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VIDEO 8-Year-Old Girl Mimics her Mom Working from home

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8-year-old girl mimics her Mom working from home

Epic Video. 8-year-old girl mimics her Mom working from home. 8-Year-old Daughter Mimicks Her Mother Working from Home during the Lockdown.

A popular LinkedIn influencer has shared the video of her 8-year-old daughter who asked her for permission to replay how she works from home.

I am yet to see a beautiful thing like this video of 8 years old girl demonstrating how her Mom attended to clients and office matters from home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Colleen Chulis said her daughter came to her and asked her to permit her to run an impression of her working from home. I bet the woman git the shock of her life as the little displayed what she saw her Mom does unconsciously.

Children are powerful imitators. They imitate you physically and psychologically. That is what this video taught me. I am not the only one who is moved by this video. It just a few days and it had gathered millions of views.

I had to share it here with my readers. I mean, you need to see the skills and the displays of this little smart girl.

8-year-old daughter mimics her Mother working from home

8-year-old Girl mimics her Mom working from home




Photos Of Igbo Little Boy Who Constructed Dispensable ATM Machine

See why the Photos of this little boy are going viral. He is the First Igbo Boy Who Constructed Dispensable ATM Machine.

The photos of a little boy who has constructed a dispensable ATM Machine using a carton are going viral on the internet. It is not just one of those constructions with paper works, he went beyond paperwork.

The boy is about 10 years old. He identified himself as Chigozie. In a video via Twitter, he claimed his ATM Machine can dispense cash. It was given a trial, lo and behold, it dispensed cash.

Dispersible ATM Machine built with Carton

Photos Of Igbo Little Boy Who Constructed Dispensable ATM Machine

What amazes me is how on earth did this little boy get the inspiration for the ATM Machine? I doubt if he has ever been to the bank or to the ATM working. When asked how his Machine gets powered, he brought out a battery and tiny wire connection which help to power the machine to enable it to dispense cash.

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