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VIDEO: Has anyone seen a Bird that can bark?

Viralhog Video of a barking bird

Today, as I was surfing through Facebook, I saw something but very funny and I decided to share it with you. It is a video about a barking bird. Has anyone seen a Bird that can bark? Just watch the Viralhog Video of a barking bird.

Viralhog Video of a barking bird

And you know what? the dog wasn’t ready for the bird’s trouble for the day. So, it practically ignored it. Or, should I say the dog was tried and was resting.

But this troublesome bird would not let it have some. It is doing the barking for the dog since it is too tired to bark.

Since I was born I am yet to see a bird that can bark. I have seen it today.

The bird over chop morale. It was quarreling with a dog that was lying down and resting on its own. It is possible the dog was occupying the bird’s space.

It could be a way to tell the dog to vacate the space. Instead of whistling like other birds, this bird was barking like a dog. But trust the dog. It was like; “see I no fit shout today o”, as it ignored the bird completely.


Moral of the story:

When you have a troublesome neighbor or friend, you should learn to ignore it most of the time. It is not everything on everyone worths your barking.

Barking is for serious threats and not a threat of a bird. Lol. I mean it is not every time you should banter words with people who deliberately look for your trouble. Learn to ignore.


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