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How to Make Your Pap have natural Strawberry Color with Hot Sorrel.

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How to Make dry Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color

Hi, welcome to my space. In this post, I am going to teach you how to make your pap, ogi, akamu, grain gruel to have an attractive and appetizing natural strawberry color using hot sorrel. How to dry Make Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color.


If you or your family are having a problem drinking pap (grain gruel) because of its color, learn here how to spice it up with natural sorrel to have a strawberry color. How to Make dry Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color.

Pap is actually called ‘grain gruel’ in the correct English language. I want to teach you how to make your pap colorful like the Custard without adding artificial color. I Just Learned a New Way to Give My “Dry Grain Gruel” a Natural Strawberry Color. It is called “hot sorrel dry grain gruel”.

How to Make Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color
Learn to Make a dry pap
Image Credit: JustPap

I will teach you a new way to give your grain gruel a strawberry color without adding artificial additives.

How to Make dry Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color

Dry grain gruel is gradually taking the place of wet pap because mothers are tired of changing the water from the bucket of maize or corn gruel and replacing it with the new one every morning. Apart from changing the water constantly, the dry form of grain gruel is the better option in the absence of a refrigerator.

In this piece, I will be writing on the most convenient ways to make a dry grain gruel and how to prepare it for consumption, for the family, or for the baby using a hot sorrel drink to give it a strawberry color.

I have told us the reason why people prefer having their grains gruel in a dry form. Now, the second question should be; why am I adding the pap or the gruel to a hot sorrel drink to give it a strawberry color?


I started using sorrel juice or Sorrel drink for my grains gruel to lure my family to it. I noticed that kids most time reject this cereal drink. And when I don’t have other options in their feeding, I found a way to make them stop rejecting the food, and the only way is to add natural color to this natural meal to give it an appetizing, attractive presentation and, sweet taste.

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Sorrel juice, popularly known as “Zobo” in my locale is dark red, a little sour, with a raspberry-like flavor; made from the petals of the sorrel plant (flor de Jamaica)” or hibiscus plant flower as popularly known in West Africa.

In Nigeria, it’s referred to as Zobo drink, in Jamaica, and throughout the Caribbean Island, it’s known as Sorrel Drink. You can get the tea version in your grocery store, labeled hibiscus tea.

It’s a fairly nutritional drink, rich in Vitamin A&C, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. However, that’s not its selling point.

Sorrel Drink

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with Sorrel drink, I shall move quickly to easy steps to make dry grains gruel.

It all depends on choice and individuals but for me, I use three combinations of grains to make grain gruel for babies and for family consumption. I use Corn, millet, and guinea corn aka sorghum.


Steps in Processing Dry Grain Gruel

  • I pick the grains of the stones and chaff.
  • I follow the normal procedure of soaking the grains for 72 hours. I allow my maize to be soaked in the water for 48 hours before adding the Millet and Guinea corn.
  • Soak the grains in a bucket full of clean water and loosely covered. You must change and replace the water every 24 hours.
Soaked grains getting ready for grinding

  • Wash the grains on the third day and grind.
  • Use Cheesecloth or sieve to sieve the chaff and allow the gruel to settle.
  • Sieve out the water again from the settled gruel.
  • Use a clean handkerchief to squeeze and dry the gruel further so that all the water will be drained out of it.

How to Make Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color
How to Make Dry Pap (Akamu, ogi, Grain gruel)
Squeezed grain gruel

  • Use a tray or spread in a clean and dry surface and allow it to dry either under the fan or with a heater.

How to Make dry Pap with Zobo (Sorrel) to give Natural Strawberry Color
Pap made with hot sorrel (Zobo)
Preparing a Sorrel drink dry grain gruel (Image credit: Author)

How To Prepare Your Dry Grain Gruel Using Hot Sorrel

    • Pour a full glass cup of sorrel drink into a kettle.
    • Mix with two parts of clean water and allow to boil.
    • Dissolve your dry grain gruel on a plate with water.
    • Pour the boiling Sorrel drink until seemer. Or,
    • Dissolve the dry grain gruel with Sorrel drink
    • Boil clean water and make your pap.

Note that the more the quantity of Sorrel drink added, the redder your pap. It is a choice. Add as you desire.

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