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Do Not Eat The Winged Termites Until You Read This

What Does the Winged Termites (Aku) give to the body?

Where do winged termites (Aku) come from? What does winged termites give to the body? These are what you should ask and know before consuming the winged termites.

Do You Eat the Winged Termites? Do you enjoy eating it? Have you found out about the source of this delicious ant? You May Not Like To Eat The Winged Termites Again After Reading This.


What Does the Winged Termites (Aku) give to the body?
The Winged or Flying Termites (Aku, E sun Sun)


Have you ever thought of tracing the sources of this rich in protein delicious flying insects?

Flying or Winged TermitesAku in Igbo dialect, E sun sun in Yoruba or Chinged; is a seasonal insect in Nigeria. The birth of new corn and incessant downpour signal its coming. Scientifically, it is known as Macrotermes bellicosus.

What Does the Winged Termites (Aku) give to the body?

Spiced Winged termites with pepper, oil, onions and salt.

What Does the Winged Termites (Aku) give to the body?

Palm tree maggot (akpa)

Combining other insects with winged termites

Apart from eating them raw, there are many ways to prepare and eat this harmless small creatures. It can be roasted without oil, just with a little salt. It can be used to prepare corn cake (igba oka). It can also be eaten in combination with other insects like grasshopper, Manure maggot. It can also be spiced with onions, pepper, salt and groundnut oil, etc.

To start from, these insects live in a hole. Winged Termites, as the name indicates, were originally termites which developed wings. This is the reason why termites are always surrounding the holes where the insects are flying out from.

So, when next you see termites around the winged insects, look closely at them, you must notice their different stages; the brownish termites, the ones with little wings, the newly formed termites etc. These will later develop wings and fly out during the raining season.

Where Does Flying Termites or Winged Termites come from?

There are only Three Sources of The Winged Termites:

** The Grave

What Does the Winged Termites (Aku) give to the body?

(Termites and Winged Termites coming out of a grave)

Have you heard about the phrase; “beautifying for the termites?” Yes. It is used to refer to what will happen to the body after all the costly cosmetics. Every cosmetics surgery is for the termites unless in the case of cremation.

Termites live in the grave. It is responsible for the disappearance of the wooden casket. It eats up the casket and goes in for the corpse.

This is another source where the winged termites fly out from. They live in the burial grounds. They live inside the old moldy grave in the house.

Termites and winged termites are co tenants in the grave which live and feed on the corpses and fly out later to become food for the livings.

What Does the Winged Termites (Aku) give to the body?

** Mounds

*Termites Mounds

Termites feeds on dead humans as they decay into clay and it defecate the same clay. Mounds are build up of clay by termites. This is one of the sources of the Winged termites.

Some Mounds are works of nature but they are mostly attributed to abandoned settlements or burial grounds. This is to say that, A group of people had settled in a place a long time ago but left to another place of settlement for one reason or the other.

These Mounds are most times, the left over of the mold houses of the inhabitants of the place. It has been beaten by rain for several years. Other factors like left behind metals, crude, trees, may have contributed in forming the Mounds.

** Dilapidated Old Wooden Roof

Termites feed on woods, it likes woods. Whenever you go to an old house, look at the woods on the roof, there you see lines of clay soil.

That is the defecates of termites. It feasts on woods and defecates clay on the body of the roof. I have traced mass exodus of winged termites to various old wooden houses. **Read and share to others.

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