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White Net Cord Lace Styles for Ladies Reigning right Now

2020/2021 White Cord Lace Styles for Ladies Plus other Styles

We are here today with something spectacular. We want to talk about a unique fashion color. We are going to show the white cord lace material styles for ladies that are reining right now for classy ladies.


White Net Cord Lace Styles for Ladies Reigning right Now


White is not a popular style for some. They only attribute it to burial or church wear. But that is not true. White material can be sewed with any style and worn for any occasion.

The only places I see white material styles are during the funeral ceremony, church child dedication, and Christian mothers wearing it for special church occasions. Other than these, you can only see just a few people wearing it for weddings and parties.

In this post, we want to change your mentality. White materials should not be pegged for these few mentioned occasions. There are styles reigning right now for ladies with white materials.

Please, before I forget, just follow me and see these reigning styles. They will wow you. .

2021 Reigning and Classy Lace Material Styles for Ladies for Weddings and Thanksgiving


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Cord Net Lace  materials

What is cord net lace?

Sample of Net Lace Material

Cord net is a type of lace material or fabric. A type of lace that has openings that can be sewn into different styles but with underneath covering material.

Another word for cord net is cord-lace or cord lace. As I said earlier, it is characterized by openings. Just like nets have tiny openings.

White Cord Lace Material Styles Reigning right now for Ladies

We are going to show you these unique styles sew with white cord net lace. This material is not any kind of material. It is a type of lace material.

In our previous post in Ankara and Lace gallery, we have shown pictures of beautiful ladies’ designs made with cord lace. The difference between that post and this is color. We want to talk about white net cord lace styles and the white variants. We also want to talk about styles trending right now.






Cord Lace Material Styles (White Variants)

We don’t mean to confuse you. When we say white variants, we mean all other colors that are closer to white. They are not white but they can be described with white color. They as well serve in place of whites when there is no alternative.

We saw cord lace trending styles in these colors so we decided to include them. look at three of them. They are hot from the oven.




White Net Cord Lace Styles for Ladies Reigning right Now




Have you thought about how red Gele and white material will look on you? Try it with white cord lace and thank me later. Make sure it is dark red and the Gele is made of Ashoke.

Check these styles out:

What about white cord net on White or milk color gele? It looks fabulous too. Just take a look.



And Others?

You may be wondering why we included and others in our title. We included it because we have it in mind to show you some cord lace  styles that are not white in color.’

These styles are part of cord lace styles for ladies that are reigning right now. It is a kind of style that gives anyone who wears it a classy kind of look and fittings.


White Net Cord Lace Styles for Ladies Reigning right Now




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  1. All the styles are beautiful and elegant. Keep it up.
    Are you selling cord lace fabric?


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