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Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth

Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth – all you should know. Read also: Natasha Culzac Biography, Age, Boyfriend, and Profile Summary.

Chelcie Lynn is a well-known American actress, YouTuber, Instagram star, and comedian best known for her role as Trailer Trash Tammy. She is best known as a comedian and a popular figure in the entertainment industry.

In this post, I’ll tell you about Chelcie Lynn’s biography, age, career, relationship status, net worth, and some other interesting facts about her that you probably didn’t know. Let’s take a quick look at her profile before we continue. Read also about Robert Sheenan’s Biography and Net worth, Age, Awards, Family, Relationship Status.

The character of Trailer Trash Tammy is what made American actress, comedian, YouTuber, and Instagram star Chelcie Lynn so popular. She is largely known in the entertainment industry as a well-liked comedian. In this essay, I’ll go over Chelcie Lynn’s biography, age, occupation, marital status, net worth, and a few other interesting details you probably didn’t know. Before continuing, let’s take a quick glance at her profile.

Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth

Chelcie lynn Profile Information

Chelcie Lynn's Full Biography: Age, Marriage, Family and Networth

  • Full name: Chelcie Lynn
  • Date of birth: She was born on August 9, 1987
  • Age: she’s  37 years old 
  • Nickname: There’s no information.
  • Family name: Her family’s name is currently  unavailable 
  • Birthplace:  in the United States of America, her native nation.
  • Current Residence: This information  is currently  unavailable 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Profession: Comedian, website  owner, and an actress 
  • Nationality: United States
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian 
  • Religion: Christian 
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Gem sign: Peridot
  • Tree sign: Holly
  • Flower sign: Gladiolus & Poppy
  • Awards: There’s no current  information  on this 

Family Information

  • Father: father’s name is unavailable 
  • Mother: mother’s name is unavailable 
  • Brother: doesn’t exist 
  • Sister: Maggie Wilson and Beth Franks
  • Personal life: kept secret  from the public 
  • Marital status: Married 
  • Girlfriend/boyfriend: no boyfriend  but married  
  • Spouse: husband’s name not available 
  • Son: son’s name is unavailable 
  • Daughter: The daughter’s name is unavailable 

Chelcie Lynn Net worth

  • Networth: she’s currently  worth $1 million dollars 
  • Monthly salary: not available 
  • Yearly revenue: not available 

Educational status

  • Height of qualifications:  not available 
  • High school: not available 
  • College: not available 
  • University: not available 

Social media handles

  • Facebook: Chelcie Lynn
  • Twitter : @ChelcieLynn
  • Instagram: @ChelcieLynn
  • Pinterest: @ChelcieLynn

She is famous in the United States as a comedian, especially for playing the character of “Trailer Trash Tammy.” Her character in the movie wore a T-shirt with the Reba McEntire emblem.

She was born on August 9, 1987, in the United States of America, her native nation. Chelcie was born in the United States, although her early life and academic background are private. Leo was her astrological sign at birth.


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Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth

Chelcie Lynn’s Father, Mother & Siblings (Family & Ethnicity)

Everyone must have believed that she always leads a happy life, according to Chelcie Lynn’s biography on Wikipedia. But everyone would be shocked if you had witnessed her childhood. She used to help out around the house when she was just 7-8 years old because her mother never took care of them. She has two younger sisters named Maggie Wilson and Beth Franks. She used to drive kids around in their school buses as she knocked on doors to request meals.

Her mother even sold their meals so she could buy narcotics. In addition, Lynn’s father used to binge drink and not spend any time with his children. She raised her sisters in a motherly manner. She had parents at the time, yet she still faced numerous challenging circumstances. Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth.

Chelcie Lynn views having her sisters by her side as a blessing. On both her YouTube channel and Instagram account, her sisters are present. They routinely take weekend trips together. Lynn and her sisters snapped a lot of pictures on their travels, which she then shared with her fans.

Chelcie has a strong sense of energy. She was never successful in school. In her hometown, she finished her education. She took part in interschool competitions. She participated on the softball team. Because of her financial situation, she was forced to drop out of school. When she was younger, she was a very shy girl, but in seventh grade, she underwent a significant shift.

