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I Ate Washed Bitter-leaves For 30 Days and these happened to My Body

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is known naturally for its distinct bitter taste and its amazing medicinal property helps to relieve stomach ache, fights prostate cancer, fights pneumonia, Insomnia, and enhances fertility and help in blood boosting. Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf.

I have taken my time to do research on the miracle leaves called bitter leaves. The results have been amazing. From my research, the health benefits of Bitter leaves point in the same direction. The number one among these health benefits is what I have witnessed and that is the testimony I will be sharing in this article.Read how to Prepare deliciuos Bitter leaf soup for your Family.

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is very familiar to some people but others may not have any idea about this wonder leaf. It is popularly known in Nigeria as ‘Ewuro’ by the ‘Yorubas’, ‘Shiwaka’ by the Hausas, ‘Onugbu’ by the Igbos, and ‘Aforloh’ amongst the Idoma people, bitter leaf is scientifically called Vernonia amygdalina.

“Bitter leaf, known naturally for its distinctive bitter taste, foamy nature while being washed and largely regarded as a good condiment for soup preparation in the Eastern part of Nigeria, not leaving out some parts of the South-southern parts as well, is one plant that has been identified as a wonder vegetable over the years. Every part of this plant is bitter starting from the leaves to its roots. The bitterness of this plant is actually good for the body.”

 Major Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaves are:

  • It relieves stomach ache
  • It fights prostate cancer
  • It fights pneumonia
  • Insomnia
  • It enhances fertility

I never understood the full benefits of going vegan until I experienced it with bitter leaves. There are a lot of health benefits of eating vegetables or incorporating vegetables and fruits in our daily meal. In this article, I am going to tell you what happened to my body when I ate Scrubbed bitter leaf for 30 days.

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf

To start with, no one placed me on this diet, I placed myself. Or, rather a health challenge made me eat it. All my life, I have been battling a digestive disorder. I don’t know if it is appropriate to term my case ‘disorder’ since it was not ascertained medically. But everybody understands his or her own body working system. There are certain foods you avoid because it triggers one kind of illness or the order. This is exactly what am talking about.

In my case, I had begun to avoid 60 percent of normal food even at 29 and 30. I love soft drinks but I couldn’t take them because they give me gas and heartburn. I love beans but I couldn’t eat them because they give me gas and heartburn. I love roasted corn, fried breadfruit but I can’t eat them because they gave me constipation and caused dull pain s in my stomach. I love red oil and yam but I couldn’t eat them. The lists continue.

In terms of fruits, I also avoid acidic fruits like pineapple, orange, and apple. I love apple so much but it purges me. From all this, you will agree with me that my problem is digestive and stomach ulcer related. For all these years, I became a picker. People around me have noticed that I do not eat everything. They use this slogan on me always; “do you also avoid this one?”

But in all these, I have also noticed that part from Antacid and Omeprazole which have become my closest partners, there are foods that calm my stomach. I found these foods in fruits and vegetables. The best among them is the bitter leaf.

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf
Anambra washed Bitter leaf
Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf
Yoruba Washed Bitter leaf

How did I know about Bitter leaf?

We come from a typical Igbo home and you know that bitter leaf soup is one of the popular soups among the Igbos. I cook with scrubbed or washed bitter leaves. Each time I was cooking with this leaf, ate as many quantities as I wanted, I mean the uncooked one. I noticed that each time I ate this leaf, I would have absolute calmness in my stomach. For a few days, I would not have the need for my Antacid.

It continued this way. Around May, during the lockdown, I had severe pains in my stomach. I couldn’t access our family doctor for the fear of Covid-19. But he was able to recommend drugs for me by phone. Unlike other days, I would only take the drugs for one week and got my healing. This time around the Ulcer refused to go. After completing the two weeks doses, I was placed on 2 days. Yet, no good result. That was when bitter leaves flashed my mind.

I didn’t have the time and the patience to wash the bitter leaves by myself. I went to the market and bought it from the seller. The only thing I did to ensure that I wasn’t eating germs was pouring boiled hot water on the bitter leaves and sieving them out before eating them.

I ate it like snacks. I bought plenty of it and stored it in my refrigerator. I made sure I  replaced another one when the old one was getting finished. I ate it in the morning, in the afternoon, and ate it at night. I ate my food with it but sometimes I ate it alone.

I ate it for one month. That is 30 days. I am still eating it until now but not every day as before.

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf

This is what happened to my body:

It is been 5 months plus, I have not eaten a single Antacid or ingesting Omeprazole.

It is been months without stomach aches.

I no longer struggle with constipation.

I have noticed a sudden surge of energy.  Before now, I got tired easily. I hardly trekked far distance without panting. But now I see myself exercising again.

When I started eating bitter leaves, I noticed I passed a lot of gas. Sometimes the gas was so loud that I would be afraid if I would have a tear in my bonus. But with time, the gas stop.

Before I started eating the bitter leaves, I belched uncontrollably. Belch embarrasses me. But now, I do not belch so much, even when I did, I have control over them.

I no longer feel a hot sensation on the side of my stomach.

The Sum

I have found healing in bitter leaves. I found it by eating this miracle leaf. It is highly nutritious and medicinal. You can give it a trial. There is no way to confirm all these that I have claimed unless you give it a trial. Even if you have no health challenges, it will also benefit you. Thanks for reading.