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Opinion: Behold The President Nigerians Need At This Time

“You will never miss water unless it’s gone”. This saying is true of the immediate past president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. With what is happening now in the country, the man who may proffer the needed solution is nobody else other than Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. He is the man the country needs at this trying time.

This post is a personal opinion. It is what I think about the immediate past president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. I am of the opinion that if he becomes the next president of Nigeria come 2023, he will perform better than the present administration and better than he did when he was in power.

The former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came into power in Nigeria Presidency as a Vice-president under the late President Yar’Adua. He succeeded Yar’adua and became the President in the half of the first tenure when Yar’adua died.

When the tenure ended, Goodluck Jonathan contested under the umbrella of PDP as a presidential candidate, not as a running mate. He steered the affairs of the nation for four years.

He lost his second term bid to President Muhammadu Buhari. He conceded and stepped aside.

If Goodluck Jonathan returns to power in 2023, he will perform better because of the following reasons:

  • He Has Mastered His Ground:

Experience; they say is the best teacher. Goodluck Jonathan has six years of presidential experience. He piloted the affairs of this country for these long years. Coming to power now, he doesn’t need a long protocol to study policies or entities. He has mastered his ground. He knows what is what and who is who.

He will use his past experience in giving appointments and taking decisions.

  • He Already Has A Master Plan

There is an old adage that a woman who began to cook first has more old utensils than those who began later. This adage is applicable in every leadership. Goodluck Jonathan is already in the possession of a master plan for the Nation.

He worked with different people during his time. He has known who is capable and who is incapable. He has known the brain to use when he ascends the seat. Goodluck Jonathan had tried to solve many problems of the Nation. He failed in some and succeeded in some.

If he becomes the next president, he will surmount these problems with previous experiences.

  •  Learning From His Mistakes

Learning from our past mistakes is one of the secrets of success. If Goodluck Jonathan becomes the next president in 2023, he will learn from his mistakes.

Some of those mistakes were indeliberate. And it is said that a stick does not poke in the eyes of the wise twice. Those sticks in the leadership that poke his eyes and spoiled work for him, when he ascends to the power, he will try as much as possible to avoid them.

  •  He is Liberal

Nigeria is multifaceted with cultures and religions. What the country needs is a leader who will be liberal, support, and uphold the faith and belief of every individual in the country. Goodluck Jonathan possesses this attribute.

He will perform better than he did when he was in power if he becomes the next president because he will allow equal rights of operation to every religion. If there is no religious bigotry, religious war, or hatred, the people will live in peace. When there is peace, progress will be recorded in every state.

  • He Has Viewed The Fight From the Outside of the Ring.

Goodluck Jonathan has been in the ring. He has wrestled with forces. Some forces defeated him. He defeated some.

Now, he has been outside the wrestling ring and watched the wrestling from the outside. He has seen and learned other tactics. With this, if he goes in again, he will give a good fight.

I just spoke in the parable but all I was trying to say is that Goodluck Jonathan had seen challenges as a leader. He had tried to solve those challenges during his time. Some of those challenges gave him a tough time.

Now he is no longer in power, he is watching similar problems as they crop up. He is seeing the way the present government is attacking the problems. He is learning. If he becomes the next president in 2023, he will perform better.

Thanks for reading. Comment your view and share.