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Women, Quit These 7 Bedroom Habits, They Push Your Man To Cheat

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7 Bedroom Secrets Women Alone Should Know

The relationship and dating question which has not been able to answer successfully is “why do men cheat in a relationship?” Men cheat in a relationship due to some reasons.

In this article article, we shall discuss the 7 bedroom secrets every woman, single and married should and need to know in order to win her man and make him not cheat on her. Or, if you think he is already cheating on you, read all and see where you are erring and make amend.

Men know what they want in a woman. Once they see such traits in a woman they make a move and approach such a person. It is the duty of the woman to make sure that those traits do not wither or disappear in the course of their courtship or marriage.

Some people say that giving a man a good meal is among the secrets of a good relationship. It is okay. But I am not a fan of this opinion. If a good meal is what is sought for in a marriage, many men would remain single and pitch with good restaurants in the town. I know wives who have been married for years who do not enter their kitchens. This is because the cook is always there.

I am a good cook. My husband loves good meals but that is not all. There are bedroom secrets that women neglect and focus on dining. In the end, they wonder what they are doing wrong that makes their spouse cheat on them.

  • Do Not Tie Wrapper In The House When He Is Around

The only reason why a man cheats is that he sees something that attracts him on the road. Men are easily distracted by what they see. Tying wrapper on the chest at home and moving up and down the house does not appeal to our men.

If you are a man and you are in the office and pictures of two women come into your head at the same time. One is wearing a beautiful sexy dress and the other is tying wrapper on her chest. Who will your heart leap for first? Of course, 70 or 80 percent of men will go for the sexy mama. That sexy Queen turns out sometimes to be the side chics.

I do tie wrapper in my house but each time I hear the horn of my husband’s car, I change into something ‘magnetic’. Men are easily attracted. Tying wrappers up and down the house is unattractive.

  • Appear On The Bed As A Wrapped Package


Yes! Women should always be unwrapped just like packaged gifts in the bedroom. You will begin to lose your value in bed when all he does is pulling down his boxer and you are open already.

No! Where are your pants? Where is your strap? Where is your born short? he should have work to do before eating. Do not make him think the meal is cheap by presenting it in a cheap manner.

You will agree with me that the processes of undressing yourselves in the bedroom add to the sweetness and urge. This is the reason why sometimes, he has your stubborn g-string pants torn. I prefer the G-string to be torn and his love retained than having him in the hands of the side-chic who is ready to go the extra mile in packaging herself.


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  • Mind The Odor From Your Hair And Armpits

Recently, I heard a marriage teaching on this sub-heading from the source I never thought that I would hear it from. It was Pastor Kumuyi, the Founder of the Deeper Life Church of God. He told the women to take care of their hairs and use good scent creams on them.

What caught my attention was when he said that 70% of adultery recorded among the brothers and pastors was a result of their wife’s dirtiness. He cited an example using a married brother who has a secretary in the office. Each time he crosses paths in the office with the secretary, he perceives the aroma of Sweet and Chew-Gum around her. When she bends to submit files on his table, the aroma of apple cream will come out from her hair and fills his office.

When such a brother closes from work and goes home to meet his spiritual and obedient wife, he meets the opposite in cleanliness. From the door where she comes to hug him, she will be smelling Okpei and onions. The brother will pretend as if he didn’t perceive anything. While on the bed when he wants to kiss the forehead of his wife the odor from the wife’s 3 months old hairdo will drive him out of the bed.

That is what I want to point out here. Mind your hair. You may not perceive the odor but our husbands do. Do not carry your hairdo for more than 2 weeks without cleaning it or washing it. Scenty hair attracts men and it is part of the bedroom secret.

  • Never Go To Him Unclean

No matter how starved your partner may be or appears, never go to him unclean. The smell of the garden of Eden can be unpalatable sometimes especially when you haven’t showered or washed it.

I have heard a case when a man returned from abroad after 5 years of leaving his wife and kids in Nigeria. He came home unannounced on Saturday and met his wife still cleaning the house for the weekend. He grabbed the wife with joy into their matrimonial bed.

Unfortunately, the unexpecting wife didn’t take her birth last night and was yet to take it that morning. I won’t tell you what happened but the man felt bad. The way he went about it embarrassed the lady so much. I learned a big lesson from the woman’s mistake.

I have never gone to him, unclean, no matter how he pleads. If the worst comes to worst, I run into the Convenience for ablution.

  • Make Yourself A Nice meal All The Time

The women’s “I don’t care attitude” when they finally settle down with their dream man is one thing that is taking the same man away from them. Making yourself a meal always is another bedroom secret.

When you make yourself a good meal, you will always be delicious and he will be asking for some more. Some will go and a long way to becoming overprotective and jealous of their wives.

This is because they fear another going to eat their meals. A nice meal is prepared with carefulness. If you make yourself an emergency soup, he will manage you and jump to another table where a nice meal is passed.

  • Show Him The Eden’s Garden When It Is Necessary

Women, stop flaunting your flapped breasts at home before your husbands. I know you are nursing babies. We know you have finished nursing. Learn to package yourself to look new when it is needed.

Women, stoping snapping your spouse free pictures with your legs. Get your pantie and put them on. Show him these special things when he needs them. Flaunting them unnecessarily will make it lose its value in his eyes.

Finally, it is said that no matter what a woman does, a man that will cheat on his wife will surely cheat. We know that too. But we should first of all do the needful and leave the rest for God.

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