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Opinion: Women Who Cut Okra And Vegetables In The Market To Be Cooked At Home Are Lazy

Opinion: Women Who Cut Okra And Slice Vegetables In The Market To Be Cooked At Home Are Lazy

Let’s discuss the cooking habits many people exhibit. This habit is popular among the women who go to the market to buy food items for the family.  This is about the habit of cutting Okra and slicing vegetables in the market for soup. Some women do not go home to prepare these items by themselves instead of taking it home, they will stay in the market to cut them. To this act, I say it is laziness. This is an opinion article. You can argue your points in the box if you feel otherwise.

This is how I see it. I term this act cooking in the market. And that is what it is. If the okra seller cuts the okra for you and the pumpkin leaves seller cuts the leaves for you, the grinder grinds the pepper, Ogbono, and crayfish for you, what is remaining?

Why not set the fire in the market and complete the cooking before coming home? I am training my daughters and sons to know there are many things wrong with cutting okra in the market. Number one is that it is not hygiene.

I have observed Okra sellers closely, they don’t wash the okra properly before cutting them. They sprinkle water on them in the name of washing it. The worst of it is the vegetables. The sellers do not wash them at all. They cut it with dust and sands and give it to you.

When you cut your vegetables in the market and wash it later, you may succeed in washing out the dirt in them but by doing so, you are also washing out the chlorophyll, the green color; and this is the major nutrition in vegetables.

There is no reason why someone should go to the market and not bringing home the ingredients to be prepared by him or her. The only reason is laziness.

But you think there is a good reason for it, state here.

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