Flavours like starwberry or what other flavours can be used.

    Thanks for your comment. You can grind Vitamin C and add or add Vanila Flavour

  5. Hello, thank you so much for this procedure. I have been doing dry Pap but the dry pap doesn’t have the sour taste am I missing out something?

      1. Thank you for your time and detailed explanation.

        My question is this. Can we just soak for 3-4 days then sun dry till when it completely dried, then dry mill it. After u sieve like flour and us?

        Tnx again ma

  6. Thank you so much for this detailed analysis, please l will like to know why l can’t grind the corn into powder directly,does it have an effect on it. Thank you for your response.

    1. If you first grind into powder before you start processing, you will get ” corn semo”. Pap needs to be fermented first before it will give pap taste. It can only be fermented by soaking it first fir days.

  7. I just started the process of making my Dry pap(i just finished day 1 drying process)before i even checked online to know if there’s anything like that. Pls do i need preservatives to preserve it longer? Bcus i wanna sell pap powder if this first one goes well for my family.

      1. Thank you for this wonderful lecture, but I want to ask what if I don’t have a refrigerator to store the dry pap and I don’t want to add a preservative because of my baby stomach can it still last? For like how many months?🤷

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