Chelcie Lynn’s Career

She began her career as a stand-up comedian in the entertainment sector by haphazardly posting videos of herself on Vine, a video-sharing website, as you would have imagined. And before Vine crashed, she had gathered almost 240,000 followers there. In July 2013, she published her first message on the video-sharing website.

As was already said, she is best known for her role as Trailer Trash Tammy, in which she frequently sported a Reba McEntire t-shirt. Notably, she began doing the mukbang in 2016 as “Trailer Trash Tammy,” blogging haphazardly about strange meals while interacting with her online audience.

Despite being an Oklahoma City native, she relocated to San Diego and made North Park her home. Unfortunately, there is no additional information available regarding Chelcie’s upbringing, education, or previous employment before beginning her career in entertainment. Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth.

She began publishing her videos on Vine, a video hosting service, as soon as she realized she had humorous abilities. Through the persona she developed, Trailer Trash Tammy, she exposed all preconceived notions about those who live in trailer parks. Chelcie was progressively establishing her online reputation and accumulating a fan base that eventually topped 250,000.

Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth

Sadly, the website stopped offering the upload option in 2016, but Chelcie managed to maintain the spotlight. She moved to Instagram and continued to upload her funny videos there, quickly building a following of about 200,000 people. This improved both her fortune and her status as the center of attention.

Due to her early online success, Chelcie made her acting debut in the comedy-drama film “Tangerine” (2015) alongside Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, and Karren Karagulian. She kept acting after being motivated by the success of the film she made her professional debut, which had raked in more than $700,000 at the box office with only a $100,000 budget and garnered more than 20 awards and 30 other nominations.

She gained a lot of money through her role as Sheila in the 2016 criminal drama thriller “Dog Eat Dog” with Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, and Christopher Matthew Cook. Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth.

Chelcie Lynn has done quite well for herself since she began her profession. increasing from a small number of subscribers on the video-sharing website YouTube to a little over 1.33 million active subscribers.

Chelcie is certainly skilled at what she does, as evidenced by the fact that she and Luke Bryan were able to trick Bryan’s mother into believing that her son was being attacked by an obsessive admirer.

Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth

Who is Chelcie Lynn married to? 

Her spouse portrays Darryl in her YouTube videos. Chelcie Lynn’s husband goes by the name of Greg Melton. On July 14, 2009, the couple exchanged vows. A lot of information about their marriage is kept confidential by the comedian. Therefore, not much is known about Chelcie Lynn’s offspring. 

Chelcie Lynn’s husband portrays Darryl in his wife’s YouTube videos. The well-known individual regularly posts gorgeous pictures of her and her husband to Instagram. Whenever she gets the chance, the American actress brags on social media about how much her spouse loves and supports her. On the occasion of their ninth wedding anniversary in 2018, the actress expressed gratitude and blessings for having a husband like Greg Melton on her Instagram page. 

Chelcie LynnSocial Media Presence

The online celebrity maintains a current Instagram account. Her fans enjoy the humorous videos she posts. The online personality currently has 1.1 million fans. The comedian has a YouTube channel as well. She has 1.26 million subscribers as of right now. Additionally, Chelcie Lynn has a Facebook profile. So far, she has 4.2 million followers. 

Also, the American comedian is verified on TikTok, and currently, she has 3.3 million followers. Chelcie Lynn is an American actress. She started her career as a comedian on Vine. She has become so popular, and many don’t get enough of her humorous videos. The American superstar is talented. Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth.

Net worth,  How much is Chelcie Lynn worth? 

Chelcie Lynn’s net worth is said to be close to $1 million as of 2022. She makes a lot of money from her YouTube comedic videos. She also has a clothing line, which she sells on the Eat My Trash website.

In terms of her private life, Chelcie is married to Greg Melton; however, there is no additional information available regarding their union, including whether or not the pair has children, as Chelcie prefers to keep the majority of her personal details private from the public’s view.

Chelcie Lynn Biography, Age, Marriage, Family and Net worth

What causes is Chelcie Lynn passionate about?

If I was to say Chelcie Lynn is passionate about anything  I would have loved to say she is very passionate about her job .  she is a comedian and a very funny one, this is where she makes her major income from.